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Good or bad, submit your feedback and we’ll be glad!

The City of Belleville strives to create a fully inclusive, barrier free community where all people enjoy equal opportunity to participate in, access, or benefit from municipal goods, services, programs, and facilities. The City is dedicated to being responsive to the needs of our residents and welcomes any comments, questions, or concerns regarding accessibility in our community. Please fill out the form below to share your experience regarding the manner in which the City provides accessible goods, services, programs, or facilities. Feedback may also be submitted:

  • In person by visiting any City facility and speaking with a City staff member
  • By telephone by calling (613) 967 - 3200 extension 3502
  • By email to
  • By mail to: City Hall, 169 Front St. Belleville, Ontario  K8N  2Y8 Attn: Accessibility Coordinator

By request this feedback form will be made available in alternate formats or with communications supports. To make a request please contact the City using any of the above listed methods.


Please answer the below questions and press submit once finished:
Person Information (required if you have requested a response to your feedback):

Thank you for you feedback! If you have requested a response someone will be in touch with you via your selected method within 2 business days (for responses sent by mail this means a letter will be mailed out within 2 days).


Belleville Shorelines Shuttle

The Shoreline Shuttle

The best way to see the best of Belleville!

Belleville is situated on the picturesque Bay of Quinte and is the perfect place to stop, relax and maybe stay for a day, a week or a lifetime.

Take the Tour

Hop-on-hop-off the 50 minute round trip tour that takes you along Belleville’s beautiful waterfront, throughout East Hill, uptown and ends downtown, stopping at some of Belleville's most popular places to visit, dine, shop and enjoy. During the tour learn about the history of Belleville’s beautiful East Hill, heritage homes and buildings throughout the City, the 25 great ‘Belleville Bucket List’ experiences for you to enjoy, and the history of Belleville including rum running on the Bay of Quinte.

  • Shuttle Tour Service
  • June 1 to September 2
  • 7 days a week
  • 11:00 a.m. to 9:00p.m.

Shuttle tickets (day passes) are available for visitors at tour stops, and are available on the shuttle to the general public for $2.50 per pass. Please note that regular City of Belleville Transit Passes are not applicable for the Shorelines Shuttle.

Pinnacle Terminal 11:00 12:15 1:30 2:45 4:00 5:15 6:30 7:45
West Zwicks Island Park 11:03 12:18 1:33 2:48 4:03 5:18 6:33 7:48
Travelodge Hotel 11:05 12:20 1:35 2:50 4:05 5:20 6:35 7:50
Boathouse Restaurant 11:10 12:25 1:40 2:55 4:10 5:25 6:40 7:55
Meyers Pier 11:12 12:27 1:42 2:57 4:12 5:27 6:42 7:57
Keegan Pkwy @ Saturn Playground 11:16 12:31 1:46 3:01 4:16 5:31 6:46 8:01
Glanmore National Historical Site 11:21 12:36 1:51 3:06 4:21 5:36 6:51 8:06
Corby Park Rose Garden 11:25 12:40 1:55 3:10 4:25 5:40 6:55 8:10
Dinkel's & Paulo Restaurants 11:28 12:43 1:58 3:13 4:28 5:43 6:58 8:13
Holiday Inn Express and Suites 11:36 12:51 2:06 3:21 4:36 5:51 7:06 8:21
Shorelines Casino 11:45 1:00 2:15 3:30 4:45 6:00 7:15 8:30
TownePlace Suites by Marriot 11:47 1:02 2:17 3:32 4:47 6:02 7:17 8:32
Donini Chocolate 11:49 1:04 2:19 3:34 4:49 6:04 7:19 8:34
Best Western 11:53 1:08 2:23 3:38 4:53 6:08 7:23 8:38
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot 11:53 1:08 2:23 3:38 4:53 6:08 7:23 8:38
Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre 11:57 1:12 2:27 3:42 4:57 6:12 7:27 8:42
Memorial Park 12:02 1:17 2:32 3:47 5:02 6:17 7:32 8:47
404 Front St 12:04 1:19 2:34 3:49 5:04 6:19 7:34 8:49
306 Front St 12:05 1:20 2:35 3:50 5:05 6:20 7:35 8:50
232 Front St 12:06 1:21 2:36 3:51 5:06 6:21 7:36 8:51
Pinnacle Terminal 12:10 1:25 2:40 3:55 5:10 6:25 7:40 8:55

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2018 Municipal Election Third Party Advertiser Guide

This guide is intended to provide information specific to the City of Belleville in order to supplement the 2018 Guide for Third Party Advertisers – Ontario municipal council and school board elections,

prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and  Housing.   You are encouraged to read the Provincial guide available at

If you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk’s Office during normal business hours:

Matt MacDonald, City Clerk

Telephone: 613-967-3256


If there are any discrepancies between the information provided in this document and the Municipal Elections Act, the Municipal Elections Act will prevail.



The Municipal Election Act has been amended to regulate third party advertising for the first time. 

It will be an offence for any third party advertiser to incur any expense on third party advertising during the municipal election period if they are not registered with the City Clerk of the specific municipality where the third party advertising is occurring.

Third party advertising is any broadcasted message in any medium (billboard, sign, print, radio, TV, etc.) that supports or opposes a candidate or any “yes-or no” questions on the election ballot.  Third party advertisers must act independently.  They cannot be directed by the candidate.

Note:  Third party advertising does not include social media or public outreach by advocacy groups during the municipal election period. 

Who is eligible to file a registration as a third party advertiser and contribute to third party advertising


  • An individual who is normally a resident of Ontario
  • Corporations that conduct business in Ontario
  • Unions that have bargaining rights for employees in Ontario

Who is NOT eligible to be a third party advertiser and NOT eligible to contribute to third party advertising


  • A registered candidate of the municipal election
  • A Federal political party, association or registered candidate
  • A Provincial political party, association or registered candidate
  • The Crown
  • A municipality or Local Board


How and when can third party advertisers file a notice of registration

Registrations may be accepted commencing on May 1, 2018 until October 19, 2018 at such hours as the City of Belleville Clerk’s office is open. (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm).   A third party advertiser shall be registered prior to placing any advertisements as well as raising campaign funds or incurring expenses.

A notice of registration may only be filed with the Clerk of a local municipality.  A third party advertiser or agent of the third party advertiser must file the registration form in person and will be required to provide  Government issued photo identification and complete a Freedom of Information (FOI) Release form.   A person who is filing a third party advertiser registration form on behalf of a corporation or a trade union must provide written authorization, satisfactory to the City of Belleville Clerk, that they are authorized to act on their behalf.

If an agent is filing the registration form on behalf a third party advertiser, the third party advertiser’s agent must provide the City of Belleville Clerk with written authorization, sworn before a commissioner,  from the third party advertiser authorizing them to submit the registration form.  The agent must also provide a copy of the third party advertiser’s identification (if an individual), as well as providing their own identification.  If the written authorization from the third party advertiser is not commissioned prior to filing, the City of Belleville Clerk will not accept the documentation. 

Registration forms and any other papers filed by facsimile transmissions, mailed-in, or transmitted in any other manner will not be accepted.

Note:  The City of Belleville Clerk will endeavour to certify Third Party Advertiser Notice of Registration forms (Form 7) within 2 business days after receipt of all documentation acceptable to the Clerk.   It is the responsibility of the third party advertiser to ensure they meet all the qualifications and file proper documents.   Since the City Clerk can potentially examine registration forms after the registration period has ended, a third party advertiser may find that, if their papers have been rejected, they are too late to file additional information needed for the registration form (Form 7) to be certified.

The decision of the City Clerk to certify or reject a registration is final.


What needs to be included in the advertising

  • Name of the registered third party advertiser
  • The municipality where the third party advertiser is registered
  • Telephone number, address or email where the third party advertiser can be contacted

What does the third party advertiser have to provide to the broadcaster doing the third party advertising

  • Name of the registered third party advertiser]
  • Name, address and phone number of agent/person interacting with the broadcaster on behalf of the third party advertiser

Note:  The broadcaster must retain the third party advertiser’s registration information, a copy of the advertisement or means of reproducing it and a record of payment for 4 years following the election


What is a third party advertisers’ spending limit

 The general spending limit for a third party’s advertising campaign is calculated based on the number of electors who are eligible to vote in the municipality where the third party advertiser is registered.  The formula to calculate the limit is $5000 plus $0.05 per eligible elector, to a maximum of $25,000.

There is a separate spending limit for expenses related to holding parties and other expressions of appreciation after the close of voting.  This spending limit is calculated as 10 percent of the amount of the maximum spending limit.

The following is the ESTIMATE OF MAXIMUM SPENDING LIMIT based on the number of eligible electors after the close of nominations during the last municipal election held in the City of Belleville:

Base amount:                                                                    $5,000.00

34,004 eligible electors X $0.05                                   $1,700.20

Preliminary Maximum Spending Limit                     $6,700.20

The final Maximum Spending Limit, based on the number of electors on the voters’ list for the current election, will be issued by the Clerk on September 25, 2018.

Additional Resources:

  • 2018 Guide for Third Party Advertisers – Ontario municipal council and school board elections

  • Notice of Registration – Third Party (Form 7)

  • Freedom of Information (FOI) Release Form Release -TPA.pdf

  • Financial Statement – Auditors Report – Third Party (Form 8)

  • Municipal Elections Act

Candidates Guide

This Complete 2018 Municipal Election - Candidates Guide is intended to provide information specific to the City of Belleville in order to supplement the 2018 Candidates Guide provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, available at:

Candidates alone, or with the assistance of their own legal counsel, are responsible for ensuring they follow all applicable legislation related to running a political campaign, and campaign finances. Candidates should refer directly to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 for specific details.

The legislation is available at:


Service Ontario Book Store
777 Bay St.
Toronto, ON
M5G 2C8

OR Online anytime at:

Jump to section:


* available at the Clerk's office (169 Front St.)

Build Belleville

Build Belleville is a multi-year Capital Project and Infrastructure Program that was established in 2013. There are 22 infrastructure projects in the program. Each project was strategically selected and linked to economic growth to ensure that the balance of the infrastructure gap can be financed through increased revenues from this economic growth.


Project Name


Completion Date

Bay Bridge Rd. / CPR Overhead Replacement & Dundas St. W. Rehabilitation

Project was completed in 2017

Tracey/Sidney Intersection Improvements

Project was completed in 2015

North Park Gardens reconstruction & watermain replacement

Project was completed in 2014

Bell/Sidney Intersection Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Design

Project was Completed in 2016

Herchimer Ave. Reconstruction


Project to be completed in 2018

Bronk Rd. Rehabilitation & Bridge Replacement

Project was completed in 2017

Old Highway 2 Rehabilitation

Project was completed in 2015

Old Madoc Rd. Rehabilitation

Project was completed in 2013

Boundary Rd.

Project was completed in 2013

Mineral Rd. & Maitland Dr.


Project to be completed in 2019

Foxboro Bridge

Project was completed in 2018

Farnham Rd.

Project was completed in 2016

Grass Blvd.

Project was completed in 2017

Northeast Industrial Park


Project  to be completed in 2018

City Centre Revitalization


Project to be completed in 2018

Wastewater Treatment Plant


Project to be completed in 2019

North East Feedermain

Project was completed in 2016

Police Station*


Project to be completed in 2019

Solar Fit

Project was completed in 2017

College St. E. Extension

Project was completed in 2014

Environmental Remediation

Project was completed in 2015

West Riverside Trail

Project was completed in 2016




*This project is being administered by the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer.

BuildBelleville 101

Why Build Belleville and Why Now

The City of Belleville owns more than $3.5 billion in assets including facilities, water and sewage treatment plants and mains, land, roads and bridges. The City also currently has more than $400 million in maintenance and upgrade needs for these assets.

The infrastructure projects within the “Build Belleville” plan were selected strategically and linked to economic growth to ensure that the balance of the infrastructure gap can be financed through increased revenues from this economic growth.

Critical and strategic investment in growth related infrastructure by the municipality will in turn lay the ground work for private investment in residential developments as well as commercial and industrial business development.

Some of the factors that went into the decisions and planning for the City of Belleville’s ‘Build Belleville’ program include the following:

  • Interest rates are very low – 3.4% interest rate is guaranteed for 20 years.
  • Belleville is in very good financial shape. Thanks to government grants, gas tax revenues, good fiscal management and carefully targeted investments, the City has not borrowed a great deal of money given the millions invested recently in critical infrastructure. Our financial stability and credit rating was upgraded in 2011 and is now rated high enough to withstand a financial depression. The City of Belleville credit rating remains at an impressive AA- as the targeted strategic investments in infrastructure increase our opportunity for growth
  • Belleville is in a very good ‘competitive’ position in Ontario to attract new businesses, new industry and therefore more permanent residents. We need to maintain and improve our competitive advantages.
  • Belleville is close to major commercial markets including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and the U.S. with excellent road, rail and fibre optic network to support our location.
  • Belleville is home to the AHL Belleville Senators – the NHL affiliate of the Ottawa Senators
  • Our cost of living in Belleville is very competitive.
  • The Bay of Quinte and our neighbouring communities have a lot to offer for a good quality of life.
  • Belleville has excellent sport and wellness facilities.
  • Belleville has many kilometers of recreational trails on the Moira River and Bay of Quinte.
  • We have beautiful parks and open space that can accommodate large and small events
  • Belleville has a Shorelines Casino located at the north end of the City.
  • Belleville is home to Loyalist Community College and is 50 minutes from Queen’s University.
  • Belleville supports and is considered the choice of residence for many who work and serve at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton, the largest and most active Air Force base in Canada.

Belleville Waterfront Development

Belleville’s waterfront is ripe for redevelopment and the City has a renewed focus on all things waterfront. Our renewed vision will support a vibrant waterfront based on recreation and entertainment, accented with unique commercial and residential opportunities – a true live, work, play and invest platform!

Waterfront Development Process

Step 1: Create a Vision

Past visioning studies have identified many exciting development opportunities on Belleville’s waterfront.  A renewed vision for Belleville’s waterfront will outline how to better utilize assets stretching along the river through downtown to Victoria Harbour, Meyers Pier and Zwick’s Park.

Step 2: Address the Infrastructure Gap

Once the vision is developed – and areas of development opportunity are defined, the City will need to address infrastructure needs – servicing, roads, sidewalks, shoreline upgrades – all beginning with detailed design plans for priority areas along the waterfront.

Step 3: Open for Business

Infrastructure enhancements made by the city will support the attraction of private sector investment.

Project Areas

The possibilities for Belleville’s waterfront development potential are captured in conceptual drawings. Funding has been approved by Council to determine servicing needs, conduct geotechnical investigation, visioning and preliminary design, including architectural concepts.


Project Area


East/ West Zwick’s Park

$500,000 approved in 2018 capital budget for public washroom facilities.

  • New Master Plan that identifies all potential park functions;
  • New and more public washroom facilities;
  • New and more public pavilions to support events;
  • New and better roads/ parking to support all park functions now and into the future;
  • More family activity areas i.e. splash pads, dinosaur dig park, zip lining, waterpark, dog park, recreational trails, family picnic areas;
  • Live bandstand.


Victoria Park

  • A competition rowing /paddling/ yachting centre;
  • Home to regional rowing, paddling and yachting clubs;
  • Restaurant/ conference area;
  • Yacht/ rowing/ dragon boat course in the Moira River;
  • Upgraded roads, parking and site servicing.


Freestone Point

$150,000 approved in 2018 capital budget to support preliminary serving studies.

  • New marina centre;
  • Restaurant/ conference area to support international fishing and other water sports;
  • Courtesy docking;
  • Lookouts/ walkout boardwalk area;
  • Festival and event areas.


East Bayshore Lands

  • Realign the road network to increase land mass that is  associated with the bay;
  • Mixed residential developments;
  • Commercial developments;
  • Increased environmental shoreline enhancements;
  • Floating boardwalks linked to the Bayshore Trail network.


Downtown Centre Block – Belleville Commons

$50,000 approved in 2018 capital budget to support preliminary design/ studies. An additional $32,500 in funding has been received from RTO9 2018 Partnership Fund.

  • Feasibility study for the Market Square, lands in front of City Hall and associated road allowances – Belleville Commons
  • Create redevelopment plan


Related Documents

Belleville Waterfront Visions

Downtown Centre Block Study

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Veridian Corporation and Whitby Hydro Energy Corporation Seeking to Merge

Veridian Corporation has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the potential benefits of joining utilities with Whitby Hydro Energy Corporation. Check this location regularly for updates and to stay involved with the process.


Released by Veridian Corporation and Whitby Hydro Energy Corporation
April 3, 2018

Opportunities for Belleville Residents to provide input regarding Proposed Veridian Corporation and Whitby Hydro Merger
April 17, 2018


Veridian Corporation has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the potential benefits of joining utilities with Whitby Hydro Energy Corporation. Check this community hub regularly for updates and to stay involved with the process.

Whitby Hydro Energy Corporation has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the potential benefits of joining utilities with Veridian Corporation. Check this hub regularly for updates and to stay involved with the process.

On Monday, April 23, 2018 there will be a public meeting at the 4:00 p.m. Council Meeting at City Hall. Belleville residents will have the opportunity to provide input regarding the proposed merger. Those unable to attend can submit comments online by completing and submitting the Public Feedback form below.


ADVANCED VOTE - Saturday, October 13, 2018 at the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre, 265 Cannifton Road, Belleville from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.  The advanced vote is for both Wards 1 &2.


The City of Belleville is offering a ward based 'vote anywhere' system.  See note below for more information.


Please note - The City of Belleville is offering a ward based 'vote anywhere' system.  On voting day eligible ward 1 voters can vote at any of the following ward 1 voting locations.

Please visit the Ward 1 Poll Locator to find the most convenient voting location.

10:00 A.M. TO 8:00 P.M.

Poll #1 Bay View Mall 470 Dundas St. E. Belleville, ON K8N 1B1
Poll #2 Belleville Public Library 254 Pinnacle Street Belleville, ON K8N 3B1
Poll #3 The Banquet Centre 1 Alhambra Square Belleville, ON K8N 5J1
Poll #4-1 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 516 Victoria Avenue Belleville, ON K8N 2G5
Poll #4-2 Eastminster United Church 432 Bridge Street East Belleville, ON K8N 1R1
Poll #5 Prince Charles Public School.75 Ritchie Avenue Belleville, ON K8P 3W2
Poll #6-1 Centennial Secondary School 160 Palmer Road Belleville, ON K8P 4E1
Poll #6-2 Salvation Army Community Church. 290 Bridge Street West Belleville, ON K8P 5L6
Poll #7-1 Maranatha Christian Reformed Church 100 College Street West Belleville, ON K8P 2G5
Poll #7-2 Parkdale Public School 73 Poplar Street Belleville, ON K8P 4J3
Poll #8 St. Theresa Secondary School 135 Adam Street Belleville, ON K8N 5S1


Please note - The City of Belleville will be offering a ward based 'vote anywhere' system.  On voting day eligible ward 2 voters can vote at any of the following ward 2 voting locations.


Please visit the Ward 2 Poll Locator to find the most convenient voting location.

10:00 A.M. TO 8:00 P.M.

Poll #1 Belleville & District Fish & Game Club 170 Elmwood Drive Belleville, ON K8N 4Z4
Poll #2-1 Thurlow Community Centre 516 Harmony Road Corbyville, ON K0K 1V0
Poll #2-2 St. Mark’s United Church 237 Cannifton Road North (Cannifton) Belleville, ON K8N 4V8
Poll #3 Foxboro Public School 658 Ashley Street Foxboro, ON K0K 2B0

2018 Official Plan Review

Contact Information
2018 Official Plan Review
Attention:  Stephen Ashton
Manager, Policy Planning
613-968-6481 ext 3222

The Request for Proposals – What the City was looking for

The City of Belleville seeks a qualified consultant to conduct both a "comprehensive review" in accordance with the requirements of Subsection of the Provincial Policy Statement, as well as the completion of the five (5) year review of the Official Plan in accordance with Subsection 26(1) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, as amended.

The continued growth pressures north of Highway # 401 and the future expansion of the NE Industrial Park will require adjustment to the City’s Urban Serviced Area as defined by Schedule 'B' in the Official Plan. The review will rely on the completion of several specific tasks in order to provide direction for growth. These tasks will include the completion of a population projection, including immigration, demographic change, aging population, and potential future socio-economic changes and their implications on the local community. The review should also consider household and housing/employment projections, an intensification analysis (for housing and employment), the use of growth areas (for housing and employment), a land area summary (including vacant land analysis and development capacity/land needs analysis). In addition the review will examine existing and planned servicing to determine the infrastructure needs to accommodate future growth, as well as infrastructure requirements to accommodate intensification and re-development in the built-up area.

Should growth be supported by this analysis, the review will then consider directions for change in the context of the current boundaries of the City’s 'Urban Serviced Area' as defined by Schedule 'B' of the City’s Official Plan. As well, the review should analyze certain designated growth areas located within the City’s Loyalist Secondary Plan. Specifically, the following matters should be considered:

  • review the inclusion of lands outside the Urban Serviced Area recently expropriated by the City of Belleville;
  • review a contemplated boundary adjustment whereby lands are proposed to be removed from the Urban Serviced Area in exchange for other lands proposed to be added to the Urban Serviced Area;
  • review the development potential of lands designated "Residential" in that part of the City’s Loyalist Secondary Plan located north of Moira Street West.

In conjunction with the aforementioned, the consultant shall complete the legislated requirement to up-date the City’s Official Plan, as well as review the Loyalist Secondary Plan, which was adopted by amendment to the Plan, in accordance with the requirements of both the Planning Act and the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). A draft up-date (less the Secondary Plan) has previously been completed by Staff and a preliminary review was undertaken by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The consultant is requested to review this draft document and the submitted comments of the Ministry, as well as any comments that may be received by the public, to ensure the completion of the Official Plan in accordance with the current requirements of the Planning Act, as well as compliance with the current PPS.


A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued on August 31, 2017 and closed on October 3, 2017. A total of 3 submissions were received.

On November 14, 2018 Belleville City Council voted that the Request for Proposal submission from Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. and Dillon Consulting Ltd. be accepted for Consulting Services for the undertaking of a Review of the Official Plan.


Work Plan

The proposed Work Plan can be found by clicking on Watson Work Plan under “Related Downloads” found below.

Going Forward

For on-going updates on the status of the 2018 Official Plan Review please stop by these pages from time to time.

Related Downloads

Watson Work Plan

Information for Candidates 2018

Candidates Guide

A Candidate Information Session was held on June 28th 2018. A copy of the presentation slides is also available.

Who can be a candidate?

To run for municipal office, you must be nominated and qualify. Review the qualifications and disqualifications for candidacy and the process for nominations below. Nominations for the offices of the Mayor and district councillor must be endorsed by at least 25 people.

To be a qualified candidate you must be:

  • A Canadian Citizen, and
  • At least 18 years old, and
  • Reside in the city of Belleville or be the owner or tenant of land in Belleville or the spouse of an owner or tenant of land in Belleville

If you own or lease two or more properties in Belleville you MUST vote where you reside/live.

Who cannot be a candidate?

  • An employee of the municipality or local board unless he or she takes an unpaid leave of absence beginning the day the employee is nominated and resigns if elected to the office;
  • A judge of any court; a member of the legislative assembly, the senate or the House of Commons;
  • An inmate of a penal or correctional institute under sentence of imprisonment;
  • One who ceases to be a Canadian citizen;
  • One who is not a resident, the owner or tenant of land or the spouse of an owner or tenant of land in the municipality;
  • One who is prohibited from voting in an election according to the Municipal Elections Act, Municipal Act or Education Act;
  • One who has violated financial requirements for filing financial information in the previous election

**Despite the above disqualification, MPs, MPPs and Senators may be nominated for municipal office without having to resign their current seat in parliament. However, by 2 p.m. on July 27, 2018 (Nomination Day), MPs, MPPs and Senators will be required to resign their current seat should they wish to continue to seek municipal office. Process for filing nominations

The process for filing nomination papers is as follows:

  • Nomination papers may be filed during regular office hours at the Election Office, first floor, City Hall between May 1 and July 26, 2018;
  • On Nomination Day (July 27, 2018), nomination papers may be filed at the Election Office between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.;
  • Nomination papers may only be filed in person by the candidate or by an agent of the candidate;
  • Nomination papers MUST:
    • be on the prescribed form (Form 054);
    • include the candidate's Declaration of Qualifications (Form 054A);
    • include the prescribed filing fee; and
    • if for the office of Mayor or district councillor, be endorsed by at least 25 people (see below);
  • It is the responsibility of the person being nominated to ensure that a complete and accurate nomination paper is filed;
  • A person may be nominated for one office only;
  • A person is eligible to be nominated for an office in any district in the city of Belleville;
  • Nominations for the Mayor and district councillor MUST be endorsed by at least 25 people. A person endorsing a candidate:
    • May endorse more than one candidate;
    • Must be eligible to vote in an election in the city of Belleville if a regular election was held on the day the person endorses the nomination; and
    • Must submit the prescribed Declaration with the nomination papers;
    • All nominations must be certified by the city clerk or designate;
  • Nominations may be withdrawn in writing before 2 p.m. on Nomination Day (July 27, 2018).

2018 Municipal Elections

Information for Candidates Information for 3rd-party Advertisers Information for Voters

Early online voter registration is now open. Online voting starts on October 9th at 10:00 AM and ends October 19th at 8:00 PM.


This upcoming fall, City of Belleville voters will elect a 2018 - 2022 City of Belleville Council and School Board Trustees.  Below are key dates and information for potential candidates and residents.

On the list to vote?

Are you on the list to vote for the upcoming municipal election?

If you are an Ontario resident over the age of 18 you can visit to confirm or update your information in a few easy steps. You can also change your school support for electoral purposes and add names to your property address.

Updating this information will help to ensure that municipal Voters' List are accurate and up-to-date in preparation for municipal and school board elections occurring this October.

Find out ahead of time if you are eligible to vote. Visit, our 'Are you on the list?' page, or call 1-866-296-6722. Have your say. Log on today.

Nomination Period  (May 1st - July 27th)

The nomination period for the 2018 Municipal and School Board election will commence May 1st, 2018 through until July 27th, 2018 at 2:00pm.

Interested individuals wishing to register as candidates must ensure their nomination papers are filed within this timeframe.

The City will hold candidate information sessions in 2018.  Please review the dates and times in our Notice of Nomination Period - Municipal Election 2018 document.

Third Party Advertising

The Municipal Elections Act now regulates third party advertising.  A third party advertiser is an individual, corporation or union that advertises in support or opposition of a candidate or supports as yes/no question on the ballot.  A third party advertiser acts on their own and is independent of candidates.

Third party advertisers must register with the City between May 1st and October 19th, 2018.

Additional information related to third party advertisers will be posted on the website once available.

Important Dates - 2018
Date Description

May 1

First day candidates can file nomination papers and first day third party advertisers can register

July 27

Last day candidates can file nomination papers (Between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM)

Oct 9 - 19

Internet voting

Oct 13

Advance voting date

Oct 19

Last day third party advertisers can register (When the clerks office is open between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM)

Oct 22

Election Day

Oct 23

Election results declared

Dec 1

New term of office commences

Additional Information

Additional information will continue to be posted on the City's website as it is available.  Should you require further information you can contact the City Election Office directly at or by phone at 613-968-6481.

Transit Advisory Committee




Meeting Archive

Quinte Conservation Screening Maps

Related Downloads

Screening Map 1 - Bell Creek

Screening Map 2 - West Norris Whitney

Screening Map 3 - East Norris Whitney

Screening Map 4 - Moira River S

Screening Map 5 - Moira River N

Screening Map 6 - Norbelle Creek

Screening Map 7 - Potter Creek

Corporate Services Fee Schedule

Marriage Licence - $125.00

By-Law Enforcement Officer Appointment Request - $20.00

City Clerk-Letters to Lawyers requesting comments on public services, etc. - $40.00

Commissioner of Oaths Services to the Public - $30.00

Application for Fenceviewers - $250.00

Appeal of Fenceviewers Decision - $125.00

Taxi Licence Application-NEW - $75.00

Taxi Licence Application-RENEWAL - $50.00

Heritage Nomination

Heritage Belleville is seeking nominations for its annual awards for Outstanding Achievement in Heritage Revitalization. Members of the public are invited to nominate those they feel have contributed to the revitalization of a heritage building or property in the Belleville community. This provides an opportunity to recognize the efforts of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to either restoring or revitalizing an historical building or landmark. Previous winners of the Heritage Belleville award include Paul Dinkel, Maury Flunder, Jamie Troke, St. Michael Catholic School, Bridge Street United Church, Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf, Core Harvest Ministries, Zubin Gillespie, and the City of Belleville for its restoration of the United Empire Loyalist monument. Nominations will be accepted until February 12, 2018.

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Heritage Belleville Revitalization Awards Nomination Form

Downtown Buildings and Land

408 Front Street Lease


±750 square feet for lease ideal office/retail service space, prime location on Front Street Belleville Downtown. Great for established business or startup. Rent is $750 per month plus hydro and water. Rent includes TMI. Rent includes usage of Outdoor side-yard.

381 Front Street Lease


664 square feet of commercial space in Downtown Belleville. Well suited for retail, office, or service location. Plenty of street parking available for your customers. $495.00 and $215/month utility fee also applies.

320 Front Street
Sell     $745,000

The Building And Two Businesses (50 Years Of Well Known, Successful And Still Profitable Billiard Bar And A New Greek Restaurant) That The Owner Has Been Operating For Life And Now To Retire.

269 Front Street Lease


The Business Share Centre offers affordable professional office space located in downtown Belleville that inspires, enables and supports people working to create meaningful change in our community. Anyone who shares our vision for a better future for our city and our world is welcome to join us. The space is about 1200 square feet and open concept environment. Ideal for small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, public servants, artists and entrepreneurs working to create change. The space offers modern conveniences in a heritage building. Hours 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Please note agreement to 'House Rules' for the convenience of all coworkers are part of the lease agreement. $150.00 /month /sq. ft.

240 Front Street Sell      $695,000



Asking price includes building, all equipment including a full service kitchen, 150 seat banquet room, 100 seat restaurant and 30 seat patio area. Total square footage of main floor 6400 sq. ft. Seller is willing to help train in current menu items though Buyer is free to re-brand the restaurant. The Sans Souci name is not included in the purchase price. Property includes 4 apartments on second level though they have been unoccupied and unfinished for approximately 40 years. Site has 3 parking spaces in rear of property.

231 Front Street Lease


5 medical / dental offices and 9 treatment rooms. Approximately 4800 Sq. Ft. 8 private parking spaces Maintained in excellent condition; re-roofed, upgraded HVAC. Building will be available July 1, 2018. Ideal for new group practice.

200 Front Street Lease


Both the exterior and interior finishes welcome you to the most prestigious address in Belleville at truly affordable rates. The best value for your money. Building has elevator service and located just a short walk to the new Courthouse!

199 Front Street Lease


This suite is on the main floor close to Market Square entrance and between CIBC WOOD GUNDY AND NEW LOCATION OF INTELLIGENCER OFFICES. 2818 SQ.FT. Includes area released by CIBC by February 1, 2017. $16.50 per sq.ft. includes heat, hydro and taxes and this will be a newly renovated turnkey suite. Current layout is a large reception area and several large offices with exterior windows.

139 Front Street Sell  $1,000,000

Modernized and full of character, this 12,000 square foot office building is conveniently located in downtown Belleville just steps away from city hall, service Ontario, banks, businesses, and the waterfront trail. Elevator access and approximately 65 on-site parking spaces. Currently demised into 3 separate office units.

123 Front Street Lease


2 Retail/Commercial spaces Available Belleville Downtown. Offering between 2,000 to 10,000 square feet commercial space for lease.

121 Front Street Lease


Offering Between 2000-10000 Square Feet Commercial Space For Lease. Perfect For Retail Or Large Office Setting. High Pedestrian And Vehicle Traffic Exposure. **** EXTRAS **** Starting At $7.00/Monthly/Square Foot - Inches Tmi*** Owner Will Customize And Renovate Space To Suit For The Right Tenant*** Ask About The Start - Up Incentive.

360 Pinnacle Street Lease


Downtown multi-purpose building for lease. 14,804 square feet on each level plus an additional 4,432 square feet of shipping and receiving space. Main floor is walk-up. Loading dock and parking available. Available immediately. $4.75/PSF NET plus $2.27/SF TMI. Utilities are at the tenants expense.

25 Campbell Street Lease


Commercial office building for lease, downtown Belleville.


Pingstreet Logo

The City of  Belleville is pleased to offer Pingstreet to its residents and visitors, giving them real-time access to current services and information within the City.  Pingstreet is an application for your mobile device(s) that  is currently available from all major app stores online. Please select a compatible app store below to download this app.

The City of Bellevile's pingstreet application currently offers the following:

Transit image - tile Connect to the City of Belleville Transit system complete with maps
Garbage Recycling image - tile Find out garbage and recycling dates in your area as well as waste facility information.
Events image - tile Find out about events happening in the Belleville area.
Road Closures image - tile View which roads and trails are closed or under construction on a map.
Trails image - tile Find public trail maps for Belleville.
News Image - Tile Review the current News from City Hall
Report a Problem Image Tile Easily report problems, complete with location coordinates, and the option to include a photo. Report on graffiti, parking complaints, pot holes and more.
Notification Centre Image - tile Get push notifications about important events to your smart phone.

The Pingstreet App is for mobile devices only.  To install it,  search for Pingstreet in your device’s App store and follow the instructions to install. If you are currently using your mobile device to access this webpage, just click matching button below for a direct link to the Pingstreet App download.
Blackberry iPhone/iPad Android Windows
link to Blackberry world link to Apple App Store link to Google Play Apps link to Windows App Store

BizPaL Online Business Permits and Licences


BizPaL is an innovative online service that provides entrepreneurs with simplified access to information about business permits, licences and other requirements needed to start, operate and grow their business from the federal, provincial/territorial and participating municipal governments.

Benefits of BizPaL

Finding out which government requirements apply to a certain business type can be time consuming and frustrating. BizPaL was created to help identify what you may require, quickly and easily. The information you need is available from a single source; entrepreneurs spend less time dealing with red tape - saving effort and money in the process - and more time building their business. The service is the result of strong collaboration between the federal, provincial/territorial and participating municipal governments and is designed with the following benefits in mind:

  •     it's free to use
  •     it saves time
  •     it's available 24/7

Launch the BizPaL Service

If you have issues or questions with regards to BizPaL, please contact us .

Snow Removal & Winter Maintenance

Snow Removal & Winter Maintenance

It’s that time of year again and the City of Belleville is gearing up for the winter season. Below are answers to questions we frequently receive from residents. If you need more information on the City’s snow removal and winter maintenance efforts, please call Transportation Services at 613-967-3275.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for snow clearing in the City of Belleville?

The Environmental and Operational Services Department is responsible for snow clearing on public property. During the winter, we have over 50 crew members available around the clock trained to handle a snow event. Our staff is committed to making Belleville’s roads, sidewalks and off-street trails safe year-round.

When there is a snow storm, which roads will be cleared first?

  • Priority Routes: Arterial roads, collector roads and bus routes are cleared first. These are high-capacity urban roads that see the highest use and greatest speeds, such as North Front St. and Dundas St.
  • Secondary Routes: After the primary routes are done, residential streets are cleared.
  •  Cul-de-sacs: Typically, cul-de-sacs are cleared last. This is because they are dead ends with lower volume than most residential streets and must be cleared using both a plow truck to clear the road and a front end loader to clear the snow that accumulates at the end of the cul-de-sac. With far fewer front end loaders than plow trucks, it takes more time for our crew to service these streets. 

Did you know? Provincial regulations set a maximum number of hours that plow drivers can be on duty. During a significant snowfall, all of our drivers are typically on duty to clear the City’s 416 km road network as quickly as possible. If all routes were to be serviced at the same time, the City would need to hire additional staff and purchase more equipment contributing to higher overall snow removal costs.

When will sidewalks be cleared?

During a snow event, sidewalks are cleared at the same time as roads, starting with the sidewalks on arterial and collector roads followed by residential sidewalks with preference given to sidewalks next to schools and hospitals. The City plows all sidewalks within the public right-of-way. With over 220 km of sidewalks, this process can be time-consuming and we ask that residents remain patient. All other sidewalks are the responsibility of private property owners.

Are on-street, marked bike routes cleared of snow?

Yes, on-street bike lanes are cleared at the same time as roads. We ask that motorists take extra caution when sharing the road with cyclists during the winter to help keep everyone safe.

How much snow removal equipment does the City have?

For the upcoming winter season, the City is responsible for:

  • 14 plow/sander routes
  • 2 grader plow routes
  • 3 front end loader routes
  • 3 loader/backhoes that help to load material on trucks and clear snow
  • 1 pickup truck with plow to clear small lanes and crossovers on Dundas Street and select City parking lots
  •  6 sidewalk plow routes

My driveway entrance is full of snow. Will the City clear it?

The City’s snow-plowing equipment will leave a ridge of snow across your driveway. It is up to the property owner to remove the ridge left by the City’s snow-plowing equipment. When shoveling or snow-blowing your driveway, please do not shovel or blow snow into the street. Your cooperation reduces the time required to plow all streets, which in turn reduces overtime costs and your taxes.

Helpful Hint: Piling snow to the right side of the driveway can help reduce the amount of snow pushed back into the driveway. Standing in the driveway and looking at the street determines the right side.

Does the City compensate residents for damage if caused by City equipment?

Sod, pavement, trees and mailboxes are sometimes damaged by the City’s snow-plowing equipment. If this happens to your property, please report the incident to Transportation Services at 613-967-3275. If the damage was caused by City equipment, Public Works will fix it in the spring at no cost to the property owner. 

What does the City do to get ready for a forecasted snow event?

The City of Belleville subscribes to a weather service that provides updates four times daily. If a snow event is forecasted, City staff will begin patrols to monitor accumulation, perform anti-icing on select roads and ensure all snow removal equipment is ready to be dispatched. Salt is applied to main roads and a sand/salt mixture is applied to residential streets to prevent ice and snow from accumulating during the storm and reduce slippery conditions.
Every fall, City staff receives training in winter maintenance to learn best practices and ensure optimal service levels for residents.

What are the City’s Winter Parking Restrictions?

From November 2 to April 14, parking is not permitted on City streets between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 a.m. Motorists parking on City streets, or in a City-owned parking lot, between 1:00 and 6:00 a.m. run a high risk of having their vehicle ticketed and possibly towed.

During a snowstorm, when snow clearing operations are underway, no stopping of a vehicle is permitted on any City street.  Snow-clearing operations typically take place between 11 pm and 7 am.  The fine for this offence is $75 and your vehicle will be towed.    
Vehicles left on the street pose an obstacle to snow-clearing activities, making it dangerous for both maintenance crews and the public. The goal is to restore safe motorist and pedestrian travel and to facilitate Fire, Ambulance and Police Department responses to emergencies.

How can residents help?

  • Clear the Way: Before the snow flies, please remove basketball nets from roadways to avoid interfering with snow removal operations.
  • Park Smart: Follow the City’s Winter Parking Restrictions and do not park any vehicles over the sidewalk. Even a partially blocked sidewalk interferes with plowing. 
  • Slow Down: Reduce your driving speed to account for slippery road conditions and snow clearing operations during and after a snowstorm.
  • Practice Plow Patience: Our plow operators work extremely hard to maintain high levels of service during a snow event and follow the priority guidelines set by City supervisors. Please be patient while roads and sidewalks are being cleared.
  •       Timelines for this work depend on the severity and duration of the storm. As a result, it is difficult for City staff to give residents a specific time by when their street or sidewalk will be cleared. 
  •       Don’t pass an active plow on the right hand side – passing an active plow and following too closely is dangerous for you, the plow operator and other drivers. Snow plow operators will pull over and let you pass when it’s safe to do so.

Does the City provide free sand to residents?

The City provides sand to Belleville residents free-of-charge for use on private property to prevent slips and falls.  The sand is available for pickup at 75 Wallbridge Crescent and 29 Ritz Road starting November 21, 2017. No limits for homeowners. Bring your own shovel and pail.

Environmental Items & Improvements

West Riverside Park Survey

West Riverside Park has seen a number of additions and upgrades in recent years and currently houses Belleville Youth Soccer fields, a skatepark, a splash pad, and the Rick Meagher Pirateship playground.

At the south end (Between College Street and Bell Blvd) there are newly paved pedestrian trails providing wonderful views along the Moira river, which ultimately connect with a complex pedestrian trail system in the park north of Bell Blvd.

West Riverside Park is currently home to the Belleville parks yard and greenhouses; the iconic Hwy 401 Canadian flag floral display; houses a number of intensively used soccer fields; as well as the new Tribute Garden plaza which will ultimately include a new covered pavilion.

Bell Blvd is a major gateway from the 401 at Cannifton Road – the eastern access point into Belleville, and has seen major upgrades including the new Veterans Bridge and Memorial plaza in recent years.

As part of the long term conceptual planning process, the City of Belleville would like to invite the public to provide feedback and to help create a community driven vision for the park.

Thank your for your time and interest. Your observations and comments will be very useful as part of the current design process.

Former Coal Gas Plant in Belleville

Starting in the late 1800’s, communities throughout North America produced coal gas as fuel for heating and lighting. The coal gas was produced by heating coal and other ingredients in large brick ovens, collecting and filtering the coal gas and then storing the coal gas in tanks. A by-product of the manufacture of coal gas was coal tar.  Coal tar was sold as a product and excess coal tar was disposed of as waste.

A coal gas plant operated within the City of Belleville from approximately 1854 to 1947. It was located in the former Foster Ward, on property within the area bounded by Pinnacle St, St. Paul St., South Church St., and the CPR rail line to the north.

(excerpt from image HC0387A, Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County, 1948-1950)

With the emergence of natural gas and electrical utilities becoming economically viable alternatives, the gas manufacturing plants in Ontario were phased out largely by the late 1950’s. Due to environmental concerns associated with several former coal gas manufacturing plants in municipalities other than Belleville, the Ministry of Environment commissioned a province-wide study of former sites in the 1980s.  A report on the former coal gas manufacturing plants was issued in 1987.  The former coal gas manufacturing plant in Belleville was included in the report. This subsequently led to environmental investigations being conducted at the former plant in 1993.  Based upon those investigations the Ministry of Environment and Energy concluded that the plant in Belleville presented a low hazard to public health.  The Ministry subsequently commented that:

“in determining hazards to the public at a site, it was the ministry’s position at the time of the investigations that if the tars were not exposed on the surface of the ground or in surface water or sediments to which humans had ready access or contact, and PAH [PAH - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; group of substances common to tar, creosote, lubricating oils, and other petroleum products] was not found in ground water used for drinking, a site did not present a hazard to the Public-at-Large. Consequently the site did not need further action until such time as the existing conditions were disturbed to expose the tars” (MOEE, 1997)

Notwithstanding these previous comments the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) subsequently requested that the City and the current owners of the property on which the plant was located, undertake certain environmental investigations. The City has been undertaking those investigations since 2010, and is continuing to consult with the MOECC regarding future investigations. Pursuant to a MOECC Director’s Order issued to the current and past owners of the property on which the plant was located (including the City), the City has  submitted work plans for the development and implementation of measures to address any adverse effects resulting from the contaminants related to the former coal gas plant. The work plans investigations, risk assessments, and any associated management and implementation measures are being developed and completed under the oversight of the MOECC.

Community Arts & Culture Fund (BCACF)


Welcome to the City of Belleville Community Arts & Culture page.

The City of Belleville Community Arts & Culture Fund (BCACF) through the authority of City Council and the Grant Committee, provides grants to local art groups and organizations to foster creativity at all levels and enrich how Belleville residents experience and engage with the arts.  The City Council allocated public funds ($25,000 in 2015) are transferred to the BCACF as an investment in Belleville’s cultural capital to foster cultural vitality and to increase the capacity of the arts community to create and produce artistic works of performance.  The Fund is intended to enhance the community’s cultural life and cultural economy and helps promote financial stability and sustainability, but as noted above, BCACF Program funding for each year is contingent on City Council budget decisions. It is important that diverse identities, perspectives, languages, cultures and artistic practices are recognized, experienced and supported.  It is acknowledged that this program should be accessible to all who qualify, and as the administrator the City of Belleville (COB) will endeavor to ensure it is responsive to the needs identified by the community by facilitating BCACF to nurture the quality and capacity of the arts and culture sector in Belleville.

The COB Grants Committee oversees the BCACF and reviews the guidelines and effectiveness of the administrative procedure of the BCACF program annually.  If there are substantive amendments recommended they will be referred to COB Council.  At this time, the BCACF is a ‘Project Based’ grant funding program. Until the COB City Council enacts a ‘core based funding’ model, all allocated funds will be directed to a ‘Project Based’ funding program.

Funding provided by the City under this program, as administered by the COB City Council and the Grant Committee, must be used to further the applicant’s non-profit activities and may not be used to further profit venture or for-profit partner.  It must also not be intended or used for major capital purposes including but not restricted to the purchase of land, equipment, fixtures or physical facilities.

Media Releases

Further details are provided in the document links below:

The Belleville Community Arts & Culture Fund Review Team:

The COB Grant Committee will ensure that the BCACF is properly administered and make recommendation to Council each year as to who receives grants and the value of each grant.  The Grant Committee will discuss the make-up of the Belleville Community Arts & Culture Fund Review Team (BCACFRT).  The BCACFRT will be a seven (7) member team made up of:

• Council Member on the Grant Committee (who will act as Chair, Councillor Mitch Panciuk)
• One representative from the Quinte Arts Council (QAC)
• One representative of the Belleville Arts Community
• One member of the Cultural Community
• The Curator of the J.M. Parrott Art Gallery
• The Archivist of the Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County.
• The Curator of the Glanmore National Historic Site of Canada

Members of the Grant Committee:

Chair, Councillor Mitch Panciuk
Councillor Jackie Denyes
Councillor Paul Carr

General Inquiries should be directed to:   
Krista Keller, Administrative Assistant

Project and more detailed inquiries should be directed to:
Mark Fluhrer

Eastern Ontario’s Leadership Council Economic Development

The following procurement opportunity for the Eastern Ontario’s Leadership Council Economic Development has been posted on Biddingo:

Request for Proposal Reference #: 2015-RLC-01 Contract Project Coordinator – Economic Development Strategy

The RFP document can be found at Biddingo Kingston. Please note that registration on Biddingo will be required or a single document charge will apply.

For your information, significant dates included in the RFP are:

Deadline for submission of proposals: Wednesday December 9, 2015 at 3:00:00 p.m.

Deadline for submitting inquiries (in writing only): Friday November 27, 2015 at 3:00:00 p.m.

Deadline for responding to inquiries (by addenda on Biddingo): Wednesday December 2, 2015

Proponent interview(s) and reference checks: December 10-17, 2015

Award of contract: December 21, 2015

Start Date: January 4, 2016

Please note that this assignment is being administered by the City of Kingston on behalf of the Regional Leadership Council. The City of Kingston is not involved in the decision-making process for this assignment, is not a contracting party to any agreement resulting from this process and does not issue this document pursuant to its Purchasing Bylaw 2000-134. Parties respond to this invitation to submit proposals at their sole risk and at their cost.
Although every attempt will be made to meet all dates, the City reserves the right to modify any or all dates at its sole discretion.

By-law Enforcement Services

By-law Enforcement Services

As part of the Building Section, under the Engineering and Development Services Department, By-law Enforcement Services is responsible for the administration and enforcement of bylaws pertaining to privately owned lands within The City of Belleville. Using these by- laws, staff work to enforce and resolve complaints from members of the public regarding a wide variety of issues in accordance with the Council adopted By-law Enforcement Policy Directive. Below is a list of the most commonly enforced by-laws, with a brief description of each.

Property Standards By-law No. 2012-79 
The Property Standards By-law prescribes the minimum standard of maintenance to which every property within The City must adhere. The Property Standards By-law mainly focuses on occupancy standards for dwelling units, the condition of structures on a property, and the maintenance of required building systems. (Eg. Plumbing, electrical, heating systems, etc.)

Clean Yards By-law No. 2014-120
The Clean Yards By-law sets out the standards of maintenance for the exterior portions of privately owned properties within The City. This by-law is used to resolve issues such as: long or overgrown grass, weeds or vegetation on a property, excessive accumulations of garbage, refuse or miscellaneous debris, and the placement of derelict motor vehicles on a property.

Zoning Bylaws 
The City of Belleville Zoning By-laws are used to determine what functions an owner is allowed to perform on their property. These by-laws govern an extensive range of issues, from the maximum width of a driveway, to the operation of a home occupation. The Zoning By-laws are also used to prescribe the permitted usage of any given property and the placement of accessory structures or buildings on a lot.

City of Belleville : ZONING BY-LAW NUMBER 10245


Sign By-law No. 2006-55 
The Sign By-law sets out the requirements for the erecting, placing and displaying of any sign or other advertising device within The City.

Submitting a Complaint

Note: All of the following fields MUST be completed. By checking this box, you agree to all applicable terms and conditions of The City of Belleville Bylaw Enforcement Policy Directive and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, as amended. For additional information or assistance with this form email:

*Please be advised that anonymous or verbal complaints will not be investigated or enforced. Complainants must provide valid contact information in writing, including mailing addresses. All personal information collected from complainants is protected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; and will not be distributed or disclosed.

Hours of Operation  

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

General Inquiries

If you have a general inquiry regarding a bylaw listed above, please contact one of our Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers listed below. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
If you wish to file a complaint, please refer to Submitting a Complaint on this page (above).

General Administration  (613) 967- 3204

Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officers

Brittany Morey  (613) 967-3200 Ext: 3233

Samantha Shortt  (613) 967-3200 ext. 3332

Michelle Wright (613) 967-3200 Ext. 3322

Other City of Belleville Bylaws & Contacts

If you have questions regarding a City of Belleville By-law which is not one of those listed above, please contact the corresponding department listed below.

Issues or questions regarding The City of Belleville Noise Bylaw should be directed to Belleville Police Services    (613) 966-0882

Complaints or questions regarding the maintenance of City lands relating to The City of Belleville Garbage Bylaw should be directed to Belleville Environmental and Operational Services Dept   (613) 967-3200 Ext: 3275 

Issues relating to the Animal Control By-law are handled by Animal Control Enforcement  or by contacting Peirce Animal Control at 613-966-4483

Most commonly requested By-laws and Policies are available online, any other By-law inquiries should be directed to the City Clerks Department of City Hall at 613-967-3200 


Building Permit

Zoning Maps

PDF Maps

Map 1 (Sidney)

Zoning Key Map (Thurlow)

Map A1 ( Thurlow)

Map A2 (Thurlow)

Map A3 (Thurlow)

Map A4 (Thurlow)

Map A5 (Thurlow)

Map A6 (Thurlow)

Zoning Key Map (Belleville)

Map 1 (Belleville)

Map 2 (Belleville)

Map 3 (Belleville)

Map 4 (Belleville)

Map 5 (Belleville)

Map 6 (Belleville)

Map 7 (Belleville)

Meet Mayor Taso A. Christopher

Taso was elected as Mayor of Belleville in October 2014 after serving two terms on Council.

Taso was born and raised in Belleville and has been a resident of River Road in Corbyville for the past 20 years along with his wife, Betty, and three daughters. Taso graduated from Quinte Secondary School and Humber College and has been an owner/partner of the local sporting goods retailer Four Seasons Sports for more than 35 years.

Taso served our community as a Councillor from 2006-2014 and has an in-depth knowledge of how the City of Belleville operates as a municipality. He has first-hand knowledge of the challenges that face our community and the people that live here.

In addition to his role on City Council, Taso has been the chair of the Police Services Board, co-chaired the Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival and been a Member of the City of Belleville Planning Committee, City of Belleville Audit Committee and the Library Board. Taso has also been a Member of the Greek Community Board of Directors, Chairman of the QHC Cancer Gala and President of the Quinte Ethnic Festival Council.

Taso has proven that he is always willing to ask the tough questions and takes a common sense approach to making decisions to improve the quality of life in the City of Belleville.

Taso has been an important part of Belleville’s progress in the past decade including these important projects:

• Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre
• Integrated Court House Building
• Doctor Recruitment Program
• BuildBelleville Infrastructure Deficit Program
• Veteran’s Memorial Bridge

Taso has a proven track record of getting projects done and has a vision to continue to build for our future together in Belleville. Taso encourages all residents to visit the updated City of Belleville website regularly to get the most-up-to-date news from City Hall and information on City Projects.

Contact Mayor Christopher:

Mayor Christopher loves to hear from the residents of Belleville. Feel free to contact the Mayor with suggestions, comments, or concerns and he will be happy to get back to you.

Email: Mayor Taso A. Christopher

Telephone: 613-967-3267

Fax: 613-967-3209



2014 Election Candidates 

Nomination Process
Nomination Forms may be filed with the Belleville City Clerk’s Department located at 169 Front Street, 1st Floor, Belleville during regular business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) between now and September 11, 2014 and on Nomination Day, Friday, September 12, 2014 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for candidates for the following offices:


1 to be elected at large


6 to be elected from Ward 1 (Belleville Ward)
2 to be elected from Ward 2 (Thurlow Ward)

Nomination Forms may be filed with the designated City Clerk’s Department during regular business hours between now and September 11, 2014 and on Nomination Day, Friday September 12, 2014 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for the following offices:

(nominations to be filed with the Clerk of the City of Belleville)
2 TRUSTEES TO BE ELECTED at large from the City of Belleville

(nominations to be filed with the Clerk of the City of Belleville)
2 TRUSTEES TO BE ELECTED for the area comprised of the City of Belleville, Township of Tyendinaga and the Town of Deseronto

(nominations to be filed with the Clerk of the City of Kingston)
1 TRUSTEE TO BE ELECTED at large for Geographic Region 2 which is composed of all municipalities in the Counties of Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington, Frontenac and Leeds & Grenville.  Information available in French, upon request

(nominations to be filed with the Clerk of the City of Kingston)
1 TRUSTEE TO BE ELECTED at large for Sector 1 which is comprised of all the municipalities in the Counties of Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington and Frontenac.  Information available in French, upon request

Nominations for all offices shall be made on the prescribed form and shall be accompanied by the prescribed nomination filing fee of $200.00 for the office of Mayor and $100.00 for all other offices (cash, certified cheque or money order only) and any other documentation required by the designated Clerk.   The nomination form must be signed by the candidate and must be filed in person or by an agent.

Resources for Candidates

2010 Candidate Financial Statements

Related Downloads

Candidate Information Session - 2014 Municipal Election

Are You On The Voters List?

Not Found on the Voters List Above?

If your name was not found on the voters list or your information needs to be updated, please bring government issued photo ID with proof of qualifying address to the following locations:

Option 1: City Clerk’s Office at City Hall from Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm
Option 2: Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre from October 1-5 from 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Option 3: Advance Voting at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre on October 13 from 10am – 6:00 pm
Option 4: To any polling location in your Ward (1 or 2) on Election Day October 22.

As in most instances revisions must be done in person as a Form EL15 must be signed.

Haig Road and Station Street Extension

This Image result for environmental
Environmental Assessment (EA) is for the purpose of examining the extension of Station Street and Haig Road; a new collector road link project identified in the City's Official Plan, to permit additional residential and non-residential development in the Stanley Park Development Area. See the links below to view information about the study commencement and the study area.

Follow this link to view the

Project File Report

Follow this link to view the Notice of Study Completion

Notice of Study Completion

Notice of Public Information Centre July 23 2014

Follow this link to view the information boards from the July 2013 Public Information Centre.

Station & Haig Extension PIC boards

If you would like to make a comment about this project follow the link below to fill in and submit a comment sheet.

Station & Haig PIC Comment Sheet

Related Downloads

Haig & Station MCEA Study Commencement Notice

Study Area

Study Design Report May 2014

Notice of Public Information Centre July 23 2014

Business Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Business Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Loyalist College, Alumni Hall

Second annual inclusivity event sponsored by the City of Belleville and the United Nations Association in Canada, Quinte Branch

WHEN: Thursday, May 8th, 2014, 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Loyalist College - Alumni Hall

WHO: Special guest Speaker: Michael Bach, “The Diversity Dude” and local panel of industry leaders discussing their best practices when it comes to inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

COST: $12.00 per person 

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Business Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace



Community Gardens

Now accepting applications for the 2018 gardening season.

Applications are due February 20, 2018.

Results of the lottery draw will be announced at the end of February. The Community Garden Administrator will contact all those who applied to the program with the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Community Gardens?

(click to show answer)

An initiative of the City of Belleville’s Green Task Force, community gardens were established in 2012 so that residents can meet to grow and care for vegetables and flowers in designated City parks.
Plots are loaned to community members on an annual seasonal basis to plant vegetables and flowers.  The benefits of community gardening are many:

  • Home grown food supports nutritional health and gardening increases physical activity
  • Gardens can be an escape from noise and commotion or everyday urban life
  • Gardens can help to educate the public about composting, mulching and waste reduction
  • Learning to grow plants is mentally stimulating and teaches individuals to think sustainably
  • Community gardens are a socially valuable tool as neighbours can get to know one another better

Where are the City-run Community Gardens located?

(click to show answer)

The City’s program includes 89 raised garden plots, across three different sites. They are located at:

  • Ponton Park Community Garden, 251 Dundas St W (21 plots available)
  • West Hill Community Garden, 41 Octavia St (26 plots available)
  • Bayview Heights Community Garden, 75 Bay Drive (42 plots available)

Who can apply?

(click to show answer)

This initiative is open to any resident of the City of Belleville (proof of residency is required). It’s perfect for people with shady yards, for those living in apartments and homes without sufficient yard space for gardening, youth groups and many more.

How are plots assigned?

(click to show answer)

Plots are awarded each year by lottery draw. Past gardeners must reapply every year. Only those names drawn will be eligible to garden a plot.
Applicants who are not chosen through the lottery draw are put on a waiting list and will be contacted if a plot becomes available. In addition to City-run gardens, there are other organizations with gardens open to the public that may accept applications. Go to to learn more.

Is there a fee?

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There is no fee for the 2018 growing season.

What are the garden plots like?

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The raised garden plots are typically 4’x10’ and are filled with a mixture of soil and compost. Some plots are 8 inches off the ground but most are approximately 16 inches high.

What is provided at the site?

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Each garden is equipped with water taps and hoses. The City also provides compost at the site for use as an organic soil amendment. Gardeners are expected to bring their own watering cans and garden tools.

Who can I contact for more information?

(click to show answer)

Please contact the City’s Garden Administrator at:
Telephone: 613-967-3200 Ext: 3219

What are the rules?

(click to show answer)

Successful lottery winners will be required to sign a waiver and agree to the rules, responsibilities and conditions as outlined below.

Gardener Rules & Responsibilities

  • Access to each plot will only be permitted during the assigned times for each location:
    • Ponton Park: 7am-7pm, Monday-Friday and Sunday
    • No access at Ponton Park on Saturdays from 7am-1pm
    • West Hill: 7am-8pm each day
    • Bayview Heights: 7am-8pm each day
  • Garden plots must be planted by June 1, 2018. If the gardener is unable to continue gardening, he/she shall notify the Garden Administrator so that the plots may be reassigned.
  • Pesticides and non-organic fertilizers are prohibited. Compost will be provided free-of-charge to gardeners.
  • Gardeners shall keep their plots weeded and maintain tidy pathways. If the gardener’s bed is unkempt, they will be given two weeks’ notice to clean it up. If they do not comply, their bed may be reassigned.
  • Vegetables, grains, fruit, herbs and flowers are permitted in City plots. Trees and other woody plants, corn or any tall crops, shall not be planted unless the gardener can demonstrate there will be no negative effects. Illegal plants are strictly prohibited.
  • All above-ground material must be removed by October 19, 2018.
  • Smoking and loud activities within the vicinity of the garden area are not permitted. Please respect the neighbours.
  • At Ponton Park and West Hill gardens, vehicles are not permitted to park on the grassed area.
  • Trash, recyclables and weeds are to be removed and brought home or placed in designated receptacles on park property.
  • Gardeners shall not sell garden produce or engage in for-profit business practices.
  • Installation of any fencing, boards, or any other material is not permitted unless approved by the Garden Administrator. To avoid creating shade on other plots, maximum height of any installed fencing may not exceed 24 inches.
  • Pick only your crops unless permission is given by another gardener. Theft of produce or any other item, such as garden hoses, from any plot will result in expulsion from the garden site. Please report theft and vandalism to the Garden Administrator.
  • Gardeners are responsible for supervising those individuals they bring to the garden including other adults, youth and children.
  • Abide by all City of Belleville by-laws.

Responsibilities of the City of Belleville

  • Community Garden plot sizes, layout and locations shall be determined and approved by the City.
  • Plots will be assigned on a lottery draw basis. Decision of plot assignments will be made final by the City of Belleville.
  • City staff will designate a garden waste drop-off area at each garden.
  • Staff will manually rotate the soil within a plot if requested by a gardener due to mobility issues or other circumstances that make this activity difficult for the gardener to perform.
  • Staff will conduct regular inspections of garden areas. If any contravention of the rules is found, the Garden Administrator has the right to cancel the gardener’s privileges.
  • The City of Belleville reserves the right to close garden locations at any given time with written notice to all gardeners.

How to apply for the Community Garden Program

Apply online using the form below.

Hardcopy forms are also available at the following locations:

  • City Hall (169 Front St, Belleville)
  • Belleville Public Library (254 Pinnacle St, Belleville)
  • Public Works (75 Wallbridge Cres, Belleville)

Gardener Information

To help us with plot assignments, please check all preferences that apply to you:

I would like the same garden bed that was assigned to me last year.
I would like a different garden bed than last year.
I have physical limitations and would like a taller garden bed.
I would like a wheelchair-accessible garden bed.

Preferred Garden Location

Do you agree to the rules and responsibilities detailed above?

Certificate of Election Results - 2010

Certificates of Election Results - 2010 Election

(please see attchment below)

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Certificates of Election Results - 2010

Sale of Surplus Goods

As goods are declared surplus to the needs of the City of Belleville, they may be posted for sale utilizing the public online auction known as "Government Surplus Online Auction". This is a cooperative initiative for responsible disposal of surplus public sector goods. The site is user friendly; once you have created your online account, you will have access not only to surplus items offered by the City of Belleville but also the surplus items offered by other public sector agencies.


Auction Conditions:
Items are described and accompanied by a photograph (if available). Items are sold "AS IS WHERE IS" meaning it is the bidder's sole responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the condition and specifications of the goods being offered for sale before placing a bid. Please note that by placing a bid, you are making a contract between you and the seller. Once you place a bid, you may not retract it. It is illegal to win an auction and not purchase the item.
Although the website is hosted by, a subsidiary of Liquidity Services Inc. which operates in Canada under , items for sale by the City of Belleville shall remain in the City throughout the bidding period and will be available for inspection for the duration of that period.

Pick Up of Items Purchased
Property may be removed by appointment only and appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  All items must be removed within ten (10) business days from the time and date of issuance of the Buyer’s Certificate. The Buyer will make all arrangements and perform all work necessary, including packing, loading and transportation of the property.  No assistance will be provided.  A daily storage fee of $10.00 may be charged for any item(s) not removed within the 10 business days allowed and stated on the Buyer’s Certificate. Removal of item(s) purchased shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer.  City staff is NOT available to assist with removing the item(s) from the City property.  Should damage to City property occur during removal of items, the buyer will assume full responsibility.

Payment must be made online – To make online payment, log into your GovDeals account and select “My bids”. Please follow the instructions there.  Payment in full is due no later than five (5) business days from the time and date of the Buyer’s Certificate.  Payment must be made electronically through the GovDeals Website.  Payment in full must be received by the City before items are removed from City property.

Reserve Bid:
Some items may have a minimum or "reserve" bid. If the reserve bid is not met, the City reserves the right to withdraw the offer to sell.

Withdrawal of Item(s):
At any time prior to the close of the sale, the City reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel the offer to sell posted items.

Solar Panels

The City of Belleville is pleased to provide public access to the live feeds from our four Solar Panel projects throughout the city.

The City of Belleville has entered into a 20 year partnership with the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) which will guarantee income from these projects.

The projects have been developed over the past 3 years at various locations throughout the city.  Funding for the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre Project was completed using the Federal Gas Tax, with no actual costs being passed to the City of Belleville taxpayers. The remaining projects have been funded through the City of Belleville's Capital Projects process.

At this time, we have 3 live feeds available showing live statistical information on the power production being generated from the individual Solar Farms on daily, weekly and lifetime cycles.

Solar Projects

Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre Solar Project 

Live Readings

The Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre, installed in 2012, has 2,132 photo voltaic panels established on the roof of the complexes [910 - Wally Dever Arena and 1222 - Yardmen Arena]. It is expected that this project will generate between $350,000 - $400,000 per year for the City of Belleville. Projected income is 63.5 cents per kWh from the OPA. Solar Farm Construction (QSWC) Photos

Meyers Pier Solar Project

Live Readings

This project is a 10kW microFIT project, installed in 2011. The 46 photo voltaic panels generate approximately $9,000 per year for the City of Belleville. Projected income is 80.2 cents per kWh from the OPA.

Transit Terminal Solar Project

Live Readings

This project is a 10kW microFIT project, installed in 2010. The 44 photo voltaic panels generate approximately $9,000 per year for the City of Belleville. Projected income is 80.2 cents per kWh from the OPA.

Pinnacle Street Solar Project

Live feed is not available from this site

This project is a 5kW microFIT project, installed in 2009. The 33 photo voltaic panels generate approximately $6,000 per year for the City of Belleville. Projected income is 80.2 cents per kWh from the OPA.

Candidate Guide

Please find below the Candidate Guide for the 2014 Municipal Election.

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Municipal Election Candidate Guide

Nomination Form - Form 1

2014 Municipal Election MTO Signage Information

Information Guide for School Board Trustee Candidates (English)

Information Guide for School Board Trustee Candidates (French)

Candidate Information Session - 2014 Municipal Election

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Street Reconstruction

Will vibrations from heavy machinery affect my property and valuables?
Take all precautions to secure valuables on your property. Heavy construction machinery can cause vibrations.

What do I do with my fences, landscaping and watering systems?
You may be required to move and rebuild these features as a result of the reconstruction of your street. Please contact the Project Manager for further information.

Will there be an interruption in my water service?
You will experience temporary water service disruptions while the existing system is being transferred over to the temporary one, and when it is transferred back after completion. All disruptions will be as short as possible, and you will receive an advanced notice when this will occur.

What will happen with my garbage, green bin and recycling pick-up?
Every effort will be made to ensure that collection occurs normally on your street. If required the contractor will assist in transporting your waste to a pick-up point if your regular location is obstructed by construction. It is advised that you label all receptacles with your address to ensure they are returned to you.

Will my driveway access be interrupted during the reconstruction?
This will occur from time to time during various stages of the project. You will be notified in advance and the contractor will work with you to make alternate arrangements.

What will be done with the boulevards after construction?
Grass boulevards will be reinstated by seed or sod. These areas will be maintained by the contractor for a certain time to ensure the grass establishes itself. After this time the responsibility reverts back to the property owner.

Who do I contact for more information about my street reconstruction?
Please refer to the Capital Construction Projects page of the website to see who the Project Manager is for your street. General questions can be emailed to

Accessibility Documents

Accessibility regulations are the tools by which we can achieve an inclusive society. Inclusion is both a social attitude and physical approach to embracing diversity and personal differences in order to promote equality for all people. It is a responsibility we all share; it means you and me working together for a better future.

To achieve our goals in accessibility and inclusion it is important to establish a framework to help guide our actions and push this culture shift. Below is a copy of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, along with City of Belleville policy and procedure documents related to accessibility.


Update! The new Multi Year Accessibility Plan for 2018 - 2022 has been approved by both the Belleville Accessibility Advisory Committee and City Council. This updated Accessibility Plan can be found below along with its appedices. If you have any questions or feedback or would like to receive this document in an alternate formate please contact the Accessibility Coodinator.

Update! The current accessibility feedback process is being reviewed and updated. The City would like to encourage a higher level of public feedback through this reporting method so that data can be collected to ensure we are being responsive to the needs of our community.

Coming Soon! Currently in the planning stages is a resource which will feature accessibility evaluations of municipally owned properties. The resource will hope to promote the integrated use of current accessible sites and facilities, while also serving as a barrier identification method to assist with future accessibility planning. Updates to follow soon!

    To obtain any of these documents in an alternate formate please contact the Accessibility Coordinator:

                          Sarah Collins  613-967-3200 extension 3502  or  

                                 or in person at City Hall, 169 Front Street Belleville, Ontario K8N 2Y8

Available Documents

Multiyear Accessibility Plan 2018 - 2022 (MAP)

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (MAP Appendix One, 1 of 2)

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (MAP Appendix One, 2 of 2)

MAP Appendix Two - List of Municipal Sites and Facilities

MAP Appendix Three - Belleville Transit Multiyear Accessibility Plan

City of Belleville Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

Notice of Nomination Period

Click here to see the 2014 Municipal Election Candidates

2014 Municipal Election - Notice of Nomination Period

Take notice that Nomination Forms may be filed with the designated City Clerk’s Office located at 169 Front Street, 1st Floor, Belleville, during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.) between January 2, 2014 and September 11, 2014 and on Nomination Day, Friday, September 12, 2014 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. for candidates for the following offices:

  • MAYOR - 1 to be elected at large
  • COUNCILLOR - 6 to be elected from Ward 1 (Belleville Ward) / 2 to be elected from Ward 2 (Thurlow Ward)

AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE THAT nominations for all offices shall be made on the prescribed form and shall be accompanied by the prescribed nomination filing fee of $200.00 for the office of Mayor and $100.00 for all other offices (cash, certified cheque or money order) and any other documentation required by the designated Clerk.

The nomination form must be signed by the candidate and must be filed in person or by an agent.

Matt MacDonald, City Clerk/Returning Officer
City of Belleville
169 Front Street
Belleville, ON   K8N 2Y8
Tel: 613.968-6481

Click here to see the 2014 Municipal Election Candidates

Election Officials Needed

The City of Belleville is seeking Election Officials to assist at voting locations on Monday October 27th.

Application Forms are available at the Clerk’s Office, City Hall, 169 Front Street, Belleville or (click here and download the form)

If you are interested in assisting with the 2014 Municipal Election, please submit your application no later than September 17th. All Election Officials will receive an honorarium for their services.

Christine Stewart, Deputy City Clerk
169 Front Street, 1st Floor
Belleville, ON  K8N 2Y8
(613) 968-6481



2010 Municipal Election Financial Statements


Click HERE for the financial statements from the 2010 Municipal Election.

2014 Municipal Election Candidate Guide

Municipal Election Candidate Guide

Nomination Form - Form 1

2014 Municipal Election MTO Signage Information

Information Guide for School Board Trustee Candidates (English)

Information Guide for School Board Trustee Candidates (French)

Belleville Magazine

The City of Belleville publishes BELLEVILLE Magazine quarterly to explore many of the outstanding aspects of the municipality.

BELLEVILLE Magazine is distributed to all households in Belleville through Canada Post, is available online and in an accessible text only format




BELLEVILLE Magazine (Archives)


Spring 2018


Special Anniversary Edition


Summer 2017
Spring 2017
Fall 2016
Summer 2016
Spring 2016
Winter 2015
Summer 2015
Spring 2015

Quinte Region Career & Training Fair

The Cities of Belleville and Quinte West presents the 2013 Quinte Region Career & Training Fair sponsored in part by Employment Ontario Service Providers.

Thursday November 14
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre (Gymnasium)
265 Cannifton Road, Belleville

Our employers need people in all sectors including:

  • Industrial  
  • Engineering
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Customer contact centre and many more

You are invited to come and meet with many local employers from a variety of sectors as well as an opportunity to meet with employment service providers and training institutions.

Don’t forget to bring several copies of your resume.

ASL-English Interpreters will be available from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Business Attendees

  • AGTA Home Health Care
  • Academy of Learning College
  • Adecco Employment Services
  • Avon Canada
  • Batawa Ski Hill
  • Bayshore Home Health
  • Canadian Blast Freezers Ltd.
  • Career Edge
  • Choice Reefer Systems
  • City of Belleville
  • Commissionaires Security Solutions
  • Community Learning Alternatives
  • Crossroads Training Academy
  • Fin-aire
  • Freedom 55 Financial
  • GlobalMed Inc.
  • Hastings County Ontario Works
  • HGS Canada
  • Highline Produce Limited
  • Home Depot
  • International TruckLoad Services
  • Investors Group
  • IS2 Workforce Solutions
  • Kagita Mikam Aboriginal
  • Employment & Training
  • KAS Personnel Services
  • Loyalist College
  • Loyalist Community Employment Services
  • Maxwell Paper Canada Inc
  • McKesson Canada
  • Meta Employment Services
  • North American Transport Driving Academy
  • Ogden Technical Associates Inc
  • ParaMed Home Health Care
  • Pathways To Independence
  • PolyCello
  • Primerica Financial Services
  • Quinte United Immigrant Service
  • S&P Data LLC
  • Small Business Centre
  • Stream Global Services
  • Sun Life Financial
  • TSC Stores
  • Trenton Cold Storage
  • Trenval Business
  • Development Corporation


11:00 a.m. Distance Education Opportunities at Loyalist College
Speaker: Colleen Ringham
Loyalist College offers many certificate and diploma programs with flexible training options to fit your schedule. Attend this session to hear more about training opportunities through Continuing Education at Loyalist.

12:00 noon Employment Ontario Programs to Assist in Your Job Search
Speaker: Lisa Benoit
Find out about all the programs, resources and services available through the province to assist you on your road to employment.

1:00 p.m. How to Conquer Self-marketing Anxieties
Speaker: Pat Bradley
First impressions are critical. From the first contact to that all important job interview, attend this session to create your “First Impression Toolkit”.

2:00 p.m. Employment Programs for Youth
Speaker: Amy Kyle
There are some great programs through Employment Ontario to assist students and youth looking for work. Find out about these programs at this information session.

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Quinte Region Career & Training Fair Poster

Quinte Region Career & Training Fair Employer Registration Form

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Quinte Region Career and Training Fair

The Quinte Region Career & Training Fair is on April 25, 2013 at the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre.

Online Payments

Property Tax Payments

The City of Belleville's Taxation Department is pleased to offer the taxpayers the opportunity to pay their Municipal Taxes online via credit card, through the Paymentus(c) payment processing system.  At this time, this payment method is available online only or  by phone at 1-888-460-3832 (credit card payments are not accepted through City Hall cashiers).

Personal information will be collected under the authority of the Municipal Act 2001, SO 2001, c25 will be used to process your Online Municipal Tax Payment/Instalment. Questions relating to the collection of this personal information only should be directed to the Manager of Taxation & Revenue, Taxation Department, 169 Front St, Belleville, ON, K8N 2Y8, 613-967-3243.

Requires your PROPERTY TAXATION ROLL NUMBER to make payment. Convenience Fees apply to all payments processed by Paymentus.

Please allow 48 hours for full processing of your payment.

1.75% Convenience Fee

Click here for online property tax payments

Accounts Receivable Payments

The City of Belleville's Finance Department is pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to pay their Accounts Receivable Invoices online via credit card, through the Paymentus(c) payment processing system. At this time, this payment method is available online only or by phone at 1-888-460-3832 (credit card payments are not accepted through City Hall Cashiers).

Personal information will be collected under the authority of the Municipal Act 2001, SO 2001, c25 will be used to process your Online Accounts Receivable Payment. Questions relating to the collection of this personal information only should be directed to the Manager of Taxation & Revenue, Taxation Department, 169 Front St, Belleville, ON, K8N 2Y8, 613-967-3243.

Requires your ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE INVOICE NUMBER to make payment.

1.75% Convenience Fee

Click here for online accounts receivable payments

Water Utlility Payments

The City of Belleville's Water Department is pleased to offer customers the opportunity to pay their Water Utility Bills online via credit card, through the Paymentus(c) payment processing system.  At this time, this payment method is available online only or  by phone at 1- 877-831-6390 (credit card payments are not accepted through Belleville Water or City Hall cashiers).

Personal information will be collected under the authority of the Municipal Act 2001, SO 2001, c25 will be used to process your Online Water Utilities Payment/Instalment. Questions relating to the collection of this personal information only should be directed to the Office Supervisor, Belleville Water, 183 Pinnacle Street, Belleville, ON, K8N 3A5, 613-966-3651.


$5.95 Convenience Fee per $200.00 paid

Click here for online water utility payments

Parking Tickets

The City of Belleville accepts online payments for Parking Tickets.

Click here for online parking ticket payments

Dog Tags

You can now purchase City of Belleville dog tags online.

Click here to purchase dog tags online

Old Highway 2 Rehabilitation

This project includes the resurfacing of Old Highway 2 from Point Anne Road to the East City Limit, and a new left turning lane at Mitchell Road, and new culverts.

Project Estimate: $3.2M

Commencing: 2014

Completion: 2014

Status: Design Phase

Dundas Street West Sanitary Sewer Extension

This project is intended to extend the City's sanitary sewer service west to accommodate those lands within the Loyalist Secondary Plan Area.

Location: Dundas St. W. from Palmer Rd. to Avonlough Rd.

Project Estimate: $2.9m

Commencing: To be determined

Completed: 2014

Status: Design and approvals have been initiated.

Frequently Asked Questions (Taxation)

Q.  Why does the City of Belleville issue Interim Tax Bills?
A.  The City issues an interim tax bill in February to provide funding for municipal operations prior to the adoption of the annual operating budget.

Q.  How does the City calculate my Interim Tax Bill?
A.  The Interim Tax bill is calculated at 50% of the previous year’s total taxes.

Q.  What information does the City require to change the ownership, name or address on my bill?
A. The following are the requirements depending on the event or circumstance:


Change your mailing address
Submit Tax Account Modification form


Change your name
Submit Tax Account Modification form
Advise us you are moving
Submit Tax Account Modification form
Enroll in Preauthorized Payment Plan (PAP)
Complete Preauthorized Payment Plan (PAP) form
Change Banking Information (PAP)
Complete PAP Modification Form
Cancel Preauthorized Payment Plan (PAP)
Complete PAP Cancellation Form. Note this requires 15 days notice for processing.
Death of Spouse or other registered owner
Registered document (i.e. survivorship application) transferring title, as provided by your lawyer
Legal Name Change (Personal)
Certificate from Registrar General
Legal Name Change (Corporate)
Updated Corporate Profile or registered Articles of Amendment
Property Conveyed by Court - Divorce or Civil Action
Registered document transferring title, as provided by your lawyer
Purchased Property
Land Transfer Tax Affidavit or other registered document transferring title as provided by your letter

Q.  What is Area Rating?
A. Tax rates can vary throughout the City’s four billing tables due to area rating which is a mechanism which ensures that taxpayers only pay for the direct or indirect services they actually receive.

Property Tax Rebate & Credit Programs

Tax Rebate Programs

Charity Rebates

This rebate program applies to registered charities that occupy a property in the commercial or industrial class. The applying organization must be a “registered” charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada), and as such possess a valid Canada Customs & Revenue Agency BN/ Registration Number or a Non-Profit Organization as defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada).  The landlord of a tenant charity may be contacted by the charity to obtain certain information required to process the rebate application.  The deadline to submit applications for the 2018 taxation year is February 28, 2019.  Charity Rebate Applications may be downloaded or are available at the Customer Service Area, First floor, City Hall.

Please note all rebate applications must be submitted by mail or hand delivered.  Faxed copies are no longer accepted.

Property Tax Credit Programs - Application for 2018

Low Income Senior Property Tax Credit - 2018

This program provides a $400 credit to anyone in receipt of the Guaranteed Income Supplement under the Old Age Security Act (Canada) and are sixty-five years of age or older by December 31, 2017.  The deadline to submit applications for the 2018 taxation year is August 30, 2018.  Low Income Senior Property Tax Credit Applications may be downloaded or are available at the Customer Service Area, First floor, City Hall. Applications must be made on a yearly basis.

Disabled Person Property Tax Credit

This program provides a $400 credit to anyone in receipt of Ontario Disability Support Program Benefits maximum shelter allowance.  The deadline to submit applications for the 2018 taxation year is August 30, 2018.  Disabled Person Property Tax Credit Applications may be downloaded or are available at the Customer Service Area, First floor, City Hall. Applications must be made on a yearly basis.

Please note Applicants must solely own and occupy the property as their principal residence.

Vacant Unit Program

Pending Ministry approval the City of Belleville’s Vacant Unit Rebate Program will be phased-out over 2 years. The City will be accepting applications for the 2017 and 2018 taxation years only. The program would be eliminated effective for the 2019 taxation year.

Council has approved the following changes for the Vacant Unit Rebate Program for the 2017 & 2018 Taxation Years as part of their review of the program:

  • 2018 Applications:  The Industrial and Commercial rebates will be reduced to 15%
  • The eligibility criteria for the  2018 applications  include:
    1. capable of being leased for immediate occupation;
    2. properties must be in full compliance with the City’s property standards;
    3. must provide a marketing plan for the vacant portion of the property.

The City of Belleville offers Commercial and Industrial property owners rebates on taxes for all or portions of their properties that have been vacant during the year. The following are the program details.

Application Instructions: 
Only two applications can be submitted per year per property. Interim applications must be received by July 31st.
Final applications must be received by the last day of February of the year following the taxation year to which the application relates.

  • Application may be submitted by the owner or by a person representing the owner.
  • Applications may be subject to an onsite audit and inspection.
  • Any person who knowingly makes a false or deceptive statement in this application is guilty of an offence and, upon conviction, is liable for a fine.
  • To be eligible for a rebate, a building or portion of a building must satisfy the conditions described in the eligibility criteria.
  • The application must be completed and all required information provided. The onus is on the applicant to provide documentation to support their vacancy rebate application. Failure to provide the above documentation may result in the rejection of the rebate application.

If you require help in completing the application form or have questions regarding the Vacant Unit Rebate Program, please contact the City of Belleville Taxation Department at 613-967-3243

Please click here for all tax related form downloads.

Property Value Assessment

Assessment values are determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), an independent body established by the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation Act, 1997. The Assessment Act requires that the assessed value of your property be based on what the property would likely sell for on a specific date. Local property sales of similar properties, occurring around the valuation date, provide the basis for the assessed value.  MPAC continually collects information about properties to ensure that those with similar characteristics (i.e. age, size, location, construction, etc.) have consistent but not necessarily identical assessed values.

Current Provincial Reassessment Program

As part of the Ontario Budget in 2007, the provincial government announced plans to improve the property tax system to make it “fair, predictable and sustainable.” These plans included: a four-year reassessment cycle; a mandatory phase-in of assessment increases spread equally over the four years and enhancements to the fairness and effectiveness of the assessment appeal system. Increases in assessed property values are effectively phased in over four years while any decrease in property value is implemented immediately.

The first cycle of this reassessment plan was implemented for the 2009 to 2012 taxation year period. The assessments for those years were based on a final destination Current Value Assessment (CVA) as of January 1, 2008.  The second cycle of the program provides for a phase-in from 2013 through 2016 assessments based on a valuation date of January 1, 2012.  MPAC mailed 2012 Property Assessment Notices to owners of every property in Ontario in the fall of 2012. 

For more detailed information regarding the reassessment, phase-in, etc. please visit the MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) website at

Other Assessments

  • Supplementary Property Assessment - Property Assessment Change Notices are issued by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) when there has been a change to a property during the current taxation year due to a change in property classification, an addition, renovation or new construction. Supplementary assessments are issued under the authority of Section 34 of the Assessment Act.
  • Omitted Property Assessment - Property Assessment Change Notices are issued when the current value assessment resulting from an improvement to the property (e.g., a new home or addition) was not previously captured on the annual assessment roll. An Omitted Assessment may apply to the current year and, if applicable, for any part or all of the previous two years. Omitted assessments are issued under the authority of Section 33 of the Assessment Act.

Assessment Appeals

  • MPAC Request for Reconsideration (RFR) - If you believe that your assessment is incorrect, you should first contact MPAC to discuss your assessment and verify details about your property.  If you still have concerns, you may ask MPAC for a formal reconsideration of your assessment known as a Request for Reconsideration or RFR.  The Request for Reconsideration is free of charge and must be filed prior to March 31 of the current taxation year.  MPAC must respond to a Request for Reconsideration by September 30 of the current taxation year. You can obtain a Request for Reconsideration form on the MPAC website or by calling 1-866-296-MPAC (6722).
  • Assessment Review Board (ARB) - The Assessment Review Board is an independent tribunal of the Province of Ontario.  If you are not satisfied with MPAC’s response to your Request for Reconsideration, you may, within 90 days from RFR mailing date, submit an appeal to the Assessment Review Board (ARB).  The process for appeal differs depending on your property class.  Please refer to the ARB website  for full details on how to appeal your property assessment.

Tax Account Adjustments – Assessment Appeals

A tax account is only adjusted when the City is notified of the change in assessment from MPAC or the ARB.  It is recommended that taxes continue to be paid while a reconsideration or appeal is in process to avoid penalty and interest charges in the event that the RFR or appeal is not successful.  There may be a significant delay between the date an assessment is appealed and a decision is finally rendered.

As taxes are a lien on property, adjustments resulting from appeals are applied to the property tax account at the time of determination.  If you have an outstanding RFR or ARB appeal and are selling your property, please ensure your legal counsel makes provision for readjustment of taxes subsequent to your closing date.


An apportionment is the redistribution of assessed values and taxes when land is severed or consolidated:

  • Severance is the splitting of a parcel of land into two or more land parcels.
  • Consolidation is the combining of two or more parcels with the same ownership and adjoining boundaries into one parcel.

When MPAC is advised of a severance through a legal conveyance of the land, an apportionment is initated.  In addition, the owner of the severed or consolidated land may also apply to the City to have the taxes apportioned.

MPAC is responsible for apportioning the assessed value of the original property to the newly created properties for the year in which a severance or consolidation occurs and any subsequent year in which the assessment roll did not reflect the newly created properties.  The assessed values of the newly created properties represent their portion of the assessed value of the original property.  The apportioned assessed values may not reflect the current value assessment of the new properties had they been assessed individually.

Based on the assessment apportionment information provided by MPAC, the City distributes the taxes from the original property to the newly created properties in proportion to their relative value.  Once Council approves the tax apportionment, tax bills with future due dates are issued to the property owner(s).

For years subsequent to the apportionment, the new properties are assessed individually and taxed based on their current value assessment.

Property Tax Calculation

Property taxes are calculated as follows:

  • Assessment value x Tax rate (municipal and education)

For tax rate details, please refer to City of Belleville 2017 Tax Rates.

Interim Tax Notice Update

The City issues an interim tax billing in February of each year to provide the municipality with sufficient revenue to cover operating expenditures in advance of the approval of the annual budget.  The Municipal Act provides that generally the 2018 Interim Property tax bill not exceed 50% of the 2017 tax bill.  Assessment values from the 2018 roll are updated to reflect any additions, deletions as well as any changes arising from ARB decisions and Minutes of Settlement. These changes may cause the current year interim to vary from the 50% of previous year rule.

2018 Interim Tax Instalment due dates:

  • First Instalment: February 26,2018
  • Second Instalment: April 25,2018

Final Tax Notice

Your final tax bill is issued after the City of Belleville passes the annual operating budget and the Province provides final education tax rates for the year.  The amount of your Interim tax bill is deducted from your Final bill. 

2018 Final Tax Instalment due dates:

  • First Instalment: July 3, 2018
  • Second Instalment: October 3, 2018

Supplementary Tax Notice

The City uses information from the Supplementary or Omitted assessment information on the Property Assessment Change Notices to issue tax bills. It is important to note that if you own a new property, the first regular bill you receive from the City may only be for a portion of the full assessment of your property (the portion relating to land value only).

Assessments for any improvements or structures are determined by MPAC after the improvements or structures are completed. This process may take up to two years and as such tax bills can be issued for Omitted Assessments for the current and up to two prior years

Property Tax Calculator

To help you better understand where your tax dollars are spent; please use the City’s Residential Tax Calculator.  It’s easy to use – just enter your billing table, current and previous year’s assessment and then press “calculate” for a detailed breakdown of your total municipal end education taxes.

Administration Fees and Charges

Under the current City of Belleville Fee and Charges By-law, the City is authorized to apply certain administration fees to tax accounts as applicable.

Tax Receipt
$15.00 per year
Account History
$30.00 per year
Tax Certificate
NSF Payment
$45.00 per transaction
Duplicate Tax Notice
$15.00 per year
Change of Ownership
New Account Added
Refund/Overpayment Recovery Processing
$30.00 per item
Electronic Payment Transfer (wrong account number)
Property Standards Order Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
Water & Sewer Charges Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
False Alarm Charges - Fire or Police Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
POA Charges Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
WSIB Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
Tax Sale Extension Agreement Fee
Title Search
Property in Second Year Arrears $20.00 per Property
Overdue Notice
$3.00 per Notice (Max. 5 Notices per Year)


Late Payment Penalty and Application of Payments

A late payment penalty of 1.25% per month is added the day following the due date and the first day of each month thereafter. Payments on account are applied first to outstanding interest and penalty and then to the oldest outstanding taxes.

For more information about your property taxes, please contact Taxation at 613-967-3243 or TTY 613-967-3768 or email us at Please include your tax roll number and address in the subject line of your email.

2018 Tax Due Dates

February 26, 2018 - Interim Taxes -1st Installment due date
April 25, 2018 -  Interim Taxes - 2nd Installment due date
July 3, 2018 -  Final Taxes -1st Installment due date
October 3, 2018 - Final Taxes - 2nd Installment due date

Revenue & Taxation Services

The Revenue and Taxation section is responsible for the billing of property taxes and the collection of city revenue.  Property taxes are the main source of financing for City services and local school boards.

Property taxes are comprised of two components – municipal and education and are calculated using assessed property values as provided by MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) and municipal tax rates, based on the annual operating budget and education rates as provided by the Province.

Questions regarding your Property Taxes?

Our office is open Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30 p.m.

City of Belleville
Revenue and Taxation
City Hall – First Floor
169 Front Street
Belleville, ON K8N 2Y8
Telephone 613-967-3243
TTY 613-967-3768
Fax 613-967-3206
Manager of Revenue and Taxation
Susan Howard

Staff at this location provides the following services:

  • Property Tax Payments 
  • Water Bill Payments
  • AR Invoice Payments
  • Parking Permit Sales
  • Tender Fees  Payments
  • Transit  Pass Sales
  • Burn Permit Sales
  • Waste Tag Sales
  • Recreation Program Registration
  • Parking Ticket Processing
  • Boat Ramp Passes
  • Yard Sale Permit Sales
  • Facility Bookings & Payments
  • Dog Tag Sales
  • Train Monument Payments
  • Kennel Licensing Sales
  • Planning Document Sales
  • Rain Barrel Sales
  • Business Licensing Payments
  • City Souvenir Sales
  • Commissioner of Oaths Payments
  • Building Permit Fees
  • Burial Permits Payments
  • Taxi Licence Payments
  • Lottery Licence Payments

Application for Site Plan Approval


Site plan control is applied pursuant to Section 41 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990.

Site plan control ensures all significant development within the City of Belleville is undertaken in accordance with sound engineering and planning principles defined by the municipality to promote functional and attractive development while minimizing adverse impacts on surrounding land uses.

Site plan control protects both public and private interests by ensuring that development is designed and undertaken using contemporary solutions to issues that need to be addressed. These solutions will ensure that development will function well, and that off-site impacts will be appropriately addressed.

Site plan control is used also to ensure that all the key elements of a development project are maintained over the long term.

Prior to obtaining a building permit for institutional, commercial, or industrial development, or major residential developments, a site plan must be approved by the Approvals Section.

Certain classes of development are exempt from site plan approval; these exemptions are:

  • one family detached dwellings;
  • semi-detached dwellings;
  • duplex dwellings;
  • buildings and structures accessory to a one family detached dwelling, semi-detached dwelling, or duplex dwelling;
  • buildings and structures erected in support of a farming operation, which shall mean an agricultural land use located within a rural or an agricultural zone as set out in the City’s zoning by-law;
  • all aspects of a licensed aggregate operation that fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

A complete copy of the City of Belleville Site Plan Control By-law can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Site Plan Control By-law.

The Approvals Section is responsible for processing applications for site plan approval. The key responsibilities in this respect include:

  • facilitating pre-consultation meetings
  • receiving and processing applications for site plan approval
  • reviewing all site plan drawings with respect to conformity with applicable planning and urban design standards
  • facilitating resolution of conflicts of outstanding issues respecting any aspect of a site plan application
  • granting site plan approval
  • preparing site plan agreements and providing administrative support to meeting conditions of site plan approval, which includes:
  • receiving and processing reductions in letters of credit
  • processing all land transfers and payments of fees
  • inspecting the requisite works when completed to verify conformity with the approved site plan.

Site Plan Manual
A complete copy of the City of Belleville Site Plan Manual can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or online at Site Plan Manual.

A sample site plan drawing can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or online at Sample Site Plan Drawing.

For properties located adjacent or in close proximity to Highway 401, Highway 37 or Highway 62, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) should be consulted and inquiries made to determine if an MTO Land Use Permit is required.  Information on contacting MTO can be found at MTO Contacts.

Fee Schedule
The costs associated with the processing and approval of a Site Plan application are set out in the Department’s Schedule of Fees which can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or online at Fee Schedule.

Application for Approval of a Site Plan
Applications for approval of a Site Plan can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or online at Application for Site Plan Approval (see below).

Related Downloads

Site Plan Approval Application

Application for a Plan of Condominium


A condominium is essentially a form of ownership and a method to divide a building so that individual property owners can hold title to a "unit" or section of a building.

The Condominium Corporation makes provisions for the potential purchasers to share in common elements of the building or outside lands.

A condominium form of ownership can be applied to units in a residential, commercial, or industrial building. They can also be introduced into institutional buildings although this is not common.

Condominiums are applied to new buildings or through a condominium conversion into existing rental properties.

The condominium plans, similar to the subdivision plans, involve the division of property and as such must obtain approval from the Municipality. The applicant can elect to choose to apply for exemption from Section 51 of the Planning Act which will still require a draft plan and approval, but not a full circulation.


  • In a brief overview, the processing of a Plan of Condominium application is as follows:
  • Applicant makes application for Approval of Plan of Condominium to the Approvals Section.  Alternatively, an application could also be made for an exemption to the condominium process.
  • Staff review application and draft plan to ensure all required information is provided .  Conformity to Official Plan & Zoning By-Law is also confirmed prior to circulation.
  • Draft Plan is circulated to local, provincial and federal agencies including other City departments, as applicable.  Note:  Agencies given approximately 21 days to provide comments.
  • Review of departmental and agency comments and preparation of staff report for presentation to Planning Advisory Committee (PAC).  Conditions of draft approval are included in any recommendation for approval.
  • In most cases, Public Meeting to review application scheduled for next PAC meeting.  Minimum 14 days notice to property owners within 120 metres of subject lands.
  • Public meeting held by PAC.
  • PAC recommends approval or refusal to City Council.
  • Council makes decision to approve or refuse application.
  • If approved by Council, Approvals staff stamps and signs draft plan 'approved' and circulates to affected parties.
  • Applicant can now prepare condominium declaration and submit for review by Approvals Section.
  • Applicant forwards final plan to Approvals Section.  If plan satisfactory, final plan stamped and signed by Approvals Section.
  • Required copies of final condominium plans returned to Applicant’s Solicitor for registration at Land Registry Office (LRO).

Fee Schedule
The costs associated with the processing and approval of a Plan of Condominium are set out in the Engineering and Development Services Schedule of Fees which can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or online at Fee Schedule.

Application for Approval of a Plan of Condominium
Applications for approval of a Plan of Condominium can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision or Condominium Description.

Schedule of Meetings
A schedule of the meeting dates for the City of Belleville Planning Advisory Committee can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Planning Advisory Committee Public Meeting Schedule.

Agendas for an upcoming meeting of the City of Belleville Planning Advisory Committee can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Planning Advisory Committee Public Meeting Agenda.  Agendas are generally available by noon on the Friday prior to the Planning Advisory Committee meeting.

Minutes for a previous meeting of the City of Belleville Planning Advisory Committee can be obtained from the Corporate Services Department at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Planning Advisory Committee Public Meeting Minutes.

Related Downloads

Application for Approval of Plan of Subdivision

Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision

Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision

The Approvals Section administers the processing of applications for the approval of a Plan of Subdivision.  This includes receiving, reviewing and approving the subdivision plan.

A registered plan of subdivision creates new, separate parcels of land and can be legally used for the sales of lots. Subdivision approval ensures that: - the land is suitable for its proposed new use - the proposal conforms to the Official Plan, as well as to provincial legislation and policies - property owners, neighbours and the community are protected from developments which are inappropriate or may put an undue strain on community facilities, services or finances.

An application for plan of subdivision is reviewed for suitability, checked against the Official Plan and Zoning By-law; considered in light of topography, road access, water availability, sewage disposal, flood control and other factors. Conditions may be attached to the approval such as: road widenings - the naming of streets - parkland requirements - rezoning of the area to reflect the new uses in the subdivision and any other municipal requirements.

In a brief overview, the processing of a Plan of Subdivision application is as follows:

  • Applicant makes application for Approval of Plan of Subdivision to the Approvals Section.
  • Staff review application and draft plan to ensure all required information is provided .  Conformity to Official Plan & Zoning By-Law is also confirmed prior to circulation.
  • Draft Plan is circulated to local, provincial and federal agencies, including other City departments, as applicable.  Note:  Agencies given approximately 21 days to provide comments.
  • Review of departmental and agency comments and preparation of staff report for presentation to Planning Advisory Committee (PAC).  Conditions of draft approval are included in any recommendation for approval.
  • In most cases, Public Meeting to review application scheduled for next PAC meeting.  Minimum 14 days notice to property owners within 120 metres of subject lands.
  • Public meeting held by PAC.
  • PAC recommends approval or refusal to City Council.
  • Council makes decision to approve or refuse application.
  • If approved by Council, Approvals staff stamps and signs draft plan 'approved' and circulates to affected parties.
  • Applicant can now apply for a review of Engineering drawings and preparation of Subdivision Agreement by Approvals Section.
  • Subdivision Agreement forwarded to City Council for approval.
  • Applicant forwards final plan to Approvals Section.  If plan satisfactory, final plan stamped and signed by Approvals Section.
  • Required copies of Subdivision Agreement and final plans forwarded to City Solicitor for registration at Land Registry Office (LRO).

Fee Schedule
The costs associated with the processing and approval of a Plan of Subdivision are set out in the Engineering and Development Services Schedule of Fees which can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or online at Fee Schedule.

Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision
Applications for approval of a Plan of Subdivision can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision or Condominium Description.

Schedule of Meetings
A  schedule of the meeting dates for the City of Belleville Planning Advisory Committee can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Planning Advisory Committee Public Meeting Schedule.

Agendas for an upcoming meeting of the City of Belleville Planning Advisory Committee can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Planning Advisory Committee Public Meeting Agenda.  Agendas are generally available by noon on the Friday prior to the Planning Advisory Committee meeting.

Minutes for a previous meeting of the City of Belleville Planning Advisory Committee can be obtained from the Corporate Services Department at Belleville City Hall or on-line at Planning Advisory Committee Public Meeting Minutes.

Related Downloads

Subdivision and Condo Application Form


Application Forms & Information

Planning Fee Schedule

Application for Approval of a Plan of Subdivision

Application for Approval of a Plan of Condominium

Application for Site Plan Approval

Committee of Adjustment

Application for Consent (Severance)

Application for Minor Variance or Permission

The Approvals Section of the Engineering and Development Services Department is responsible for the review and approval of the following development applications:

  • Plans of Subdivision;
  • Plans of Condominium;
  • Site Plans, and;
  • Committee of Adjustment (consents and minor variances)

For assistance with any of the applications noted above, the Approvals Section welcomes your questions and inquiries.  In addition, outlined on the following pages, and through the links provided at the top of this section, is further information on each of these different types of applications.

Contacting Us

In Person:
2nd Floor
Belleville City Hall
169 Front Street
Belleville, Ontario

By Phone:
General Inquiries:
(613) 967-3288 or use our Staff Directory

By Email:
Use our: Staff Directory

By Mail:
Policy Section
City of Belleville
169 Front Street
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 2Y8

Engineering Services

Engineering Services Section is responsible for design and project management of:

  • road projects
  • storm and sanitary sewer projects
  • watermain projects
  • bridge projects
  • new sidewalks
  • drainage projects
  • subdivision inspections
  • Municipal Consents Approval
  • maintaining information regarding the City's road and sewer infrastructure
  • capital planning for roads, bridges, sewers and watermain infrastructure

City Road Network Ranked by Pavement Condition

Engineering Studies

Municipal Consents

Capital Construction Projects

Application for Encroachment Agreement

Questions or inquiries regarding ongoing or planned capital projects? Please contact us at the above phone number or by email.

Policy Planning

Responsible for the review and approval of official plan, zoning by-law amendments, façade improvement and brownfields programs.

Planning Advisory Committee Guiding Principles

Contacting Us

In Person:
2nd Floor
Belleville City Hall
169 Front Street
Belleville, Ontario

By Phone:
General Inquiries:
(613) 967-3288 or use our Staff Directory

By Email:
Use our: Staff Directory

By Mail:
Policy Section
City of Belleville
169 Front Street
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 2Y8

Planning Advisory Committee

Schedules of Meetings

Planning Advisory Committee

Façade Improvement Committee

Municipal Heritage Committee (Heritage Belleville)


Types of Applications:

  • Official plan amendments
  • Zoning by-law amendments
  • Façade improvement program
  • Brownfields program

Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments

  • Submitted application received and reviewed by Staff
  • Application circulated to all residents within 120 metres, as well as public agencies for comment   
  • Statutory public meeting scheduled before Planning Advisory Committee
  • Recommendation to Council
  • If approved, by-law passed
  • By-law in effect upon completion of appeal period
  • We are pleased provide a link to the  Zoning Maps for Belleville & Area

Façade Improvement

  • Program applicable to downtown area as defined in the Community Improvement Plan
  • Submitted grant application reviewed by Staff
  • Application forwarded to the Façade Improvement Committee who review based on the   program’s design criteria, the provisions of the Ontario Building Code, and any input it may solicit from others (i.e. Heritage Belleville)
  • Recommendation to Council
  • If approved, commitment agreement executed with applicant
  • Upon completion of façade project, the applicant submits invoices and/or receipts pertaining to the approved works
  • Applicant submits the Program’s Standard Declaration Form
  • Upon acceptance of the works a cheque is issued for the approved grant


  • Programs applicable to Priority Areas 1 and 2 as defined in the Community Improvement Plan
  • Sites requiring Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are eligible
  • Eligible costs include  Environmental Site Assessment costs and  environmental remediation  costs
  • Registration of Intent to Utilize Programs application form submitted to Staff for review
  • Application forwarded to Brownfields Subcommittee for review
  • Recommendation to Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Recommendation to Council
  • The applicant submits invoices and/or receipts pertaining to eligible environmental costs
  • Further consideration by the Subcommittee, PAC and Council
  • Upon approval of eligible grants, monies dispersed to the applicant

Heritage Properties

Forms and Documents

Fee Schedule

Policy Planning

Application for Official Plan and/or Zoning By-Law Amendment

Application for Façade Improvement

Application for Brownfields (Registration of Intent to Utilize Programs)

Official plan

Official Plan Schedule A - Rural

Official Plan Schedule B - Urban

Official Plan Schedule C - Transportation

Loyalist Secondary Plan

Potter Creek Master Drainage Plan

Façade Improvement – Funding Outline

Façade Improvement – Design & Procedural Guide

Façade Improvement – Standard Declaration

Tax Rebates - Downtown Belleville

Downtown Belleville – Community Improvement Plan

Brownfields – Community Improvement Plan



Preparation of annual audited financial statements and related reports
Financial Statements

Preparation of City's operating and capital budgets
Operating Budget
Capital Budget

Rates & Charges
Establish annual tax, water and wastewater rates

Development Charges review and update

Coordinate review and revision of fees bylaw
Water/Wastewater Rates Schedule

Development Charge Studies

Fees Bylaw

Accounts Payable
Corporate payment services

Accounts Receivable
Invoicing for city services (excludes property taxes, recreation and water charges)

Processing of corporate payroll

Management of City’s insurance policies

Investment of surplus funds

Completion of annual credit rating review

Preparation of long term capital plans

Preparation and management of grant applications

Issue of long term debt for capital projects
2012 Standard & Poors Credit Rating

Asset Management
Accounting and reporting related to City’s tangible capital assets

Financial Policies and Procedures
Establishing, developing and maintaining financial systems, policies and procedures

Local News & Media

Mayor & Council FAQ

How can an individual or group appear before Council or other Municipal Committees?

Requests must be received in advance of the Agenda being set for the specific meeting you are requesting to address. A Request to Appear before Council or a Standing Committee must be received and approved from whom the Request to Appear is obtained..

How do I contact the Mayor or Members of Council?

All contact information for Belleville's Mayor and Councillors can be found here.

I would like to invite the Mayor to an event or meeting.  How do I submit my request?

To invite the Mayor to your function or event, please include the date, time, location and nature of the event, a contact person and relevant phone number/email address. You should also include details regarding the specific role for the Mayor; for example, if you would like him to speak at your event, please indicate this in your request.  You may submit your request by:

Fax: 613-967-3209
Mail : Office of the Mayor, 169 Front Street, Belleville, ON  K8N 2Y8

In the event that the Mayor is not available and you would like a representative from Council to attend on the Mayor’s behalf please indicate that in your request.  Our office will contact you to confirm the Mayor’s attendance or regrets.

What do I do if I want to make a complaint about Social Services/Social Housing?

The complainant is required to work through their Hastings County case worker and/or the case worker's supervisor to try and rectify the situation.

What do I do if I want to make a formal complaint about Belleville Police Services?

The complainant is required to go to the Belleville Police Station located at 93 Dundas Street East and fill out a formal complaint form which is available at that location.

Where do I send my petition or letter so that it is considered by Council?

If you wish your petition or letter to be formally received by Council, these should be provided in writing to the attention of the City Clerk at:

Matt MacDonald, Acting Director of Corporate Services/City Clerk
169 Front Street, Belleville, ON  K8N 2Y8
Fax: 613-967-3206

Who do I contact about snow removal?

Inquiries/complaints should be directed to our Environmental & Operational Services Department by contacting 613-967-3275.  If you wish to pursue further please contact Pat McNulty, Fleet Manager of E&OS at 613-967-3239 or by email to

Who is my member of Council?

The City of Belleville is represented by City Council that consists of the Mayor (who is elected at-large) and 8 Councillors (6 of whom are elected from the 'Belleville' Ward and 2 from the 'Thurlow' Ward).

Fire - Volunteer Recruitment

Belleville Volunteer Firefighters - VFFs

Welcome to The City of Belleville Volunteer Firefighter recruitment process. These guidelines have been designed to provide you with helpful information about our recruitment process, including the standards and requirements that candidates are expected to meet throughout the recruitment process.

To advance through this process, candidates will be required to successfully pass or complete the requirements of each of the individual steps.

Section A - provides a general overview of our recruitment process.

Section B - includes a listing of the required qualifications and documentation that successful candidates must prove and submit prior to starting employment. We urge you to read this information carefully, so that  you are fully prepared for each step. Failure to follow directions or to meet the minimum qualifications at any step of this recruitment process will prevent you from advancing.

Section C - provides general information regarding employment and pre-employment requirements.

Section D - Belleville Volunteer Firefighter Job Profile

City of Belleville - Volunteer Firefighter Application Form


Applying for a position as a Volunteer Firefighter is an open process.  Completed Volunteer Firefighter Application Forms will be accepted by the Belleville Fire and Emergency Services or Human Resources Office, by mail, or in person, at any time throughout the year.


Recruitment Process


Applications available
Volunteer Firefighter Application Form is available on the City’s website under Volunteer Recruitment Process, or in hard-copy from the Human Resources Office.


Applications reviewed
Applications are reviewed and the recruit process will occur, on an as needed basis. Human Resources will forward applications to the Fire Chief to review for recruit process as required.


Invitation to Interview
Is dependant upon service requirements of each individual Hall. Interviews for actively recruiting Halls will be scheduled by Officers assigned to the respective Halls.


Interviews, Written and Physical Agility Skills Tests and Informed Consent Agreement
Interviews and Testing will be scheduled and administered by the Officers as required.


Reference Checks** (See Below)
Candidates must provide a signed Reference Permission Form at the time of interview, in the form attached **Refer to section on references.


Conditional Offer of Employment
Made by Human Resources to recommended candidates immediately following reference checking process.


Submission of required documentation
To be submitted to Human Resources as requested.


Candidate Orientation Assigned to respective Hall(s); Written Offer of Employment provided
Orientation is completed at the specific fire hall and conducted on an ongoing schedule determined by the station commander.


Hall Training following Orientation
Candidates who meet their immediate conditions of employment will be permitted to begin attending training at their respective Halls. They may not participate in Fire Calls until successful completion of core training.


Attainment of Valid “D” Class, with “Z” endorsement licensing
Offers of employment remain conditional pending successful completion of “DZ” driver’s licensing requirement for a period of one calendar year from date of employment.

References: Following the interview and testing process, the Station Commander or Human Resources will conduct confidential work-related reference checks to assess each candidate’s work history, work performance and attendance record. Candidates will be required to provide names and current contact information of two (2) work-related, supervisory references. City of Belleville current employees, an applicant’s spouse/partner, parent, in-laws or other relative are not acceptable references. Candidates are encouraged to provide day, evening or alternate (cell phone) numbers for each of their references, and are expected to contact their references in advance to notify them they may be contacted by City of Belleville personnel for the purpose of providing a reference. Candidates are required to complete (sign) and submit the attached Reference Permission Form which permits the City of Belleville to contact candidate references.

Candidates who receive a Conditional Offer of Employment will be asked by Human Resources to submit the documents set out in Section B, and within the time-lines set out. The offer of employment remains conditional upon the candidate submitting ALL required documentation to Human Resources by the established deadlines. If a candidate fails to submit the required documentation, they will not be hired.

Candidates who do not meet their conditions and/or who fail to attend the scheduled orientation will not receive a Written Offer of Employment.


Candidates who are offered a Conditional Offer of Employment will be required to submit certain documentation to Human Resources.  As noted above, employment is conditional upon receiving the required documentation. Candidates who fail to submit all documentation will not receive a Written Offer of Employment.  See Section D for further information on required documentation.


Qualifications/Documentation (originals must be provided for verification):


Grade 12 Diploma, or equivalent
Equivalency may comprise of work experience, post-secondary, or fire-related education


Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)
An acceptable report must include Vulnerable Sector Search and must be an original dated within 15 days from date of conditional verbal offer


Volunteer Firefighter Medical Certificate
Must be an original dated within 3 months from date of conditional verbal offer


Driver’s Licence
Current original must be produced; minimum Ontario Valid Class G


Driver’s Abstract
3-year Driver’s Abstract, an acceptable original as issued by the Ministry of Transportation Licensing Office dated within 15 days from date of conditional verbal offer


Social Insurance Card (SIN)
Original must be produced


  1. Costs - All costs related to obtaining required documentation, certificates and medical examinations, shall be the sole responsibility of the candidates.
  2. Confidentiality - All personal information submitted for employment purposes is collected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Individual Privacy Act (MFIPPA).  No information regarding any applicant will be given without the explicit written permission of the candidate.  During the course of their employment Volunteer Firefighters will also have access to and be responsible for records containing confidential information and/or personal information. Volunteer Firefighters must hold such information confidential, except as may be legally required, and are not disclose or release it to any person at any time.  
  3. Advancement during recruitment process - A candidate may not advance at any step of this recruitment process for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: Candidates who knowingly supply false or misleading information. Candidates who submit incomplete documentation or fail to submit required documentation. Candidates who fail to meet the standards or requirements at any step will not progress.
  4. Maintaining or gaining Professional Credentials - All new Volunteer Firefighters shall be required to successfully pass the requisite training sessions, as scheduled by Fire Services personnel, and to achieve a valid Ontario minimum class “D” Driver’s Licence, with “Z” endorsement, within one-year from their date of hire. In addition to suppression calls, Volunteer Firefighters are expected to attend requisite on-going training offered throughout the year at individual Halls.  All employees are required to maintain the credentials required to perform the job.  It will be the responsibility of the employee to stay current with ‘best practices’, to maintain their  professional knowledge and credentials, and to attend a minimum of 45% of paged fire calls (suppression) and 45% of scheduled training hours in each year.
  5. Hours of Work and Compensation - Volunteer Firefighters are expected to be available for call-out to suppression calls, as the need or emergency arises.  Place of residence and work-location may be a consideration when assigning employees to the respective Halls.  Employees are encouraged to consult with their Station Commander to determine their ability to attend suppression call-outs during their regular working hours.
  6. Volunteer Firefighter Medical Certificate - All new employees will be required to submit a Medical Certificate, completed by their physician, as a condition of  their employment. It is your responsibility to arrange a medical appointment with your physician to meet the documentation deadline as indicated in Section B .  
  7. Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Check - All employees are required to provide a satisfactory Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Check.  An acceptable report must include a Vulnerable Sector Search and be an original copy, dated no more than 15 days prior to the date of conditional offer.  If you do not have a current original CPIC Check Human Resources will provide a letter that will allow a CPIC Check to be completed by the Belleville Police Department.
  8. Hall Orientation - Following successful completion of orientation with Human Resources, candidates will be instructed to attend their respective Halls to arrange orientation with their Station Commander.
  9. Withdrawal of Application - At any time during the recruitment process, a candidate may withdraw their application.  A voluntary withdrawal from the recruitment process must be made in writing to:  The City of Belleville Human Resources Department. 169 Front Street, Belleville, ON K8N 2Y8 or email to
  10. Contacts - All questions concerning this recruitment process should be directed to the City of Belleville Fire and Emergency Management at 613-962-2010.


The rewards of being a volunteer Firefighter are extensive. The work is exciting and challenging. Below you will find a summary of key components of the position.

Summary of Duties

  • Responsible for all fire suppression duties necessary to save life and property. Combat, extinguish and/or prevent fires by rapidly and efficiently performing varied duties as required under emergency conditions (frequently involving considerable hazard).
  • Provide emergency medical response and aid; perform rescue/extrication operations where necessary to prevent loss of life or further injury from any cause.
  • Provide service assistance with respect to, but not restricted to the following: police, paramedics and public.
  • Responsible for station maintenance and upkeep of fire fighting equipment and fire department property.
  • Responsible for upgrading and maintaining skills/knowledge and physical requirements to current standards.
  • Perform duties in fire prevention, public education as assigned.

Work Performance

Fire Emergency

  • Responds to emergency calls.
  • Drives and/or operates any vehicle or equipment as assigned.
  • Performs a variety of rescue related duties to protect the public and lessen severity of injuries.
  • Lays and connects hose; holds nozzles and directs high pressure water streams, raises; climbs and works from ladders, and uses or operates all equipment associated with the control and extinguishment of fire or other incidents.
  • Wears self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective clothing while working in noxious and/or smoke filled environments.
  • Ventilates buildings or areas to release heat, smoke, or fumes.
  • Places salvage covers so as to protect property and prevent water damage.
  • Performs overhaul operations in order to ensure that the fire has been completely extinguished.

Medical Emergency

  • Drives, checks safety of immediate area, brings required medical equipment.
  • Assesses situation/victim by taking medical history, visual and vital signs.
  • Conducts appropriate intervention, including CPR, other first-aid as required.
  • Assists paramedics - conveys information, lifts and carries heavy patients, etc.
  • Manages crowd/by-standers/victim's relatives, etc.

Other Emergencies

  • Performs a variety of rescue related duties to protect the public and lessen severity of injuries related to motor vehicle accidents, confined space entrapment, water hazards, industrial accidents, incidents involving hazardous materials, etc.
  • Assesses and performs extrication of the victim's in motor vehicle accidents.

Non-Emergency Duties

  • Performs various maintenance duties to apparatus, equipment and department property.
  • Participates in departmental training programs to be proficient, knowledgeable and up to date with respect to equipment and procedures for fire fighting, medical and other emergencies.
  • Participates in public relations projects involving visits, demonstrations, parades, etc., as directed.
  • Assists with on the job training of other firefighters.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Municipal Consents

Related Downloads

Application for Municipal Consent

Emergency After Hours Contacts

Police, Fire and Emergency Services - Call/Text 911

Belleville Water Distribution - 613-966-3651

Belleville Water Treatment - 613-966-3651

Transportation Services  - 613-968-6482

Environmental & Operational Services provides a 24-hour service. If you have the following concerns after hours or on the weekend, please call the following number: 613-968-6482 and your request will be forwarded to the answering service who will contact the person on call:

  • Sewer problems
  • Dead animals on roadway
  • Garbage & Recycling issues
  • Tree issues
  • Winter Control – sidewalks & roadways
  • Sign Maintenance
  • Traffic Lights
  • Leaf & Yard Waste
  • Thurlow Landfill
  • Road & Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Street cleaning
  • Flooding

Engineering Studies

Bay Bridge Road CPR Overhead Structure Rehabilitation/Replacement

Bay Bridge Road CP Rail Overpass replacement project PIC boards

Project Details

Environmental Study Report

Notice of EA Study Completion

The City of Belleville is currently evaluating alternatives for the rehabilitation and/or replacement of the Bay Bridge Road CPR Overhead Structure. Some alternatives include widening to accommodate traffic and pedestrian needs as well as the construction of a new structure on a new alignment.

College Street East Extension

The City of Belleville is conducting a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment to evaluate alternative routes for a minor extension of College Street East and associated servicing of City-owned industrial lands west of Bell Creek (refer to study map below). The extension would facilitate future development of the existing industrially-zoned lands in the North East Industrial Park area.

Project File Report

Project File Report Appendices

Appendix A Project Correspondence 

Appendix B Natural Environment Investigation Report  

Appendix C Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment  

Appendix D Cultural Heritage Assessment Report

Appendix E Geotechnical Investigation Report

Appendix F Road Extension Plan and Profile

Appendix G Class EA Stakeholder List

Notice of Study Completion

Notice of Study Commencement

Public Information Package

Bronk Road Bridge Replacement

The Bronk Road Bridge is located on Bronk Road 0.2 km north of Thrasher Road. The bridge is a single lane, single span over water crossing constructed with cast-in place concrete T-beams that was initially constructed in 1930. The span length is 11.9m and the overall structure width is 6.2m. The structures roadway width is 4.9m, which provides one (1) lane for vehicular traffic.

The City’s Municipal Structure Inventory and Inspection Report dated January 2011 identified the Bronk Road Bridge as priority number three (3) requiring $230,000 worth of rehabilitation work within the next 1 to 5 years and ultimate replacement within the next 6 to 10 years at an additional estimated cost of $500,000. Rather than spend the funds to rehabilitate the structure in the short term it was determined that it would be prudent to investigate in more detail all available rehabilitation options for this structure including replacement with a new structure. Therefore this Municipal Class Environmental Assessment is being completed to determine and evaluate the best alternative to proceed with to detail design and ultimately construction.

Notice of Study Commencement

Notice of Public Information Centre

Public Information Centre Display

Notice of Study Completion

Consultants Final Report

Table of Contents


Consultation Process

Existing Environment

Identification of Problems and Solutions

Alternative Solutions and Evaluation

Preferred Solution

Appendix A

Appendix B - List of Tables

Cannifton Planning Area Water Pressure Study and Storage Master Plan

In recent years significant development has been taking place within the Cannifton Planning Area and this development is expected to continue into the future until the area reaches its full build out potential.

In recent years the City has been receiving reports of low pressures in some areas of the isolated pressure zone within the Cannifton Planning Area of the City of Belleville.  Recent updates have been completed to the Cannifton Booster Pumping Station and an extension of a 600 mm feeder main from Olive Street to Adam Street was completed to help improve pressures.

Past engineering studies of the City’s water distribution network have suggested that elevated storage or other methods may be required to provide adequate pressures to the Cannifton Planning Area  based on full build out potential.  As a result the City is now undertaking this project to evaluate the issue and develop immediate, mid-term and long term solutions.

Notice of Study Completion

Final Report

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Project Schedule

Notice of Study Commencement and 1st PIC

1st PIC Display Boards

Notice of 2nd PIC

2nd PIC Display Boards

Capital Construction Projects - Cannifton Bridge

The structure is a two span, two lane steel girder bridge with a total span of +/-58.4 metres and an overall structure width of +/-11.9 metres that was originally constructed in 1963.

The City’s Municipal Structure Inspection Report dated 2010 identified this structure as priority number seven (7).

In March 2011 a large void at the pier joint was discovered.  A detailed review determined that the bridge was safe for use with the provision of a temporary steel plate.

In October 2011 a detailed bridge deck condition survey and bridge inspection was completed which recommended a long term solution of the complete rehabilitation of the structure.

As a result the bridge became a priority and it was decided to rehabilitate the structure before some of the other structures listed for rehabilitation before it in the City’s 2010 Municipal Structure Inventory and Inspection Report.

It is proposed that traffic will be controlled over the bridge with a one way eastbound lane for the duration of construction with westbound traffic being detoured.

PIC Display Boards

Project Estimate: 1.85M

Commencing: 2012

Complete: 2012

Status: Complete

Capital Construction Projects - Haig Road Watermain Extension

Location - Oakridge Blvd. Northerly to College St. E.

Project Estimate - $1.56M

Extent of Work - Extend existing trunk watermain to College Street East

Details - This project is the trunk watermain extension on Haig Road at Oakridge Boulevard, northerly under the CN rail yard, to connect to the watermain on College Street East at Kelloggs. This watermain extension is necessary to complete a connection of the two trunk watermains to provide security of supply and address fire flow needs.

Commencing - Contract awarded to Cobourg Development Services Ltd. on Sept 12. Work to commence fall 2011 and continuing through winter 2012.

Complete - Spring 2012

Capital Construction Projects -  Lingham Street Watermain & Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction

Location - Pine Street to Emily Street

Project Estimate - $1.3M

Extent of Work

  • Complete Reconstruction of watermains, sanitary sewers and road surface of Lingham Street
  • Addition of storm sewer

Details - Presently, there are minimal or no storm sewers on this street and storm water is directed to the sanitary sewer system. A new storm sewer will be constructed to remove the stormwater from the sanitary sewer. Complete replacement of the sanitary system, road and curbs and gutters, as well as repairs to sidewalks.

Commencing - Spring 2012

Complete - Fall 2012

Progress - This project started in July 2012 and the work is ongoing.

Related Downloads

January 18th Public Information Centre Display Boards

Capital Construction Projects - Dundas Street East Watermain Reconstruction

Location  - Front Street to Foster Avenue

Project Estimate  - $1.2M

Extent of Work

  • Replace existing watermain
  • Repairs to curbs and sidewalks
  • Resurfacing of the road
  • Replace watermain to address water quality issues.

Details - The 2012 portion of this contract will see work completed from Foster Ave. to Ann St.

Commencing - Awarded to Coco Paving Inc. on August 8, 2011. Work to commence in spring 2012

Complete - Fall 2012

Capital Construction Projects - Old Madoc Road Rehabilitation

This project would see the roadway rehabilitated with an asphalt driving surface and widened to match the section of Old Madoc Road immediately to the south that was rehabilitated in 2003. The scope of the rehabilitation will include the portion from Highway 62 southerly 1.8km.

Estimated Cost - $750,000

Commencing - Summer 2013

Complete - Fall 2013

Status - This project was awarded to Norway Asphalt Ltd. at the August 12th Council Meeting. Work is expected to commence the week of September 16-20.

Related Downloads

Old Madoc Road Project Notice

Capital Construction Projects - Moira Street West Bridge Rehabilitation

View the Project Update Notice here.

The age of the original Moira Street West Bridge is unknown. It was originally constructed as a single lane bridge with cast in place concrete abutments, concrete beams and concrete deck. In 1954 the bridge was widened on each side using structural steel beams. The widened abutments are cast in place and the front face is not in line with that of the original abutment. As such, the span for the widened portion of the deck is slightly longer than the original deck. The last rehabilitation was completed in 1981.

As per the structural assessment, the structural rehabilitation is to be carried out as follows:

  • Repair, overlay, waterproof and pave bridge deck
  • Replace the existing barrier system along the bridge with a bridge code compliant barrier system and make the compliant guiderail connections
  • Repair abutments, deck soffit and girders.
  • Replace deteriorated gabions baskets.
  • Mill and resurface asphalt approaches.

Estimated Cost - $480,000
Commencing - Summer 2013
Complete - Fall 2013
Status - Tender awarded to H.R. Doornekamp Construction Ltd. Work has Commenced

Related Downloads

Moira Street West Bridge Rehabilitation Project Update

Capital Construction Projects - Sidney Street Watermain Replacement

The watermain on Sidney Street between College Street and Maple Avenue has been identified by Environmental & Operational Services as a priority for replacement. There is a significant break history associated with this section. The project will include some sanitary sewer repair work.  This section of Sidney Street was last resurfaced in 1992 and the pavement is showing signs of distress with numerous road cuts and surface irregularities. The project will also include resurfacing of the entire road between College St. W. and Maple Dr.

Project Estimate - 2.19M

Commencing - Summer 2014

Complete - Fall 2015

Status -  Field surveying is being performed in order to initiate the design process.

Capital Construction Projects - Jones & Reid Street Watermain Replacement

This project will see the complete replacement of the existing watermain on Jones and Reid Street to address water quality concerns. After the installation the road surface will be reinstated.

Commencing - Late summer 2013

Complete - Summer 2014

Status - Tender awarded June 10th, however,  this project will be held over until the spring of 2014.

Capital Construction Projects - College Street East Extension

With the expansion of Belleville's industrial land it is necessary to increase access and services to accommodate for future growth. This project will extend the road surface 600 meters and extend the existing storm, sanitary and water services. A Storm Water Management Facility and a sewage pumping station will also be included in the project.

Estimated Cost  - $7M

Commencing  - August 2013

Complete  - May 2014

Status  - This project is now complete

Capital Construction Projects - Adam Street Booster Station Upgrades

The City of Belleville will be upgrading the Adam Street Booster Station which supplies municipal water to the Cannifton Planning Area (CPA), located North of Highway 401 in the Thurlow Ward of the City of Belleville. The proposed pumping station upgrades include:

  • Replacement of all three (3) existing booster pumps with 1 pump rated at 40 L/s and 2 pumps rated at 160 L/s
  • Electrical and control system upgrades.

The Outcome

Once completed the upgraded water booster station will:

  • Increase water pressure for all houses and businesses North of Highway 401.
  • Be able to supply the municipal water needs for the continued growth and development of the CPA for at least ten (10) years by providing a station firm capacity equivalent to the Maximum Day plus Fire Flow of 160 L/s (27 L/s + 133 L/s)

Project Cost

The estimated project cost is $700,000 to $800,000

Project Schedule

Application for MOE Approval - May, 2013

Issuance of Tender - Mid-May, 2013
Council Award of Tender - June 24, 2013
Construction Period - June to November, 2013

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact

Barry Simpson, Project Manager

Capital Construction Projects - North Park Gardens Reconstruction

Location: Entire street from North Park Street to Moira Street East

Project  Estimate: $3.0M

Extent of Work: Asphalt paving, concrete curb and gutter, ditches replaced with storm sewers, new watermain, sanitary repair where needed.

Commencing: Fall 2013

Complete: 2014

Status: The project tender was awarded to Cobourg Development Services Ltd. at the September 9th council meeting.

Public Information Centre, January 16th 2013

Download the Project Information Documents Here

Construction Drawings

Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Drawing 3

Drawing 4

Drawing 5

Related Downloads

North Park Gardens Project Update for Residents

Capital Construction Projects - Tracey Street North Front Street Intersection

This project will see improvements to the intersection of Tracey Street at North Front Street. Left turning lanes are proposed with the intersection to be resurfaced and rehabilitation of sewer pipes.

Project Estimate: 1.3M

Commencing: Spring 2012

Complete: Spring 2013

Status: This project was completed in the spring of 2013

Capital Construction Projects - James Street Reconstruction

This project will see the reconstruction of James Street as a result of the new courthouse. James Street will be widened and it's road status will be upgraded to collector.

Project Estimate: 1.25M

Commencing: Spring 2013

Complete: Summer 2012

Status: Completed Spring 2013

Capital Construction Projects - Grove and Strachan Streets

These two streets are slated for reconstruction as part of the initiative to separate storm from sanitary sewers. The project is currently in the design phase.

Project Estimate: 2.5M

Commencing: Fall 2013

Complete: Summer 2014

Status: Design phase

Capital Construction Projects - Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension

Location - Sidney St. to Highway 62 & Cloverleaf Dr. to Maitland Dr.

Project Estimate - $2.242M

Extent of Work - Trunk watermain extension

Details - The watermain extension is necessary for the continued growth of the lands north of hwy 401.

Commencing - Winter 2012

Completion - Fall 2013

Status - The watermain has been installed. Testing and final restoration are currently being performed and the project should be completed well before the November 1st deadline

Related Downloads

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension Public Information Centre Presentation (Nov, 15/12)

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 3

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 4

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 5

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 6

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 7

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 8

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 9

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 10

Maitland Drive Trunk Watermain Extension PIC Board 11

Capital Construction Projects - Hanna Court South Sewage Pumping Station Elimination

Location - Hannah Court South

Project Estimate - $300,000

Extent of Work - Elimination of the Sewer Pumping Station; Redirect sanitary flow to Bell Boulevard trunk sewer.

Details - The sewage pumping station on Hannah Court is 43 years old and has reached the end of its normal operating life expectancy; which would typically be 40 years. This pumping station will be eliminated by redirecting the sanitary sewer on Hannah Court southerly to the Bell Boulevard trunk sewer.

Progress - This project was completed in Spring 2013

Capital Construction Projects - Downtown Footbridge Rehabilitation

Location - Footbridge over Moira River at Catharine St.

Project Estimate - $700,000-$1.2M Other options to be investigated

Extent of Work - After an initial tender process the cost of constructing a new bridge or repairing the existing structure is now known. At this point $25,000 will be utilized to determine what additional options may be included in the project. Widening the walkway to 3 meters to match the width of the Riverfront Trail system and illumination of the footbridge are features being considered. After determining these extra costs it can then be decided if the footbridge should be rehabilitated or replaced.

Progress - The Downtown Footbridge has been placed under the supervision of the Mayor's Downtown Taskforce, as it will link in with other downtown improvements identified by the committee.

Capital Construction Projects - Harriett and Boswell

Harriett & Boswell Streets Watermain and Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction

View PIC information boards and detailed drawings of the project here 

Location: Harriett Street, Wallbridge Cr. to Boswell St. And Boswell St. (entire length)

Project Estimate

Description:  Complete Reconstruction of Harriett and Boswell Streets and new storm sewer

Details:  Presently, there are minimal or no storm sewers on these streets and storm water is directed to the sanitary sewer system. A new storm sewer will be constructed to remove the stormwater from the sanitary sewer. Complete replacement of the sanitary system, roads and new curbs and gutter will also take place on these two streets.

Commencing - Fall 2012

Complete - Fall 2013

Status: Crews are currently performing watermain tests and preparing the road surface for asphalt.

Related Downloads

Notice of Public Information Centre Wednesday December 7, 2011

Engineering Capital Construction Projects

Harriett & Boswell Streets (Watermain - Sanitary Sewer Reconstruction)

Maitland Drive (Trunk Watermain Extension)

Grove and Strachan Streets (Reconstruction)

North Park Gardens (Reconstruction)

Adam Street Booster Station (Upgrades)

College Street East Extension

Jones & Reid Street (Watermain Replacement)

Sidney Street (Watermain Replacement)

Moira Street West Bridge (Rehabilitation)

Old Madoc Road (Rehabilitation)

Dundas Street West Sanitary Sewer Extension

Old Highway 2 Rehabilitation

Recently Completed Projects

James Street

Hanna Court South (Sewage Pumping Station Elimination)

Tracey Street / North Front (Intersection Improvements)

Transportation Master Plan

Follow this link to view the Transportation Master Plan Final Report which was adopted by Council April, 2014. The Appendices for the Final Report can be found here, TMP Appendices.

The existing Transportation Planning Study for Hastings-Belleville was completed in 1990 (Hastings-Belleville Transportation Master Plan). This Plan focused exclusively on vehicular travel demand, and developed recommendations for road network improvements to accommodate future growth.
In 2011 a new Transportation Master Plan (TMP) will be created for Belleville reflecting the changes to population and employment trends, as well as attitudes towards other forms of transportation such as walking, cycling and transit.

This Transportation Master Plan (TMP) will guide the provision of transportation infrastructure and services in Belleville over the next 20 years. It will ensure that adequate measures are put in place to support anticipated growth and meet future mobility needs, while achieving important safety, quality of life and sustainability objectives.

The Plan will support economic development by improving accessibility and creating more travel choices, helping to promote Belleville as an attractive destination for visitors and businesses. Towards this end, the Plan will be comprehensive, integrated, and multi-modal, addressing the needs of all Belleville residents both now and in the years to come.

If you would like more information regarding our new Transportation Master Plan, or would like to find out how to participate in this study, please contact us by email at:

View the information from our Transportation Master Plan Open House from January 9.

Welcome Study Process Vision
Land Use Road Network Development Road Network Phasing
Cycling Network Development Cycling Network Development II Proposed Cycling Network
Cycling Network Phasing Policy Introduction Complete Streets Policy
Land Use Policies Efficient Roads Active Transportation
Additional Actions Next Steps  

Click here to fill out the comment sheet from the Open House on January 9th and send it to the address provided at the bottom of the sheet.


View the information from our Transportation Master Plan Open House from June 26.

Welcome Study Process Vision and Problem Statement
Land Use Projections Modeling Overview Modeling Results
Evaluation Framework Network Development Network Scenarios
Evaluation Results Complete Streets Cycling Network Development
Cycling Network Development II Cycling Network Map Next Steps


Other Resources

Related Downloads

Transportation Master Plan Final Report, April, 2014

Transportation Master Plan Appendices

Transportation Master Plan Comment Sheet

Updated Project Schedule (February 2013)

Notice of Study Commencement

Activities Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

Notice of Request for Stakeholder Advisory Committee Members

Consultants Presentation to Council Feb 13

Committee of Adjustment

Information and Application Forms

Committee of Adjustment - 2018 Meeting Dates

Application for Minor Variance

Application for Consent

MDS Data Sheet

Fee Schedule:

$650.00 Application for Minor Variance

$2,000.00 for Consent to create a new lot

$750.00 for all other types of Consents (eg: lot addition, easement, right-of-way)

$1,100.00 for combined application of Minor Variance and Severance

$2,200.00 for combined application of Minor Variance and Severance (new lot)

The Committee consists of:

  • Seven (7) citizen appointees
  • Secretary (by By-Law filled by the Manager of Approvals of the Engineering and  Development Services Department)

To consider applications for:

  • minor variances from the provisions of the City's zoning by-laws
  • enlarging, extending or changing a non-conforming use
  • determining the permitted use of land where a zoning by-law is written in general terms
  • a consent to divide a parcel of land into more than one lot or as a lot addition to an abutting property or as a lot line adjustment
  • a consent to a mortgage, a partial discharge of a mortgage or validation of title
  • a consent to a lease over 21 years, a quit claim, an easement, or a right-of-way

The Committee will also:

Consider appeals of a property standard order including the authority to confirm, modify or quash an order and/or extend the time for complying with the order.
Arbitrate disagreements between adjoining owners where they cannot agree over the maintenance or reconstruction of a line fence which marks the boundary between an owner's land and the adjoining lands. (Thurlow Ward only)

Minor Variance Overview:
The City of Belleville’s 3 Zoning By-laws (10245, 3015 and 2076-80) regulate the way in which land can be used in the City by designating different areas with land use zones. The by-laws also contain rules that apply to each zone for things such as permitted uses, building setbacks and lot coverage. Because it is difficult for the zoning by-laws to address every circumstance that may affect the development or use of a particular property, the Planning Act allows City Council to establish a Committee of Adjustment to which property owners can apply when they require a "minor variation" to the regulations.

Under Section 45(1) of the Planning Act there are four tests a minor variance must meet:

  1. Does the application conform to the general intent of the Official Plan?
  2. Does the application conform to the general intent of the Zoning By-law?
  3. Is the application desirable for the appropriate development of the lands in question?
  4. Is the application minor?

Consent Overview:
A land severance (consent) is the authorized separation of a piece of land to form two new adjoining, but separate properties. This is required if the owner wants to sell, mortgage, obtain a right-of-way or easement, or lease, for more than 21 years, part of his or her land. Where land division is minor and a plan of subdivision is clearly unnecessary for development, or where a boundary is being adjusted, the Planning Act allows the consent granting process. Section 53, with reference to 51(24), of the Planning Act sets out a list of criteria that the Committee of Adjustment shall have regard to when considering a consent application.

Once a severance has been approved, the new land parcel may be sold or resold without further approval, depending on the type of consent given. In order to be approved, it is the Committee of Adjustment responsibility to evaluate consent applications to determine whether or not the granting of the consent is in the public interest after considering planning principles within the Official Plan, Zoning By-law and Provincial Policy Statement.

Minor Variance and Consent Application Process:

1. Complete and submit an application to the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall.  Applications for approval of a Plan of minor variance or consent can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line by using the links below under the heading “Related Downloads”.

2. When applying for a minor variance or for the severance of a new residential lot within 500 metres (1,640 feet) of a livestock facility and/or manure storage, an MDS Data Sheet needs to be completed. An MDS Data Sheet can be obtained from the Approvals Section at Belleville City Hall or on-line by using the link below under the heading “Related Downloads”.

3. Once the application has been received and a file has been set up, you will be sent a “yellow sign” (minor variance) or an “orange sign” (consent) to be posted on your property, and a copy of the Notice of Public Hearing.

4. The City will prepare the Notice of Public Hearing and mail it to everyone owning a property within a 60 m radius of the concerned property.

5. The City will then circulate your application for comments to:

  • Approvals Section
  • Building Section
  • Environmental & Operational Services Department
  • Policy Planning Section
  • Quinte Conservation

Your application may also be forwarded to other agencies if necessary.

6. A report is prepared by the staff of the Approvals Section giving advice and listing any comments received from the above mentioned City Departments or agencies.

7. At the Public Hearing to consider your application, you will be asked to present your application and answer any questions that may arise.

8. A decision will be made at the Public Meeting and a written copy of the Decision will be provided to you a few days after the Public Meeting.

9. If necessary, you have 20 days to appeal the decision. You must appeal the decision to the Ontario Municipal Board at a fee of $125.00.

10. It is your responsibility, if you so wish, to obtain a representative (lawyer) to appeal your case to the Ontario Municipal Board.

11. If this is a consent (severance) application, the applicant must meet all conditions of approval, provide a Registered Plan and provide Transfer Documents.

Quinte Conservation Fee Shcedule

Consents & Minor Variances - $325.00

Effective January 1, 2018 the City of Belleville will pre-screen all consent applications on behalf of Quinte Conservation and determine which applications will be circulated to Quinte Conservation for review.

If the pre-screening indicates that Quinte Conservation will be consulted the fee noted above shall be collected at the time the application is received by the City of Belleville.

Municipal Investigations

Municipal Closed Meeting Investigator Process

The City of Belleville is committed to ensuring that any request for an investigation under Section 239 of the Municipal Act, 2001 as amended (the Act) is dealt with in a fair, open and expeditious manner.

The municipality commits to full co-operation including the provision of all information requested by the Municipal Closed Meeting Investigator (Investigator), either written or through interviews, to assist the Investigator in his investigations.

The municipality commits to including any report received from the Investigator related to an investigation under the Act, on a public agenda and to considering such report in an open public session of Council.

Information on the Closed Meeting Investigator process is available from the City Clerk's Department, 169 Front Street, Belleville ON; or by contacting the City Clerk's Department at 613-968-6481 or through e-mail:

The Closed Meeting Investigator process applies to all appointed Boards, committees and sub-committees of the municipality with the exception of the Police Services Board and the Public Library Board.

Complaint Procedure

Members of the public, including corporations, may submit a request to investigate to the Investigator relating to compliance with the Act or the Municipal Procedure By-law for meetings or part of meetings that are closed to the public.

All requests will be treated as confidential, unless authorization is given by the requestor to release his or her identity.

Request forms can completed on line and printed or downloaded from the City website and are available in the Clerk's Department together with an envelope addressed to the Investigator and identified as a "Request for Investigation" under Section 239 of the Act.

Requests may be submitted on the Request form or otherwise in writing either:

By delivery to the municipal Clerk in a sealed envelope clearly identified as a Request for Investigation under Section 239 of the Municipal Act


By mail directly to:

Amberley Gavel Ltd.
35 Amberside Drive
London, ON        N6G 4M3

All requests must contain:

  • Name of Municipality
  • Requestor's name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address (if applicable)
  • Date of Closed Meeting under consideration
  • Nature and Background of the particular occurrence
  • Any activities undertaken (if any) to resolve the concern
  • Any other relevant information
  • Direction with respect to release of identity
  • Original signature

Municipal Investigation Complaint Form

When requests are submitted directly to the Clerk, the Clerk shall follow the following procedures:

  1. Take all measurers to ensure the envelope remains sealed and its contents remain confidential;
  2. Assign a file number and record file number on the envelope;
  3. Log the file number together with the date and time received;
  4. Forward, forthwith to the Municipal Investigator by regular mail.

For all requests the municipality shall supply forthwith the following or any other information or documentation as requested by the Investigator related to a request:

  • Certified copy of Notice of Meeting
  • Certified copy of Agenda
  • Certified copy of Minutes of Meeting
  • Relevant Resolutions
  • Municipal contact list
  • Other

Licensing and Certificates

Marriage License Requirements

The application forms for marriage licenses can be obtained in the Municipal Clerk's Department or online. Download the Ontario Marriage License Application form. Complete the form in its entirety. Bring the completed form and all information/documentation required by the Government of Ontario to City Hall between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm:

  1. The completed form MUST have signatures from both applicants. If applicable, an original divorce certificate or a COURT CERTIFIED COPY must be presented. Where the divorce is in a language other than English, a certified translation from someone other than one of the applicants is required. These documents will be returned to the applicants. IF YOU ARE DIVORCED, we are required to examine and record the court file number of the original or court-certified copy of the Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce. A divorce judgment will not be accepted. Any divorce(s) granted outside of Canada requires special authorization from the Province BEFORE the marriage license application can be processed by the municipal licensing officer. If the divorce was granted outside Canada, please consult the Clerk's department for further details. Foreign Divorce RequirementsStatement of Sole Responsibility.
  2. We are required to examine two pieces of original identification, the first being a birth certificate, any change of name certificates, current passport, Record of Immigrant Landing or Canadian citizenship card as proof of identity ALONG WITH photo identification (i.e. VALID driver's license or photo health card) for BOTH parties to the intended marriage. Applicants age 16 and 17 require both parents' consent. Persons under 16 years are not permitted to marry.
  3. It is strongly encouraged that BOTH applicants attend to obtain a marriage license. If both parties cannot attend, the application form MUST be signed by both parties. One person can then obtain this license if they bring in two pieces of identification for each applicant (as described above) including photo identification (i.e. driver's license or photo health card).
  4. Fee for the Marriage Licence is $125.00, and it is valid for ninety (90) days anywhere within the Province of Ontario.

Marriage Certificates

Marriage Certificates are only issued by the Government of Ontario and all applications must be completed and submitted directly to their offices.  Newly married applicants are advised to wait 6-8 weeks following the marriage to apply for their Marriage Certificate.

Marriage Certificate Application Form

Paper Marriage Certificate Application - This form requires mailing to the Province for processing.


Birth Registration

NOTICE- Effective Monday July 27, 2009 at 12 a.m.

The fully electronic Newborn Registration Service will be made available across the province; all Ontario birthing hospitals and midwife practice groups will be able to submit the Notice of Live Birth form electronically to Service Ontario's office of the Registrar General.  As a result the City of Belleville will no longer be involved in the live birth registration process.

Birth Certificate Applications are available from City Hall, 169 Front Street or in a printer friendly "PDF" format with the link below.  All applications must be forwarded directly to the Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay (address provided on the reverse of the form). The Ministry of Consumer and Business Affairs has now imposed stricter guidelines on those applying for birth certificates.

In order to obtain a birth certificate, applicants are now required to provide the signature of a guarantor. New revised birth certificate application forms are now available at all municipal offices. Section # 5 of the form must be filled out by a guarantor.  There are very specific instructions and provisions about who is eligible to act as a guarantor. These provisions are included on the reverse side of the form.

For your convenience, you may apply for Birth Certificates on-line and track the progress of the application through the following Government of Ontario links below:

On-line Birth Certificate application

On-line Tracking site

Paper Birth Certificate Application - This form requires mailing to the Province for processing.

Death Certificates

Death Certificates may be obtained by completing the printer-friendly form below. You may either send the form directly to the Ministry with the appropriate application fee for processing, or you may contact your local municipal licensing office to locate the processing office nearest you.

Death Certificates Application Form - This form requires mailing to the Province for processing.

Lottery Licensing Information

Lottery Licensing Information

In the Province of Ontario, municipalities are partners with The Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) in issuing lottery licenses to eligible charitable and religious organizations. Please refer to the AGCO website  for further information on Charitable Lottery Licensing.

For further information regarding lottery licensing, including applications, terms and conditions and other requirements contact:

Lottery Licensing Officer
City of Belleville
169 Front Street, 1st Floor
Belleville, ON K8N 2Y8
Telephone: 613-968-6481

Development Charges

The information provided below is intended only as a guide. Interested parties seeking further information should contact the City of Belleville Engineering and Development Services Department at Belleville City Hall.

Within the City of Belleville there are three development charges. There is a city-wide development charge that applies to all lands in the City of Belleville.  Please refer to Table 1 (see Related Download below).  In addition, there are two area-specific development charges that apply to specific lands in Belleville. The location of the area-specific development charges are shown on Maps 3 and 4 (included within the Related Download below)

Development charges are payable prior to issuance of a building permit.

The following uses are exempt from development charges:

  • lands owned by and used for purpose of a municipality, local board thereof, or board of education;
  • private schools as defined in the Education Act;
  • a place of worship classified as exempt from taxation under Section 3 of the Assessment Act;
  • hospitals under the Public Hospitals Act;
  • a non-residential farm building;
  • development creating or adding an accessory use or structure not exceeding ten square meters of non-residential floor area;
  • the enlargement of an existing residential dwelling unit, or the creation of one or two additional units where specified conditions are met;
  • the enlargement of the gross floor area of an existing industrial building where the gross floor area is enlarged by 50 percent or less; and

The schedule of development charges is adjusted annually as of January 1st each year, in accordance with the most recent twelve month change in the Statistics Canada Quarterly, “Construction Price Statistics”.

Related Downloads

City of Belleville - Stanley Park Area Specific Development Charges

City of Belleville - Development Charges

City of Belleville - Development Charge Fees

Application Fees and Forms

Quick Links


General Application Information

Births, Deaths and Marriages

Municipal Investigations

How to Submit an Insurance Claim

Downtown Building Improvement Area / Facade Improvement 

Requesting a Change to Traffic By-Laws

City of Belleville Grant Policy and Application

City of Belleville Arts & Culture Funding Application

Grant Committee Social Infrastructure Funding Application

Applications and Fees


Guide to Completing Your Permit Application

Application to Construct or Demolish

Sign Permit Application to Construct or Demolish

Building Permit Application Plot Plan

Development Charges

Building Permit Fees



Property Standards Complaint Form

Portable Sign Permit Application Package


Fee Schedule

Dog Licence Online Application

Application for Appointment to City of Belleville Committee(s)

Marriage Licence Application (Government of Ontario)

New Taxi Driver Application

Current Taxi Driver Renewal Application

Taxi Owner Application

Farmers Market Vendor Application



Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application

Pre-Authorized Payment Cancellation Request

Pre-Authorized Payment Modification

Taxation Change of Personal Information [Name, Address]

Application for Seniors Property Tax Credit 2018

Application for ODSP Property Tax Credit 2018

Property Tax Rebate - Charitable Organizations



Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application


Planning Application Fees

Development Charges

Official Plan / Zoning By-law Amendment Application

Application for Subdivision or Condominium

Application for Site Plan Approval

Site Plan Guidelines

Application for Consent (Severance)

Application for Minor Variance or Permission

MDS Data Sheet

Quinte Conservation Screening Maps

Grant Application Guidelines for Facade Improvement

Grant Application for Facade Improvement

Facade Improvement - Complete Design & Procedural Guidelines

Facade Improvement - Standard Declaration

Application for Encroachment Agreement


Application for Reduced Fare

Mobility Bus Application

War Veterans Application Form

City Roads, Sidewalks and Traffic

The Transportation Services Section of the Environmental and Operational Services Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of most City services.

Responsibilities Include:

  • road maintenance and repairs
  • sidewalk maintenance and repairs
  • winter control (snowplowing, sanding, etc.)
  • utility reinstatements
  • bridge maintenance and repairs
  • boulevard maintenance
  • ditch and culvert maintenance
  • tree trimming and removal
  • traffic signal maintenance
  • signage and traffic markings
  • storm & sanitary sewer maintenance and repairs
  • pumping station maintenance and repairs
  • garbage collection and disposal
  • leaf & yard waste collection and disposal
Please contact the Environmental and Operational Services Department for general road maintenance or to report a problem:

Telephone: (613) 968-6481 (After hours 613-968-6482)
Fax: (613) 968-3913


A building permit is your formal permission to begin construction or demolition. It means that the City of Belleville has reviewed the plans for any proposed structure, addition or renovation for compliance with the Ontario Building Code, local zoning bylaws, and other applicable laws and regulations.

The building code creates a level playing field by establishing minimum standards for construction that apply across the Province of Ontario.  The building permit process protects the interests of property and building owners, as well as those of the community by ensuring the buildings in which we all live, work and play are safe, legal and sound.

By obtaining a permit, you are not only making a sound investment for yourself but also an investment that will serve the community for many years to come. Building Inspection staff have many years of building code compliance and construction experience and can often be a source of helpful advice to help solve construction problems, often before they occur.

In many cases, your designer or contractor can obtain a building permit on your behalf. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that a building permit has been obtained prior to commencing and construction or demolition work. A homeowner who is acting as his / her own general contractor is required to obtain a “Letter of Confirmation” from TARION Warranty Corporation before the City can issue a building permit to that owner. Information about this process and the application for the Letter of Confirmation can be obtained at this link to TARION’s website:


Some examples of when a building permit is required to be obtained are before you do any of the following:

  • construct a new building
  • renovate, repair or add to a building
  • demolish or remove all or a portion of a building
  • change a building's use
  • install, change or remove interior, exterior or load-bearing walls
  • make new openings for, or change the size of, doors and windows
  • build a garage, balcony or deck or enclose an existing deck
  • build a utility shed over 108ft2 (10m2)
  • excavate a basement or construct a foundation
  • install or modify any life safety or fire suppression system such as fire alarms, sprinkler or standpipe or fixed extinguishing systems including commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and the installation of electromagnetic locking devices
  • install or modify heating, plumbing, and air conditioning systems, fireplaces, fireplace inserts and woodstoves
  • install kitchen or bathroom cupboards with plumbing
  • construct a chimney
  • to finish a basement or convert a room to a bedroom
  • to install a swimming pool, swim spa or hot tub
  • erect a sign

Some examples of when a building permit is not required are:

  • replace existing, same-size doors and windows
  • install siding on small residential buildings, subject to distance from property lines
  • build a utility shed under 108ft2 (10 m2)
  • reshingle a roof, provided there is no structural work
  • install eavestroughs, provided that drainage is contained on your property
  • re-damp-proof existing basements
  • paint or decorate
  • reinstall / replace kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing.
  • erect a fence (except swimming pools and outside hot tubs require permits)



If you are the owner of a property designated under Part IV or V of the Ontario Heritage Act, you may require approval from Council prior to obtaining a building permit. Heritage approvals may be required for work not requiring a building permit. Please confirm with the Special Projects Planner what approval(s) are required for your specific job. For more information on altering or renovating a property designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, contact the Special Projects Planner, Greg Pinchin at 613-967-3319.


It is unlawful to start construction without the required permits. If you start construction without the necessary permits, you may be ordered to stop work, ordered to remove work already done, and you could also be subject to prosecution for contravention of the Building Code Act. Please contact the Building Section if you are not sure whether you need a permit for your project.


A building inspector reviews projects during key stages of construction to ensure work complies with the Building Code and the plans originally submitted for review. The inspector may visit a site several times depending on the project. Work that requires inspection must not be covered, concealed or enclosed before it is inspected by the Building Inspector. It is the owner’s (or contractor’s) responsibility to notify the Building Inspector of the stages of construction that require inspection and a minimum of 48 hours notice is required to be provided.


The city does not conduct pre-purchase inspections. (For locating a pre-purchase building inspection service, (Home Inspector) please refer to the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory.)

However, if you have questions or concerns about your new home, or to determine if a finished basement or apartment is legal and meets the Ontario Building Code and Property Standards requirements, you can contact the City's Building & By-law Enforcement Section.
As the new home owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you use the home in a manner that meets the Ontario Building Code. Do not assume the previous owner obtained a building permit before doing renovations to the home.


You can make an application for a permit, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at:

Engineering and Development Services Department
Building & By-law Enforcement Section 2nd Floor
City of Belleville
169 Front Street
Belleville Ontario K8N 2Y8
Telephone: 613-967-3204
Fax: 613-967-3262

The City of Belleville Building Section prides itself on providing exceptional customer service to every customer.  We would very much like to hear about your experience dealing with the Building Section. We are always looking at ways to improve our service to you and would appreciate hearing from you. If we went above and beyond to serve you then we would appreciate hearing about your experience and if we could have done something better we would like to hear about this too. Please take a few minutes to fill out this comment sheet, Customer Comments.

Please visit the Ontario Building Code Act for more information.

City of Belleville Building By-Law


Guide to Completing Your Permit Application

Building Permit Applicaiton  - Please submit ALL pages with every application

Plot Plan for Building Permit Application

Commitment to General Reviews by Architects & Engineers

Application for a Portable Sign Permit

Portable Sign Authorization Letter

Building Permit Fees

Energy Efficiency Compliance Forms

     1.  New homes

     2.  Part 9 Non-residential Buildings

     3.  ASHRAE 90.1 – 2013 + SB-10 Division 3 & Chapter 2

     4.  NECB 2015 + SB—10 Division 3 & Chapter 3

     5.  ASHRAE 189.1 – 2014

Residential and other Building Permit Documents

Related Downloads

Deck Construction Brochure

Guards for Housing & Small Buildings

Farm Building Brochure

Residential Addition Brochure

Temporary Tent Brochure

Code of Conduct for Building Officials

Swimming Pool Enclosure Brochure

Code of Conduct for Building Officials

Municipal Taxes Information

2017 Municipal Taxes
The tax rates are calculated using the net annual operating budget, as approved by Council, and the City’s weighted assessment for the year. The operating budget provides funding for the full scope of services provided by the City. Revenue from provincial grants, user fees and other sources is deducted from the total expenditures, resulting in a net amount to be raised from taxes. The amount to be raised from taxes for 2017 is $90.46 million as compared to $87.2 million in 2016.

Education Taxes
The Province of Ontario establishes the Education tax rate for each class of property. Education taxes are then billed and collected by the City and remitted to the four local School Boards. The 2017 rate for Residential and Multi-Residential classes has been set at 0.00179%. Residential and Multi-Residential education tax rates are the same for all municipalities across Ontario. The Education tax rates for Commercial and Industrial classes are unique to the City but are still regulated by the Province. For the year 2017 the City will levy and forward to the School Boards a total of $21.4 million.

Tax Rates
Tax rates consist of two parts – an education component, and a municipal component. The Provincial Government sets the education component, and the municipal component is set by City Council. The Province sets the education rate to raise sufficient funds to operate the education system. City Council establishes the municipal rate to raise sufficient funds to operate the municipality.

Rates By Property Class
Tax rates are established for each class of property (Residential, Multi-Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc.) and are expressed as a percentage of the Residential tax rate. The City also addresses different types of properties in different ways, and applies different tax rates to different types of property. This is done through the division of properties into property classes.

Annualized Assessment
Assessment values from the 2018 returned Assessment Roll, reflects all changes (additions, deletions, results of ARB decisions, Minutes of Settlements) during the year. Annualized taxes may differ from the actual taxes shown on the 2017 Final Bill.

Area Rating
Tax rates can vary throughout the four billing areas within the municipality due to a process called “area rating” which provides a mechanism for taxpayers to pay for the direct or indirect services they actually receive. When Council establishes the annual budget, individual areas may be impacted to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the cost of the services, causing tax rate changes to vary by area.

2018 Current Value Assessment
The Assessment Act requires that the assessed value of your property be based on what your property would likely sell for on a specific date (January 1, 2016 for the 2018 taxation year). Questions about your assessment should be directed to MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corp) 1-866-296-6722 or

Low Income Senior/Disability Property Tax Credit Programs
Provides a $400 credit to anyone who is receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement under the Old Age Security Act (Canada) and are sixty-five years of age or older by December 31st, 2017 or Ontario Disability Support Program benefits. Deadline for making application is August 30th, 2018.   Applications are available at the Customer Service Area, 1st Floor, City Hall and on the City of Belleville’s website Please Note: Applicants must solely own and occupy this property as their principal residence. (Applications must be made on a yearly basis).

Property Tax Rebate Program for Eligible Charities
This rebate program is applicable to registered charities that are tenants in Commercial or Industrial class properties. The landlords may be contacted by the charity to provide certain information that the City requires in order to process their application. Deadline for submitting 2017 applications is 4:30 p.m. on February 28th, 2018. Applications are available at the Customer Service Area, 1st Floor, City Hall and on the City of Belleville’s website or by calling 613-967-3243.

2018 Tax Due Dates

February 26, 2018 -  Interim Taxes -1st Installment due date
April 25, 2018 -   Interim Taxes - 2nd Installment due date
July 3, 2018 - Final 1st installment due date
October 3, 2018  - Final 2nd installment due date

Please click here for property tax rates.

Payment Options

1. In Person at the Customer Service areas located at: City Hall, Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre, and  Belleville Water Office.

2. By Mail: Send your Cheque to City of Belleville, 169 Front St., Belleville, ON K8N 2Y8. (Postdated Cheques will be processed without exception).

3. Financial Institution Payments: May be made at any Financial Institution.

4. Electronic payments: Telephone banking or online banking services.

5. Pre-Authorized Payment Plan: Monthly or instalment. Forms are available online here or at City Hall.

6. Tax Payment Drop Boxes are available at the following Customer Service locations at: City Hall and Wellness Centre.

7. Visa & MC: Online here or by phone at 1-888-460-3832 (Please Note Convenience charge applicable). Kiosk also available at City Hall.

Tax Information

If you have any questions about your 2018 Final Tax Notice please call the Tax Department at: 613-967-3243 (TTY Phone Line 613-967-3768) or Email directly to:

Community Mission, Vision and Values

The City of Belleville will be a healthy, progressive, diverse and economically vibrant community that invests in its future in a financially sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

We will foster a community that is safe for its citizens. We will provide facilities, programs and opportunities to enhance the well-being of our citizens.

Our city and its leaders will be forward thinking in approach and actions. We will look toward the future and plan for meeting the needs of our citizens by taking an entrepreneurial approach to investment and creation of opportunities to pursue our vision.

We will embrace the multi-cultural make up of our community. We will welcome visitors and celebrate the artistic beauty of our varied cultures. Citizens and visitors will have opportunities to experience our heritage and cultural diversity.

Economically vibrant
We will pursue a broad base of industry, business and services to help ensure stability and growth for our community in varying economic times and to ensure a prosperous future.

Investing in the future
We will invest in our infrastructure to ensure it meets our current needs and provides for future growth.

Financially sustainable
We will develop infrastructure, facilities, programs and services that are financially responsible, beneficial and sustainable over the long term considering all related costs.

Environmentally responsible
We will be stewards of our environment to ensure that our city will be an attractive and healthy place to live and visit. Our activities, both industrially and recreationally, will respect the environment.

Our Mission Statement

We, the Council and staff of the City of Belleville, are committed to excellence and openness in local government by ensuring accessible and responsive representation, providing innovative and efficient services in support of our community‘s vision.

We will strive to implement the best methods and techniques to the management of the municipal corporation, delivering municipal services that employ best practices.

We will ensure that governance of the City is undertaken in an open and transparent manner to enable the public to have full access to the workings of their local government.

We will ensure all City departments are accessible by the public in order to obtain information and receive assistance and guidance.

We will respond to the needs of the community in a proactive fashion, anticipating needs and developing solutions, through use of a consultative approach.

Innovative and efficient
We will use new technologies and best practices in the delivery of services in order to achieve a high degree of efficiency and obtain the maximum benefit for the least cost.

Core Values

The core values are the enduring beliefs that underscore the manner by which staff and members of Council carry out their duties and their responsibilities.

These values are:

  • honesty
  • integrity
  • respect for others
  • compassion
  • professionalism

These values are non-negotiable and we will require all those who serve the municipal corporation in any capacity to abide by these values at all times.

Corporate Operating Principles

Corporate operating principles characterize our operating culture, reflecting the standards to which we will aspire and what we will endeavour to achieve in our day-to-day activities.

We will:

  • strive to ensure all citizens are treated equally in the manner we deliver services and programs
  • endeavour to provide barrier-free access to all of our facilities 

We will:

  • consider the financial impact of our decisions upon our citizens and businesses
  • reflect fiscal priorities in the ongoing delivery of services 
  • ensure costs are controlled to enable our community to compete successfully for investment

We will:

  • focus on service excellence by understanding and anticipating the needs of our citizens
  • streamline processes to eliminate waste and red tape
  • promote partnerships for the delivery of services
  • encourage teamwork to maximize results

We will:

  • balance the needs of today with the requirements of tomorrow
  • communicate effectively with our citizens
  • accept the need for change to ensure our services remain relevant, employing service delivery review (SDR) methodologies as required

We will:

  • promote staff empowerment and accountability
  • support professional and personal growth of all employees
  • nurture a healthy, safe and enjoyable working environment in order to retain and attract skilled personnel

Related Downloads

City of Belleville - Strategic Plan 2012-2032 (PDF)

Related Video

Welcome to Belleville

Belleville is a great place to live, work, play and invest and this video includes many citizens that share what they love about the City of Belleville.

Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee wishes to establish a set of guiding principles to direct its work. These principles are intended to act as an unofficial guide for the Committee as it considers new development within the City of Belleville, but should not be considered to have any legal standing.

The Planning Advisory Committee is of the opinion the City needs to consider new ideas regarding the growth of Belleville and generally supports the following:

  • New development should be encouraged within areas of the City that are currently serviced with municipal sewer and water.
  • The use of incentives to support intensification of development in areas with existing services.
  • Mixed-Use designs within new subdivisions that result in walkable neighbourhoods designed for people, not just cars.
  • Variety of housing designs in new subdivisions (“no more fields of beige bungalows”).
  • The use of tools within Provincial Brownfield legislation to encourage the re-use of existing Brownfield sites.
  • Implementation of the Downtown Master Plan to support intensification and residential growth in the City Centre.
  • The concept of new development “paying its own way” through the use of Development Charges.

The Planning Advisory Committee supports proper environmental and land use planning to encourage development that recognizes, protects, and enhances the natural environment of the City, and the following:

  • Maximizing the retention and protection of existing trees and vegetation in all new developments.
  • Consideration by the City of a Tree Preservation By-law. 2
  • Encourage open green spaces, including natural corridors of native vegetation.
  • Consideration by the City of a Site Grading By-law.

The Planning Advisory Committee supports new development that enhances the quality of life for residents through the following:

  • Creation of recreational trails throughout the City based on a Trail Master Plan to be developed by the Recreation & Community Services Department, in consultation with the Planning Advisory Committee and the Development Services Department.
  • Enhancement/Replacement of outdated or unsafe Parks equipment in existing parks, and the construction of new equipment in new parks in a timely and cost efficient manner.

The Planning Advisory Committee is committed to working with our development industry partners to ensure the needs of the industry and the City are met equally, in a manner that supports good development; and supports the following:

  • The creation of a new Subdivision Manual that details the City’s standards, policies, and procedures regarding the development of new subdivisions.
  • Maintaining and improving the City’s existing partnership with the Quinte Homebuilders Association through ongoing and regular consultation.
  • Encourage in-fill development through the application of reduced development fees, where appropriate.
  • Make development decisions predictable, fair, and cost effective.

Planning Advisory Committee
1. Councillor Carr
2. Councillor Miller
3. Councillor Graham
4. Councillor Denyes
5. Councillor Boyce
6. John Baltutis
7. David Joyce
8. Mike Letwin
9. Ross Rae

Agendas are posted prior to the monthly PAC meeting.

Minutes are posted upon approval at the following months meeting.

Related Downloads

2018 Meeting Schedule

2017 Meeting Schedule

2016 Meeting Schedule

Business Support Services

Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) provides regional marketing programs that attract new manufacturing as well as strategic support that helps local industries grow more competitive and profitable.

Trenval Business Development Corporation has been supporting small business in the region since 1987, investing more than $20 million in small businesses generating more than 4,000 jobs through loans, advisory services and the Self-Employment Benefit Program in coordination with Employment Ontario.

Small Business Centre of Quinte facilitates both start-up and existing business and focuses on providing a variety of products and services that will empower entrepreneurs to seek positive resolutions to their business needs.

The Business Development Bank of Canada promotes entrepreneurship by providing highly tailored financing, venture capital and consulting services to entrepreneurs.

Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre offers a wide range of human resource consulting, information technology, and training services to Federal and Provincial government agencies, municipalities, businesses, manufacturers, retailers and others.

Manufacturing Resource Centre (MRC) has a primary mission to help local manufacturing leaders in the Quinte region improve their capabilities, competitiveness and sustainability.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada administers federal government employment programs and operates local employment centres. The HRSDC provides employment services, labour market information, grants and contribution programs for employers and unemployment benefit services.

Belleville and District Chamber of Commerce is an organization of local businesses working together to support the business community and the community at large. As “the voice of business” for Belleville this organization focuses on improving the business climate in the community.

Loyalist College Community Employment Services provides employment programs and services to help individuals attain their employment goals. Loyalist College Community Employment Services also registers job vacancies and aides employers to find the right person for the


Meta Employment Services is an Employment Ontario funded program and part of the Employment Ontario network of organizations that provides one-stop shopping for all your job search needs.

Quinte Home Builders Association is the voice of the residential construction industry and consists of builders, land developers, trade contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, utility representatives, professional people and others engaged in the residential construction industry.

Quinte Construction Association is a non-profit organization that serves the needs of the construction industry in the Quinte and surrounding area. The Association serves as a spokesman for its member companies who compete annually in approximately a hundred million dollars worth of industrial, commercial and institutional construction.

Belleville Downtown Improvement Area has what is called a two-fold mandate: (A) to improve, beautify and maintain public lands and buildings within the BIA, beyond that which is provided by the municipality at large, and (B) to promote the area as a business and shopping area In carrying out these responsibilities, the BDIA has become involved in numerous activities such as: Marketing, Business Recruitment, Streetscape Improvement, and Seasonal Decorations. The BDIA offers many benefits to business operators, property owners and even non-retailers and they work hard to improve the downtown’s local atmosphere, increase economic activity and encourage more local businesses to take part in local events.

Quinte Manufacturers Association is comprised of local industry leaders and is a forum for discussing and addressing issues common to all manufacturers in the Greater Bay of Quinte Region.  This association helps local manufacturing leaders improve their capabilities, competitiveness and sustainability.

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