Mayor’s Office

On behalf of my colleagues on City Council, we are proud to serve the residents of this wonderful City situated on the beautiful Bay of Quinte.  Belleville has emerged as a “magnet community”, attracting new business and industry at an impressive rate.  I can promise you that this Council will continue to “strengthen the magnet” during our tenure.

Council will continue to embrace its core values and lead with integrity, honesty and transparency.  We will continue to cultivate a climate of respect and co-operation where we feel free to debate, question, discuss and disagree.  We will maintain our forward thinking approach and continue to create prosperity for our organization as well as our City.

If you are a traveller or investor, it is our hope that you consider Belleville next time you are planning a vacation or business venture.  If you are a resident, it has been and continues to be a privilege to be your representative.  We thank you for visiting our website and hope that you visit our website regularly for updates on current events and upcoming projects in the area.

Taso A. Christopher


Taso A. Christopher



Sarah Tummon-Button

Executive Assistant to the Mayor


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