City in Need of Large Spruce Trees for Christmas Display

As part of its annual Christmas lighting program during the upcoming holiday season, the City of Belleville will remove select trees from local private properties to place in strategic locations throughout the City. Any resident or business wanting to donate a 20-foot or higher spruce tree from their property, may contact the City of Belleville Environmental and Operational Services Department at the Parks Section at 613-967-0036.

City staff will inspect the tree and if deemed suitable for the Christmas tree program, will arrange for the removal of the tree at no cost to the land owner. These trees will be placed in prominent locations around the City including Jane Forrester Park, City Hall/Market Square, and the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre.

“Trees offered in the past have generally outgrown the homeowner’s lot or have to be removed for construction of an addition – well-formed blue or white spruce trees are preferred,” stated Larry Glover, Manager of Parks and Open Space, City of Belleville Environmental and Operational Services. “Tree removal equipment will be required to access the tree so those in a front or side yard are usually the most suitable.”

Following the holiday season, the trees will be chipped and used as mulch in the City’s ongoing park program. 

For more information on this donation request, please contact the Parks Section of the Environmental and Operational Services Department at 613-967-0036.

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