2017 Flood Update

The City of Belleville continues to experience flooding along the waterfront areas of Victoria Park and all streets south of St. Paul including South Front, South Church, South John and South George.  All of these areas are closed to the public including the Bayshore Trail and Riverfront Trail and will remain closed for some time as the water level on the Bay of Quinte is not expected to return to normal for an extended period of time.

Citizens are asked to avoid these areas completely as a safety precaution as the high water makes both vehicular and pedestrian travel unsafe on the roads and sidewalks in this area.  We strongly recommend that children be kept away from the flood waters and remind citizens that residents of the affected area are doing their best to protect their property and remain calm during this period and any unnecessary traffic or people in the area only incrfeases the potential for property damage and additional stress for the people affected.

The following photographs have been provided by City of Belleville staff to allow citizens to view the flooded areas and again an appreciation of the impact it is having without having to travel to those areas and as a request to please respect the privacy and dignity of those affected during this difficult time.

Click here to view the 2017 Flood Photo Gallery.

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