Heritage Belleville

Heritage Belleville is our municipal heritage committee and is comprised of citizens appointed to the committee who are interested and knowledgeable about heritage matters.

Our Mandate:

The Function of the committee is to advise Belleville City Council on local heritage matters and assist them in carrying out heritage conservation programs. Prior to the Government Efficiency Act, 2002, Heritage Belleville was known as the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee, or LACAC.

The Ontario Heritage Act, 1990 - section 28 (1) states: "The council of a municipality may by by-law establish a municipal heritage committee to advise and assist the council on matters relating to this Part, matters relating to Part V and such other heritage matters as the council may specify by by-law." The parts of the act mentioned include the conservation of property which is of cultural heritage value or interest, and the administration of heritage conservation districts

A designation booklet is available at our City Hall office upon request or from the Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation at 400 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M7R 2R9

Heritage Belleville Members

  • Janna Munkittrick-Colton, Chair
  • Esthel Issa, Secretary
  • Richard Black, Member
  • Karen Fisk, Member
  • Jeremy Davis, Member
  • Mark Stoliker, Member
  • Thomas Deming – Staff Liaison

For more Information Contact:

Heritage Belleville
C/O City Hall
169 Front St
Belleville Ontario K8N 2Y8

Meeting Dates:
Call Staff Liaison to confirm meeting dates 613-967-3319

Doors Open Belleville

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2020 Nomination Form for Outstanding Achievement in Heritage Revitalization

Heritage Designation

The Heritage Designation is a legal process under the Ontario Heritage Act that gives a property a special status. Designation is registered on the title of the property when the process is complete. Heritage Belleville assists the owner in obtaining a plaque denoting the property's heritage status. At all stages of the process, the owner retains control of the property. Designation is a tangible way for the owner to express pride in the heritage nature of the property. From the community's point of view, designation protects and preserves its architectural history.

Belleville's Heritage Properties

What designation is not:

Designation does not prohibit, restrict in any adverse way or affect the sale of the property. Designation does not oblige the owner to restore and maintain the building beyond what is expected of any property owner. Designation does not restrict the use of the property. Designation does not prohibit the development or alteration of the property, but approval from city Council is required if changes to the "designated" features of the property are contemplated.


Designation is not a scientific process requiring adherence to a fixed set of criteria. Rather, it is a recommendation to Council based on a collective assessment by the members of Heritage Belleville following a number of well-established characteristics. Some of these are:

  • The age of the building
  • The building exemplifies a particular building type, style or period
  • The building is the work of a prominent early architect or builder
  • The building played a role in an important historic event
  • The building is associated with the life of a prominent member of the community;
  • The building is unique
  • The size of the building is not a factor in determining whether it should be designated.

In deciding whether or not a building should be designated, the Committee is guided by the criteria for determining cultural heritage value or interest as set out in Ontario Regulation 9/06.

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