Business Incentives

Due to low labour costs, no development charges on industrial development, low land costs, low utility costs and low property taxes, Belleville is one of the best, most affordable locations in Ontario for business.

In addition Belleville offers lower start up and operating costs and to make the region even more attractive to business, there are several Provincial incentive programs available.

The municipality has also established and implemented incentive programs to achieve, promote and encourage improvements in the downtown core.

Downtown Belleville Development Incentives

Through the designation of this important area of our community as a “Community Improvement Plan (CIP)” several different incentives are in place to encourage new development and the re-development of buildings in this historic area of our City.

Façade Improvement Program

The façade improvement program was designed to encourage preservation of the architectural traditions upon which the character of the downtown of the City of Belleville is based; to encourage restoration and rehabilitation of the older downtown buildings and maintaining consistency in design of these buildings; and to preserve downtown Belleville’s unique historic character.

This program provides up to $15,000 for a single wall (façade); and $20,000 for two (2) façades (front and side, or front and rear), to a maximum of 75% of the cost of a project.

Tax Rebate Program

The tax rebate program is designed to encourage the upgrading and/or restoration of existing buildings by providing an incentive for those who undertake such work to benefit from gradual tax increases through a tax rebate program.

The Downtown also benefits from reduced development charge fees and other financial incentives. The provincial and federal governments may also offer programming and incentives that support:

  • Commercialization
  • Community Development
  • Digital Media
  • Energy
  • Export
  • Financing
  • Infrastructure
  • Human Resources & Training
  • R&D

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