Municipal Taxes Information

2020 Municipal Taxes
The tax rates are calculated using the net annual operating budget, as approved by Council, and the City’s weighted assessment for the year. The operating budget provides funding for the full scope of services provided by the City. Revenue from provincial grants, user fees and other sources is deducted from the total expenditures, resulting in a net amount to be raised from taxes.

Education Taxes
The Province of Ontario establishes the Education tax rate for each class of property. Education taxes are then billed and collected by the City and remitted to the four local School Boards. The 2020 rate for Residential and Multi-Residential classes is TBD. Residential and Multi-Residential education tax rates are the same for all municipalities across Ontario. The Education tax rates for Commercial and Industrial classes are unique to the City but are still regulated by the Province. For the year 2020 the City will levy and forward to the School Boards is TBD.

Tax Rates
Tax rates consist of two parts – an education component, and a municipal component. The Provincial Government sets the education component, and the municipal component is set by City Council. The Province sets the education rate to raise sufficient funds to operate the education system. City Council establishes the municipal rate to raise sufficient funds to operate the municipality.

Rates By Property Class
Tax rates are established for each class of property (Residential, Multi-Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc.) and are expressed as a percentage of the Residential tax rate. The City also addresses different types of properties in different ways, and applies different tax rates to different types of property. This is done through the division of properties into property classes.

Annualized Assessment
Assessment values from the 2020 returned Assessment Roll, reflects all changes (additions, deletions, results of ARB decisions, Minutes of Settlements) during the year. Annualized taxes may differ from the actual taxes shown on the 2019 Final Bill.

Area Rating
Tax rates can vary throughout the four billing areas within the municipality due to a process called “area rating” which provides a mechanism for taxpayers to pay for the direct or indirect services they actually receive. When Council establishes the annual budget, individual areas may be impacted to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the cost of the services, causing tax rate changes to vary by area.

2020 Current Value Assessment
The Assessment Act requires that the assessed value of your property be based on what your property would likely sell for on a specific date (January 1, 2019 for the 2020 taxation year). Questions about your assessment should be directed to MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corp) 1-866-296-6722 or

Low Income Senior/Disability Property Tax Credit Programs

2020 Low Income Senior Property Tax Credit Application

2020 Application for ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) Property Tax Credit

Provides a $400 credit to anyone who is receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement under the Old Age Security Act (Canada) and are sixty-five years of age or older by December 31st, 2017 or Ontario Disability Support Program benefits. Deadline for making application is August 30th, 2018.   Applications are available at the Customer Service Area, 1st Floor, City Hall and on the City of Belleville’s website Please Note: Applicants must solely own and occupy this property as their principal residence. (Applications must be made on a yearly basis).

Property Tax Rebate Program for Eligible Charities
This rebate program is applicable to registered charities that are tenants in Commercial or Industrial class properties. The landlords may be contacted by the charity to provide certain information that the City requires in order to process their application. Applications are available at the Customer Service Area, 1st Floor, City Hall and on the City of Belleville’s website or by calling 613-967-3243.

Registered Charity Rebate 2020

2020 Tax Due Dates

February 26, 2020 -  Interim Taxes -1st Installment due date
April 26, 2020 -   Interim Taxes - 2nd Installment due date - deferred to June 26, 2020
August 27, 2020 - Final 1st installment due date
October 28, 2020 - Final 2nd installment due date

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