By-law Enforcement Services

By-law Enforcement Services

As part of the Building Section, under the Engineering and Development Services Department, By-law Enforcement Services is responsible for the administration and enforcement of bylaws pertaining to privately owned lands within The City of Belleville. Using these by- laws, staff work to enforce and resolve complaints from members of the public regarding a wide variety of issues in accordance with the Council adopted By-law Enforcement Policy Directive. Below is a list of the most commonly enforced by-laws, with a brief description of each.

Property Standards By-law No. 2012-79 as amended by 2018-82 
The Property Standards By-law prescribes the minimum standard of maintenance to which every property within The City must adhere. The Property Standards By-law mainly focuses on occupancy standards for dwelling units, the condition of structures on a property, and the maintenance of required building systems. (Eg. Plumbing, electrical, heating systems, etc.)

Clean Yards By-law No. 2014-120
The Clean Yards By-law sets out the standards of maintenance for the exterior portions of privately owned properties within The City. This by-law is used to resolve issues such as: long or overgrown grass, weeds or vegetation on a property, excessive accumulations of garbage, refuse or miscellaneous debris, and the placement of derelict motor vehicles on a property.

Zoning Bylaws 
The City of Belleville Zoning By-laws are used to determine what functions an owner is allowed to perform on their property. These by-laws govern an extensive range of issues, from the maximum width of a driveway, to the operation of a home occupation. The Zoning By-laws are also used to prescribe the permitted usage of any given property and the placement of accessory structures or buildings on a lot.

City of Belleville : ZONING BY-LAW NUMBER 10245


Sign By-law No. 2006-55 
The Sign By-law sets out the requirements for the erecting, placing and displaying of any sign or other advertising device within The City.

Submitting a Complaint

By-law Enforcement complaints must be submitted in writing through the online City By-law Enforcement Portal at this link Before submitting a complaint through the portal you must register with the City as a portal user from the portal site. Anonymous complaints are not accepted and will not be acted upon. To register as a portal user you are required to provide contact information including name, address, email address, phone number. This is to ensure By-law staff can contact you in the event further details are required about your complaint. Written complaints will still be accepted by filling out a complaint form that is available at City Hall or for download at this link General Bylaw Complaint Form.

Note: All of the following fields MUST be completed. By checking this box, you agree to all applicable terms and conditions of The City of Belleville Bylaw Enforcement Policy Directive and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, as amended. For additional information or assistance with this form email:

*Please be advised that anonymous or verbal complaints will not be investigated or enforced. Complainants must provide valid contact information in writing, including mailing addresses. All personal information collected from complainants is protected under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; and will not be distributed or disclosed.

Hours of Operation  

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

General Inquiries

If you have a general inquiry regarding a bylaw listed above, please contact one of our Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers listed below. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
If you wish to file a complaint, please refer to Submitting a Complaint on this page (above).

General Administration  (613) 967- 3204

Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officers

Brittany Morey  (613) 967-3200 Ext: 3233

Samantha Shortt  (613) 967-3200 ext. 3332

Michelle Wright (613) 967-3200 Ext. 3322

Other City of Belleville Bylaws & Contacts

If you have questions regarding a City of Belleville By-law which is not one of those listed above, please contact the corresponding department listed below.

Issues or questions regarding The City of Belleville Noise Bylaw should be directed to Belleville Police Services    (613) 966-0882

Complaints or questions regarding the maintenance of City lands relating to The City of Belleville Garbage Bylaw should be directed to Belleville Environmental and Operational Services Dept   (613) 967-3200 Ext: 3275 

Issues relating to the Animal Control By-law are handled by Animal Control Enforcement  or by contacting Peirce Animal Control at 613-966-4483

Most commonly requested By-laws and Policies are available online, any other By-law inquiries should be directed to the City Clerks Department of City Hall at 613-967-3200 


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