Community Gardens

The application window for the 2017 growing season is now closed.

Results of the lottery draw will be announced the first week of April. The Community Garden Coordinator will contact all those who applied to the program with the results.

What are community gardens and where are they located?

An initiative of the City of Belleville’s Green Task Force, community gardens were established in 2012 so that residents can meet to grow and care for vegetables and flowers in designated City parks.

Plots are loaned to community members on an annual seasonal basis to plant vegetables and flowers.  The benefits of community gardening are many:

  • Home grown food supports nutritional health and gardening increases physical activity
  • Gardens can be an escape from noise and commotion or everyday urban life
  • Gardens can help to educate the public about composting, mulching and waste reduction
  • Learning to grow plants is mentally stimulating and teaches individuals to think sustainably
  • Community gardens are a socially valuable tool as neighbours can get to know one another better

80 raised beds are available for use at:

  • Ponton Park Community Garden, 251 Dundas St W
  • West Hill Community Garden, 41 Octavia St
  • Bayview Heights Community Garden, 75 Bay Drive

Who can apply?

This initiative is open to any resident of the City of Belleville (proof of residency is required). It’s perfect for people with shady yards, for those living in apartments and homes without sufficient yard space for gardening, youth groups and many more.

How are plots assigned?

Plots are awarded each year by lottery draw. Past gardeners must reapply every year. Only those names drawn will be eligible to garden a plot.
Applicants who are not chosen through the lottery draw are put on a waiting list and will be contacted if a plot becomes available. In addition to City-run gardens, there are other organizations with gardens open to the public that may accept applications. Go to www.cgnhpe.org to learn more.

Is there a fee?

There is no fee for the 2017 growing season.

What are the beds like?
The raised garden beds are typically 4’x10’ and are filled with a mixture of soil and compost. Some beds are 8 inches off the ground but most are approximately 16 inches high.

What is provided at the site?

Each garden is equipped with water taps and hoses. The City also provides compost at the site for use as an organic soil amendment. Gardeners are expected to bring their own watering cans and garden tools.

What are the rules?

Successful lottery winners will be required to sign a waiver and agree to the rules, responsibilities and conditions as outlined below.

Gardener Rules & Responsibilities

  •  Access to each plot will only be permitted during the assigned times for each location:

                   Ponton Park: 7am-7pm, Monday-Friday and Sunday  No access at Ponton Park on Saturdays from 7am-1pm

                   West Hill: 7am-8pm each day

                   Bayview Heights: 7am-8pm each day

  • Garden plots must be planted by June 16, 2017. If the gardener is unable to continue gardening, he/she shall notify the Garden Administrator so that the plots may be reassigned. Pesticide use is prohibited. Organic fertilizers are permitted. Compost will be provided free-of-charge to gardeners.
  • Gardeners shall keep their plots weeded and maintain tidy pathways. If the gardener’s bed is unkempt, they will be given two weeks’ notice to clean it up. If they do not comply, their bed may be reassigned.
  • Vegetables, grains, fruit, herbs and flowers are permitted in City plots. Trees and other woody plants, corn or any tall crops, shall not be planted unless the gardener can demonstrate there will be no negative effects. Illegal plants are strictly prohibited.
  • All above-ground material must be removed by October 16, 2017.
  • Smoking and loud activities within the vicinity of the garden area are not permitted. Please respect the neighbours.
  • At Ponton Park and West Hill gardens, vehicles are not permitted to park on the grassed area.
  • Trash, recyclables and weeds are to be removed and brought home or placed in designated receptacles on park property.
  • Gardeners shall not sell garden produce or engage in for-profit business practices.
  • Installation of any fencing, boards, or any other material is not permitted unless approved by the Garden Administrator. To avoid creating shade on other plots, maximum height of any installed fencing may not exceed 24 inches.
  • Pick only your crops unless permission is given by another gardener. Theft of produce or any other item, such as garden hoses, from any plot will result in expulsion from the garden site. Please report theft and vandalism to the Garden Administrator.
  • Gardeners are responsible for supervising those individuals they bring to the garden including other adults, youth and children.
  • Abide by all City of Belleville by-laws.

Responsibilities of the City of Belleville

  • Community Garden plot sizes, layout and locations shall be determined and approved by the City.
  • Plots will be assigned on a lottery draw basis. Decision of plot assignments will be made final by the City of Belleville.
  • City staff will designate a garden waste drop-off area at each garden.
  • Staff will manually rotate the soil within a plot if requested by a gardener due to mobility issues or other circumstances that make this activity difficult for the gardener to perform.
  • Staff will conduct regular inspections of garden areas. If any contravention of the rules is found, the Garden Administrator has the right to cancel the gardener’s privileges.
  • The City of Belleville reserves the right to close garden locations at any given time with written notice to all gardeners.

Garden Administrator

Becky MacWhirter
Green Programs Coordinator/Public Education Officer
Telephone: 613-967-3200 Ext: 3219
Email:  gardens@city.belleville.on.ca

Community Gardens Network of Hastings & Prince Edward -  The Community Garden Network provides networking opportunities and support for individuals, educators, community garden organizers and gardeners, while helping to improve community garden policy, and public education and awareness to support the next generation of sustainable regional food systems.

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