Animal Control

Animal Control Services for the City of Belleville are contracted out to Pierce Animal Control Services (613) 966-4483.

Animal Control Services help ensure everyone's safe, healthy and peaceful enjoyment of Belleville neighbourhoods.

We enforce the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw (see attached below) which makes owners responsible for their pet’s actions, helps return lost pets to their owners, and ensures pets are a positive addition to the community.

Animal Control Officers help owners ensure their pets are a positive addition to the community. This is done through education programs, mediating neighbour disputes, providing advice, and enforcement.

Officers also patrol neighbourhoods for stray animals and return lost pets to their owners.

Animal Control Officers are sworn peace officers, giving them the ability to write tickets and lay charges that require a pet owner to appear in court.

The Quinte Humane Society acts as the "animal shelter" for the City of Belleville and its contracted Animal Control Service.  The Quinte Humane Society is a non-profit organization, dedicated to servicing and protecting the animals of Hastings & Prince Edward Counties.  This organization also provides the Belleville area with pet adoption services, fostering and more.

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