Annual Hydrant Flushing

Why We Flush Hydrants

The Ontario Fire Code (Ont. Reg. 730/81) states that each hydrant MUST be flushed and inspected annually.  Flushing keeps mains clear of sediment, which helps to ensure clear drinking water in our distribution system. Flushing and Inspection also helps to ensure proper operating pressure for fighting fires.

When We Flush Hydrants

Hydrants are flushed on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please refer to Flushing Schedule for dates in your area. * Hydrant flushing is complete for 2019

Flushing can cause sediment to be stirred up for a few minutes. Customers drawing water at the time of flushing in their area can experience reddish coloured water. If this occurs, run your taps until the water runs clear.

Reddish coloured water can cause permanent stains on laundry so do not attempt to do laundry when flushing is being carried out in your area.

Summer Water Use

On a hot summer day, demand on Belleville's water supply can often double. While hydrant flushing appears to use a considerable amount of water, it is actually only a small fraction of water used in lawn watering.

To help us avoid summer water shortages, we urge you to practice water conservation. Water demand is monitored daily and in the event of a potential water shortage, hydrant flushing will be suspended until the water demand can be met.

Use water wisely.

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