City of Belleville Takes Additional Steps to Protect People and Roads at Waterfront

The City of Belleville Emergency Control Group met Monday, May 15th at 11:00 a.m. to review the current status of water levels and determine the preventative actions to be taken to minimize resulting issues.

Quinte Conservation advises that the Bay of Quinte continues to rise with water entering from the lakes and westward winds. Residents should be aware these Bay levels are long term and do not reverse quickly. As a result they are not anticipated to recede until mid-June or July.

Victoria Park is closed to the public. For safety purposes the following streets will now be completely closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic:  South George, South John and South Church south of St. Paul Street.  Harbour Drive is closed also. It is illegal to drive on closed roads and the police are monitoring the area.  Parking alternatives for residents of this area are being explored. For the safety of all, please stay away as directed - submerged roads are unstable and can collapse.

In addition to vehicular and pedestrian traffic being restricted, the public must stay out of the area. All the Bayshore waterfront trails are closed. The water is unsafe for people to wade, walk or swim - it contains unseen dangers – sharp objects and debris. The Health Unit will be checking for mosquito larva along the shoreline.

“Conditions are such that it is necessary to close certain waterfront roads completely,” said Mayor Christopher. “With the water levels as they are and continuing to rise and the damage this may do to our streets there is no alternative. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of people not walking in the water. This is extremely unsafe – the trails are closed, please respect these closures for the safety of you and your families.”

Those with concerns regarding residential flooding should direct them to Fire Dispatch at 613-962-2010. Please leave contact information and someone will respond ¬and assess the situation. Sandbags do not help with groundwater infiltration. If you are concerned for possible basement flooding, relocate your items and disconnect electrical appliances.

Those looking for weather and flood update information are encouraged to visit the Weather Network, Environment Canada and Quinte Conservation websites.

For information concerning drinking water affected by flooding or keeping food safe during a power failure search emergency preparedness on the Health Unit website at:

For more flood safety information or to find a licensed electrical contractor in your area visit:

The City will continue to monitor the flood situation, providing further updates as necessary.

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