Your Pets in the Community

Responsible pet owners not only look after their pet’s health and wellness, they also make sure their pet is a positive addition to the community.

Pet ownership is a serious responsibility and there are a few obligations you have as a pet owner to be considerate of your neighbours, protect your pet and comply with the Animal Control By-laws.

Get a Dog Tag

All dogs three months or older must be registered with the City and have a valid dog tag. Dog Tags must be renewed annually and are very affordable. Dog Tags are available at City Hall (169 Front Street), The Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre (265 Cannifton Road), Belleville Water (183 Pinnacle Street) and the Quinte Humane Society (527 Avonlough Road).

Having a dog tag for your pet provides a number of benefits for you, your pet and the residents of the City. In the event your pet becomes lost a tag is their ticket back home. If Animal Control finds your pet and it has a tag, Animal Control will return your pet to you free of charge. If your pet becomes lost and is found by another person, that person can call City Hall and we will then contact you and let you know where your pet can be picked-up.

Repeated instances of your pet being at large will be treated on an individual basis and may result in your pet being impounded and taken to the Quinte Humane Society. Dogs at large without a tag are taken directly to the Quinte Humane Society. In order to retrieve your pet from the Humane Society you would be liable for these costs: Impound fee $50.00 (1st offence + $25.00 for each repeat offence) + boarding fee of $30.00 for 1st day + $20.00 per day after 1st day + dog tag fee ($20.00 - $32.50) + possible fine for dog at large $100.00 plus court and administrative costs.

Getting a microchip or tattoo for your pet are also great ways to make sure your pet can be identified however they are not a requirement or a substitute for a dog tag.

Click here for more Information on City of Belleville Dog Tags

Keep them Controlled

Dogs are not allowed to run at large, unless they are on the owners property or in the confines of the designated off leash dog park at East Zwicks Park.

Dogs must always be on a leash when on public property and should be contained in a secure yard or building when on your property. Dogs at large is one of the most common complaints received by Animal Control and the fine for having a dog at large is $100.00 plus court and administrative costs.

Cats must be kept indoors or in a secure yard on your property. Allowing your cat to run at large is dangerous for them, can lead to conflict with your neighbours and is subject to a fine of $50.00 plus court and administrative costs.

Prevent Excessive Barking

Barking is natural for dogs when they are bored, lonely, or want to alert their owners of something, but excessive barking will disturb your neighbours. Excessive barking is a common complaint that is received by Animal Control and is subject to a fine of $80.00 plus court and administrative costs.

Excessive barking can be addressed through dog training, socializing, exercising, and family interaction. There are also electronic aids to help reduce or eliminate barking.

Scoop the Poop

Pet waste can be smelly, unattractive, and can even be a health issue for you and your pet. Carry a bag with you and pick-up after your pet. Failure to pick-up after your pet carries a fine of $80.00 plus court and administrative costs.

Spay or Neuter

While spaying or neutering is not a requirement in Belleville to obtain a dog tag, it is highly recommended. “Fixing” your pet prevents the birth of unwanted animals, improves overall health, and helps to reduce aggression in dogs.
Dog tags for Spayed and neutered pets are offered at a reduced rate.

Guide and Service Dogs

Owners of guide and service dogs are required to control excessive barking, use a leash, clean up waste, and get a dog tag.

However, the City waives dog tag fees for dogs that have been trained by a recognized agency to assist people with special needs.

Guide and service dogs are also allowed everywhere, including school grounds, City facilities, and on transit.

Guide and service dog use is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services

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