Community Mission, Vision and Values

The City of Belleville will be a healthy, progressive, diverse and economically vibrant community that invests in its future in a financially sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.

We will foster a community that is safe for its citizens. We will provide facilities, programs and opportunities to enhance the well-being of our citizens.

Our city and its leaders will be forward thinking in approach and actions. We will look toward the future and plan for meeting the needs of our citizens by taking an entrepreneurial approach to investment and creation of opportunities to pursue our vision.

We will embrace the multi-cultural make up of our community. We will welcome visitors and celebrate the artistic beauty of our varied cultures. Citizens and visitors will have opportunities to experience our heritage and cultural diversity.

Economically vibrant
We will pursue a broad base of industry, business and services to help ensure stability and growth for our community in varying economic times and to ensure a prosperous future.

Investing in the future
We will invest in our infrastructure to ensure it meets our current needs and provides for future growth.

Financially sustainable
We will develop infrastructure, facilities, programs and services that are financially responsible, beneficial and sustainable over the long term considering all related costs.

Environmentally responsible
We will be stewards of our environment to ensure that our city will be an attractive and healthy place to live and visit. Our activities, both industrially and recreationally, will respect the environment.

Our Mission Statement

We, the Council and staff of the City of Belleville, are committed to excellence and openness in local government by ensuring accessible and responsive representation, providing innovative and efficient services in support of our community‘s vision.

We will strive to implement the best methods and techniques to the management of the municipal corporation, delivering municipal services that employ best practices.

We will ensure that governance of the City is undertaken in an open and transparent manner to enable the public to have full access to the workings of their local government.

We will ensure all City departments are accessible by the public in order to obtain information and receive assistance and guidance.

We will respond to the needs of the community in a proactive fashion, anticipating needs and developing solutions, through use of a consultative approach.

Innovative and efficient
We will use new technologies and best practices in the delivery of services in order to achieve a high degree of efficiency and obtain the maximum benefit for the least cost.

Core Values

The core values are the enduring beliefs that underscore the manner by which staff and members of Council carry out their duties and their responsibilities.

These values are:

  • honesty
  • integrity
  • respect for others
  • compassion
  • professionalism

These values are non-negotiable and we will require all those who serve the municipal corporation in any capacity to abide by these values at all times.

Corporate Operating Principles

Corporate operating principles characterize our operating culture, reflecting the standards to which we will aspire and what we will endeavour to achieve in our day-to-day activities.

We will:

  • strive to ensure all citizens are treated equally in the manner we deliver services and programs
  • endeavour to provide barrier-free access to all of our facilities 

We will:

  • consider the financial impact of our decisions upon our citizens and businesses
  • reflect fiscal priorities in the ongoing delivery of services 
  • ensure costs are controlled to enable our community to compete successfully for investment

We will:

  • focus on service excellence by understanding and anticipating the needs of our citizens
  • streamline processes to eliminate waste and red tape
  • promote partnerships for the delivery of services
  • encourage teamwork to maximize results

We will:

  • balance the needs of today with the requirements of tomorrow
  • communicate effectively with our citizens
  • accept the need for change to ensure our services remain relevant, employing service delivery review (SDR) methodologies as required

We will:

  • promote staff empowerment and accountability
  • support professional and personal growth of all employees
  • nurture a healthy, safe and enjoyable working environment in order to retain and attract skilled personnel

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