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Second Unit Housing Benefits Homeowners and Renters

Belleville – The City of Belleville is pleased to announce that second dwelling units, sometimes referred to as accessory apartments, are now permitted in detached, semi-detached, townhouse dwellings or accessory buildings, subject to zoning

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City Seeks Public Input Regarding Establishing Cannabis Retail Stores in Belleville

The City of Belleville Council is considering the issue of opting in or out of the provincial program of establishing cannabis retail stores within the City. A survey has been created in an effort to collect feedback from the public regarding

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Belleville Floral Displays Recognized for Providing Food for the Body and Soul

Belleville – In the winter 2018 edition of The Green Sward, the official publication of the Ontario Parks Association, the City of Belleville garden displays have been recognized as feasts for the eye and body. Through the artistic and

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Accepting Nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Heritage Revitalization

Belleville - Heritage Belleville is seeking nominations for its annual awards for Outstanding Achievement in Heritage Revitalization. Members of the public are invited to nominate those they feel have contributed to the revitalization of a heritage

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Inaugural Address by Mayor Mitch Panciuk

Welcome to our honored guests, our dedicated City of Belleville employees, my colleagues, my fellow citizens, my friends, and to my family - Welcome one and all.  On behalf of the entire new Belleville City Council, thank you for sharing

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Belleville Transit Ridership Tops 1 Million riders in 2018

 Left to right: Paul Buck - Manager Transit Operations, Carl Ehrke - Transit Rider #1,000,000, Councillor Boyce- Transit Committee, Councillor Jack Miller - Transit Committee, Bruce Goodman - Transit Committee and Robert Johnston - Transit

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