City Roads, Sidewalks and Traffic

The Transportation Services Section of the Transportation and Operations Services Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of most City services.

Responsibilities Include:

  • road maintenance and repairs
  • sidewalk maintenance and repairs
  • winter control (snowplowing, sanding, etc.)
  • utility reinstatements
  • bridge maintenance and repairs
  • boulevard maintenance
  • ditch and culvert maintenance
  • tree trimming and removal
  • traffic signal maintenance
  • signage and traffic markings
  • storm & sanitary sewer maintenance and repairs
  • pumping station maintenance and repairs
  • garbage collection and disposal
  • leaf & yard waste collection and disposal
Please contact the Transportation and Operations Services Department for general road maintenance or to report a problem:

Telephone: (613) 968-6481 (After hours 613-968-6482)
Fax: (613) 968-3913

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