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Fax 613-967-3262
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Engineering Capital Construction Projects

Department Structure

The Engineering and Development Services Department is divided into 4 sections as follows:

Building Section

  • Provide building permitting and inspection services pursuant to the O.B.C.;
  • Provide by-law enforcement services respecting private lands and buildings with respect to property standards, zoning, signs, and similar by-laws;
  • By-law Enforcement Services  responsible for the administration and enforcement of bylaws pertaining to privately owned lands within The City of Belleville.

Engineering Section

  • Provide and overseas engineering design for built infrastructure, including water and sewer systems, storm water management systems, roads and bridges, other forms of built infrastructure (excluding buildings), and treatments plants;
  • Provide project management services for major capital works projects (road, sewers, watermains, SWM systems, bridges, sidewalks, trails, large park development projects, parking lots, and other major structures) and support services to other Departments in undertaking new (large-scale) building projects;
  • Provide capital planning and budgeting services for built infrastructure.
  • Undertake transportation/traffic planning;

Policy Planning & Approvals

  • Provide land use planning services with respect to the Official Plan, Loyalist Secondary Plan and Zoning By-Laws, including the evaluation and review of amendments;
  • Implement Community Improvement Plans with respect to both downtown façade improvement and brownfields  programs;
  • Undertake updates to the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law;
  • Responsible for designing, preparing and maintaining GIS based mapping and related data.
  • Co-ordinate the City’s approval of Plans of Subdivision and Condominium applications;
  • Co-ordinate the City’s approval of Site Plan Control applications;
  • Co-ordinate the processing of all applications to the City’s Committee of Adjustment, (consents and minor variances);
  • Co-ordinate the processing of all appeals to the City’s Property Standards Committee;
  • Establish land development standards and approval procedures for plans of subdivision, plans of condominium, site plans, severances and minor variances;
  • Provides City’s review and response to Zoning Clearance/Compliance letters.

Vision Statement

“To be respected as a team of innovative professionals, dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable community.”

Mission Statement

“We will proactively manage sustainable growth, while respecting the existing community, through efficient and customer focused delivery of professional Planning, Building and Engineering services.”

Value Statements

P - Professional - We will always work with the highest degree of professionalism to maintain honesty, impartiality and consistency in our decision making.
R - Respect - We will always respect each other and the people we serve in the delivery of responsible services.
O - Open Communication - We will always strive for clear and open communication in our interactions with each other and with all the people we serve.
A - Accountability - We will always have a clear understanding of expectations, obligations and our responsibilities to each other and the people we serve.
C - Consistency - We will always strive to be consistent and inspire confidence from each other in our actions, advice and service to our customers, potential investors and the people we serve.
T - Teamwork - We will always work in a cooperative and collaborative manner to bring out the best in each other and to provide the best results for the people we serve.
I - Integrity - We will always strive to abide by our values for the people we serve.
V - Vision - We will always be receptive to innovative approaches for continuous improvement in our services.
E - Excellent Service - We will always provide the best level of service to each other and the people we serve in a timely manner.



Stephen Ashton

Director, Engineering & Development Services

613-968-6481 x 3257

Angela Forestell

Administrative Assistant

613-968-6481 x 3542

Ray Ford

Manager of Engineering

613-968-6481 x 3231

Barry Simpson

Senior Project Manager

613-968-6481 x 3508

Jack Bouwman

Project Manager

613-968-6481 x 3524

Deanna O'Leary

Senior Project Manager

613-968-6481 x 3527

Kyle Hope

Engineering Technologist

613-968-6481 x 3454

Jeff Down

Engineering Technologist

613-968-6481 x 3295

Chris Hibbert

Supervisor, Design & Surveying

613-968-6481 x 3510


Engineering Plans Technician

613-968-6481 x 3507


Engineering Plans Technician

613-968-6481 x 3525

Daniel Cassidy

Technical Services Coordinator

613-968-6481 x 3539

Scott Colton

Survey Party Chief

613-968-6481 x 3504

Bruce Collins

Survey Party Chief

613-968-6481 x 3504

Maria Godfrey

Engineer in Training

613-968-6481 x 3336



Brett Forestell

Chief Building Official

613-968-6481 x 3284


Acting Chief Building Official

613-968-6481 x 3406

Mavis Way

Records Management Representative


Elicia Woodbeck

Permit Clerk

613-968-6481 x 3230

Craig Laver

Building Inspector

613-968-6481 x 3223


Building Inspector

Joe Kuipers

Building Inspector

613-968-6481 x 3354

Kevin Kehoe

Building Inspector

613-968-6481 x 3276

Amanda Willis

Building Inspector

613-968-6481 x 3286

Brittany Morey

By-Law Enforcement Officer

613-968-6481 x 3233

Michelle Wright

By-Law Enforcement Officer

613-968-6481 x 3322

Samantha Shortt

By-Law Enforcement Officer

613-968-6481 x 3332

Mike Kerik

Building Maintenance

613-968-6481 x 3281



Greg Pinchin

Manager Approvals

613-968-6481 x 3591

Christina Keays

Administrative Assistant

613-968-6481 x 3224


Development Engineer

613-968-6481 x 3506

Jason Pettit

Development Technologist

613-968-6481 x 3453

Jessica Young

Development Engineer in Training

613-968-6481 x 3506

Policy Planning


Desta McAdam

Manager Policy Planning

613-968-6481 x 3222

Thomas Deming

Principal Planner

613-968-6481 x 3234

Jason Bonisteel

Planning Technician

613-968-6481 x 3279

Andrew Chan

Policy Planner

613-968-6481 x 3242

Erin Baldwin

Administrative Assistant

613-968-6481 x 3288

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