Property Tax Calculation

Property taxes are calculated as follows:

  • Assessment value x Tax rate (municipal and education)

For tax rate details, please refer to City of Belleville 2019 Tax Rates.

Interim Tax Notice Update

The City issues an interim tax billing in February of each year to provide the municipality with sufficient revenue to cover operating expenditures in advance of the approval of the annual budget.  The Municipal Act provides that generally the 2019 Interim Property tax bill not exceed 50% of the 2018 tax bill.  Assessment values from the 2019 roll are updated to reflect any additions, deletions as well as any changes arising from ARB decisions and Minutes of Settlement. These changes may cause the current year interim to vary from the 50% of previous year rule.

2019 Interim Tax Instalment due dates:

  • First Instalment: February 26,2019
  • Second Instalment: April 26,2019

Final Tax Notice

Your final tax bill is issued after the City of Belleville passes the annual operating budget and the Province provides final education tax rates for the year.  The amount of your Interim tax bill is deducted from your Final bill. 

2019 Final Tax Installment due dates:

  • TBD

Supplementary Tax Notice

The City uses information from the Supplementary or Omitted assessment information on the Property Assessment Change Notices to issue tax bills. It is important to note that if you own a new property, the first regular bill you receive from the City may only be for a portion of the full assessment of your property (the portion relating to land value only).

Assessments for any improvements or structures are determined by MPAC after the improvements or structures are completed. This process may take up to two years and as such tax bills can be issued for Omitted Assessments for the current and up to two prior years

Property Tax Calculator

To help you better understand where your tax dollars are spent; please use the City’s Residential Tax Calculator.  It’s easy to use – just enter your billing table, current and previous year’s assessment and then press “calculate” for a detailed breakdown of your total municipal end education taxes.

Administration Fees and Charges

Under the current City of Belleville Fee and Charges By-law, the City is authorized to apply certain administration fees to tax accounts as applicable.

Tax Receipt
$15.00 per year
Account History
$30.00 per year
Tax Certificate
NSF Payment
$45.00 per transaction
Duplicate Tax Notice
$15.00 per year
Change of Ownership
New Account Added
Refund/Overpayment Recovery Processing
$30.00 per item
Electronic Payment Transfer (wrong account number)
Property Standards Order Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
Water & Sewer Charges Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
False Alarm Charges - Fire or Police Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
POA Charges Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
WSIB Added to Tax Account
5% per transaction
Tax Sale Extension Agreement Fee
Title Search
Property in Second Year Arrears $20.00 per Property
Overdue Notice
$3.00 per Notice (Max. 5 Notices per Year)


Late Payment Penalty and Application of Payments

A late payment penalty of 1.25% per month is added the day following the due date and the first day of each month thereafter. Payments on account are applied first to outstanding interest and penalty and then to the oldest outstanding taxes.

For more information about your property taxes, please contact Taxation at 613-967-3243 or TTY 613-967-3768 or email us at Please include your tax roll number and address in the subject line of your email.

2019 City of Belleville Tax Information insert

2019 Tax Due Dates

February 26, 2019 - Interim Taxes -1st Installment due date
April 26, 2019 -  Interim Taxes - 2nd Installment due date
June 26th, 2019 -  Final Taxes -1st Installment due date
September 26th, 2019- Final Taxes - 2nd Installment due date

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